I. Dog cooling method

What about dogs that are afraid of heat in the summer? What dogs are most afraid of heat in the summer? In fact, all dogs are afraid of heat in the summer because their body temperature is about two degrees higher than the average person. In addition, the dog’s body has no pores to dissipate heat, and all dogs are most afraid of heat in the summer. Of course, there is no dispute that dogs are afraid of heat in the summer. Today we’ll look at the dogs that are most afraid of heat in the summer.

We all know that dogs don’t have sweat glands and don’t sweat to cool off, the only way to cool off is through the tongue, so short-nosed dogs will be more afraid of heat in the summer because short-nosed dogs, will cool off more slowly, and long-haired dogs will be afraid of heat in the summer because of the thick fur, it’s like a big blanket for the dog in the summer!

What kind of dog is the most heat-shy dog in summer? Large tongue, wide dogs are easy to dissipate heat, the most heat-shy dog is a pine dog, pine dogs have thick hair, particularly short nose, thick hair aggravates the temperature, slow heat dissipation, so especially afraid of heat, in addition, eight brothers dogs and shepherd dogs are also particularly afraid of heat dogs, if the summer is worried about dog heatstroke, you can come in the summer, the dog hair is short, so the dog is not so afraid of heat, less out at noon, so that the dog can not tolerate the hot summer lead to heatstroke.

Humans sweat through their internal sweat glands, which act as a cooling agent. Dogs are no exception, except that they have much fewer sweat glands than humans, and are generally divided into exocrine and parietal sweat glands. The sweat glands of dogs are not well distributed and are not well developed, so the cooling system of dogs is not that ideal. The exocrine sweat glands used to regulate body temperature are only distributed on the fleshy pads of the dog’s paws and are very few. Thus, on the surface, dogs do not appear to sweat.

Humans regulate body temperature by emitting heat through sweating, whereas dogs are very different. The parietal sweat glands that cause body odor are distributed throughout the body; the exocrine sweat glands are distributed only on the fleshy pad. Therefore, once a dog gets hot, it is very difficult to lower its temperature. It is a very heat-shy animal.

The sweat that comes out of the fleshy pads under the dog’s feet alone cannot cool it down. Therefore, dogs are usually seen with their mouths wide open, spitting out their tongues and breathing so that they can produce large amounts of saliva in place of sweat. A lot of saliva is shed so that the saliva evaporates and absorbs heat, lowering the body temperature. If your dog has long hair, you may choose to trim or shave it short as appropriate, especially the hair of the dog’s foot pads. Trimming and thinning will be more conducive to heat dissipation and cooling for your dog.


I. The Dog Cooling Method




2. Do dogs need to be shaved to dissipate heat?

It’s the season of meat hidden meat. The girls are wearing light and cool clothes. Your cute dog is not heat tolerant. When you go out and move, you stick your tongue out and breathe like a cow. When you see it, you must think it’s hot and uncomfortable! Especially dogs with long hair look at their thick hair and feel thick and stuffy. If you want to shave your dog’s head, don’t do it blindly~

Due to degeneration, the dog can now only dissipate heat and cool itself through a few sweat glands on the pads of its feet and its tongue, so it doesn’t have much to do with its thick hair. Shaving the dog is just wishful thinking on the part of people. I think shaving it would make it more comfortable. As we all know, some dogs can be shaved and some dogs can’t.

[Under what circumstances must a dog be shaved]

1. The dog has a severe skin disease

As the temperature rises and the weather gets warmer, dogs begin to develop skin diseases, especially those with more hair. Skin diseases that are not easily noticeable on dogs may be found to be serious by some careless parents. Therefore, in order to facilitate the treatment and healing of the skin disease, we have no choice but to shave off all the hair. However, when the dog’s skin disease gets better, the hair will grow slowly and parents need not worry.

2. Hair too sticky to unclog

If the dog has this condition, it can only be attributed to lazy parents. The hair is to the point where it can’t be combed, so you can imagine how long it has been since the dog has been groomed. If your dog is in this situation, as a parent, you should reflect on it too. Even if you are busy at work, socialize a lot and spend less time playing with your dog, don’t let his hair felt comb to the point where combing doesn’t work. ~Since combing is not possible, shave it all off and grow it again. Check the dog for skin diseases by the way. ~


2. Do dogs need to be shaved to dissipate heat?



Bichon Frise


III. How to trim your own dog’s hair

Repairing your dog’s hair is essential, easy to care for, easy to detangle, and looks great. Instead of shaving off your dog’s hair and paws, you can repair thinning. If you don’t want to go to a grooming salon to fix your dog’s hair, you can also have fun doing it at home, as long as you buy a special pet trimmer and taste the trim to your liking.


1. Facial trimming:>

①Jaw:Long hair on the jaw is not only useless, but also affects the appearance of the face, so the excess should be cut off.

② Eyebrows: When trimming the eyebrows, the scissors should not be directed at the eyes so that the dog does not hurt them while moving.

