We’re all polka-dot controlled

Summer is here and all the beautiful women on the street are wearing skirts, either hot skirts or enchanting skirts. All the dog beauties can’t wait to put on their skirts and have a splendid summer. What is popular in dog beauty skirts this year? Follow me to see the following five essential elements:


Dog polka dot beauty dress

We’re all polka-dot-controlled doggie beauty dresses

[Fashion Beauty Dress]

The European style princess dress is very elegant with great attention to detail. The overall polka dot pattern is most striking. The pink background color and white polka dots are hard to move away from the dress.

The neckline is set with lace and the ribbon bow at the waist is set with sparkling diamonds in the center for a luxurious dazzle. The bow at the neckline is also decorated with love pearls and a double bow.

[Reference Price] $28.00

[Beauty dress size]

Size: Length Bust Neck

SS: 20cm 32cm 20cm

SG : 24cm 36cm 23cm

SM: 29cm 38cm 26cm

MM : 33cm 44cm 30cm

XXSS : 15cm 26cm 18cm

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For an overall courtly look, the sleeves also feature a difficult bubble sleeve design. As we can see, the dress is not only single-layered, but also has a soft lining inside to make it more comfortable for the dog to wear. As a dog’s dress, such details, such craftsmanship, and such materials are really rare.


We’re all grid-controlled


Dog check beauty dress

We all wear plaid control dog beauty dresses.

[Fashion Beauty Dress]

Japanese Alice Pet Dog Plaid Dress. Plaid never fades. Any time you wear plaid elements you are a fashion specimen. This dog plaid skirt has a cute row of patterns on the back. Please note, it’s not printed, it’s embroidered! So the workmanship is exquisite. Don’t miss out.

[Reference Price] $29.00

[Beauty dress size]

Clothing size Neck Back L Chest

Ultra-compact 20cm 21cm 32cm

Small 23cm 19cm 31cm

Medium 27cm 25cm 36cm

Large 31cm 29cm 44cm

Oversized 33cm 35cm 48cm

[Ark Tips]

In the summer, when the air conditioning is on for long periods of time in the house, the floors are cold and parents are afraid their dog will get a cold tummy, they can dress up their dog in a pretty dress that will dress up, prevent a cold and really kill two birds. This pretty plaid skirt is available in two colors, a sweet red and a soft yellow.


We’re all stripes control


Dog striped beauty dress

We’re all stripes in a dog’s beauty dress

[Fashion Beauty Dress]

The Japanese Touch Dog it’s an outside lapel striped sailor dress. Classic sailor outflap collar with TDTUTU silhouette embroidery and bow decoration, a big article on a small collar. Colorful striped cotton with a solid color double layer skirt makes your dog feel vibrant.

Reference price $35.00

[Beauty dress size]

Model Back length Chest circumference Neck circumference

XS 22cm 32-34cm 22cm

S 26cm 36-38cm 26cm

M 31cm 42-44cm 32cm

L 34cm 48-50cm 34cm

XL 40cm 54-56cm 38cm

[Ark Tips]

This striped dress comes in two colors: vibrant orange and dynamic blue. If you have dog sisters in the house, you might consider dressing them in a family costume. Cuddle up with your little sailor and run off to the beach together to enjoy the glorious summer sun!


We are all butterfly controllers


Dog Butterfly Beauty Dress

We are all butterfly controlled dog beauty dresses

[Fashion Beauty Dress]

Pure cotton large bow tiered dog dress. The large bow highlights the cuteness of the dog and adds vibrancy to the dog. Instead of monotonous colors, the layered cake skirt design is a blend of solid colors, lace, plaid, polka dots and other beautiful skirt elements. Even the greediest of owners can get fashionable satisfaction from this beautiful dress.


[Beauty dress size]

Size: back length chest circumference neck circumference

XS: 16cm 27cm 20cm

S: 20cm 30cm 23cm

M: 25cm 37cm 26cm

L: 30cm 44cm 30cm

XL: 35cm 49cm 33cm

XXL: 40cm 55cm 35cm

[Ark Tips]

The plain white tank design on the front of this little dress makes you want to wait to see what’s behind it. When the dog turned to the back, I had to marvel at the wonderful design of the skirt. Also, a little tip for you. If you put a colorful beaded chain on your dog, it will greatly improve the fashion!


We are all lace control

Brooch gear for walking your dog at night

Dog lace dress

We’re all lace-controlled dog beauty dresses

[Fashion Beauty Dress]

Dog beauty lace romantic spring and summer dress. The false two-piece design instantly elevates the dog owner’s ensemble. Who can resist the lace elegant dress dancing in the sun? Put on this lovely romantic summer dress. With this pretty dress combining polka dots, lace, and bows, you can’t go wrong with being fashion conscious!


[Beauty dress size]

XS 26 CM 19 CM

S 30 CM 22 CM

M 36 CM 26 CM

L 42 CM 31 CM

XL 48 CM 35 CM

[Ark Tips]

Parents know that dogs lose a lot of hair during the season of hair change and wearing a dress relatively reduces the level of hair in the house. This beautiful dress designed specifically for fashionable pets will not only make the dog beautiful, it will stop the dog’s hair from floating around the house.

Master the five most popular elements of beauty dresses this summer, even if you are not sensitive to the trend, you will not fall behind. Hurry up and dress up the dog in the house!

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