③ Edge of the lips: The hair under the lips should also be cut. When trimming, press the lips first to avoid damage when moving suddenly. Note that whiskers should not be cut off blindly, it’s an important detector for dogs!

2. Legs and feet should be neat:>

The legs are the easiest part of the dog to get dirty. If the hair on the feet grows too long, not only is it inconvenient to walk, but it also tends to get dust and germs. So trim the hair on the tips of the feet and the long hair growing out of the tips of the toes to keep them clean and comfortable.

① Toes: Use small scissors to trim the hair on the toes until the nails can cover the length so it can be placed on the ground while walking. Then use the scissors to trim the hair between the toes into a natural circle.

② Front legs: Use a wooden comb to trim the hair and use small scissors to cut off any hair that is too long. To make it look more natural, don’t cut them all to the same length; the trim length should be adjusted appropriately to the contours of the legs.

③ Hind legs: If the hair on the hind legs grows too long, it will give a heavy look. Use scissors to trim it to its natural shape. But be careful not to cut too much and pay attention to the overall balance.

3. Cut the hair on the bottom of your feet often:>

The bottom of the foot is the part of the dog that dissipates heat, and there is a lot of hair between the meatballs. If the hair in this part grows too long, it will cover the meatball so that the dog cannot stretch freely when walking and can easily slip when walking on smooth ground, but it is also not conducive to heat dissipation.

In addition, the hair under the feet grows too long and can easily absorb dust and dirt, or use a lot of water in wet places, creating conditions for bacteria to multiply and cause skin diseases, etc. So trim the hair under your feet too long often to keep your feet neat and tidy. The hair under the feet grows quickly, so try to trim it to the shortest each time, but be careful not to cut the skin and fix the feet before trimming. Also, the meatball itself has a lot of hair, so don’t forget to trim it.

To trim, use a small pair of scissors to cut off any long hair that grows out of the toes and covers the meatball. When cutting, use your fingers to poke the meatball to the left and right to confirm the position of the hair, then use the scissors to run the long hair along the edge of the meatball so as not to hurt the toes.


Three: How to trim your dog’s hair yourself

Don't neglect your dog's ear canal cleaning

title=”Don’t neglect your dog’s ear canal cleaning”



IV. Dog trimming and shaving tools

A variety of clipping tools are available at pet stores including clipping combs, clipping knives, clippers, pet-specific toenail clippers, and electric clippers. Shear combs and shear knives are metal serrated tools used to remove dead hair. Scissors are generally used for trimming hair near the eyes, ears, lips, feet, anus, genitals, etc. If you are trimming your dog at home, it doesn’t have to be complicated, just a few essential “weapons” will suffice!

[1. Comb]

A comb must be an essential item in the home, especially for dogs that need to be combed frequently to avoid knots and stickiness. The comb can be used as a gauge and protection when trimming or shaving short hair. On the one hand, you can follow your own preferences, trim the thickness and layers of hair, and use the comb to grasp the scale. The second aspect can also avoid dog injuries. Some parents may not have much experience trimming their dog’s hair. If there is a grating for the comb, they can Not hurt the dog with the wrong scissors~

[2. Scissors]

Scissors must be used to trim hair! Pet supply stores or grooming salons should be able to get scissors specifically for hair trimming. A strong internet is also a great source of purchase. Scissors will solve most problems. The scissors are normal and serrated. It can be used to create thin layers of hair without compromising the appearance. What you want to cut depends on your skills!

3. Electric push shears

The main difference between pet electric clippers and human hairdressing clippers is the blade and motor. The blades are far sharper and have more horsepower than human hairdressing. The sharpness of the blades is related to the steel, heat treatment and grinding accuracy. The material selection, heat treatment and grinding accuracy of pet blades, including the strength of the spring, are much higher than those of human blades, and the cost, processing equipment and machining process are much higher to achieve these accuracies. When using, if the power becomes less, please clean the hair on the blade head before use, pay attention to the pause and cool the body so that the hair will not get stuck in the electric push shears and cause pain or injury to the dog.

[Ark Review]

If you think your dog needs a haircut or shave, you can’t, but complete shaving is not recommended. If the dog doesn’t particularly need to be shaved, it’s best to keep the hair short in the summer. After all, dogs don’t rely on the skin of their bodies to dissipate heat, and the hair is cut for aesthetic reasons and easier care! If your dog’s hair is already long, cut it to 2-3 cm left when you groom it. This way, the dog can stay cool without sunburning its skin. Some dogs that seem to have a lot of hair do not need a short haircut, such as Satsuma, Pomeranian, Sumerian and Golden. Although the hair is long, it is not customary to cut it short in the summer. It is usually dogs such as Snowy, Shih Tzu, Bichon, and Lady that need regular short haircuts. In fact, there is no standard grooming procedure for many dogs. If the hair is thick and long, it can also be partially trimmed in the summer. For example, cutting the hair under the belly short is a very practical way for dogs because they like to sleep on the floor in the summer, which is cooler. But also cut the hair under the belly short, do not shave ah, shave the skin directly on the ground is susceptible to moisture, and the dog is prone to skin diseases.

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