Healthy Attack on Cold and Flu

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

How many rooftops are in the smoky rain in spring. In this season, a few drops of almond rain are sprinkled on both morning and evening. In such wet weather, dogs are most likely to get sick. First of all, they may suffer from colds, skin diseases and gastrointestinal diseases. Dog parents must be well-equipped for battle and be aware of the following:

Health Attack Cold and Flu

[Rainy day attack and defense]

Sometimes it’s just a drizzle outside and the dog’s parents take the dog out for a walk without a raincoat. The dog will also have fun playing in the drizzle and keep running. But when the dog comes home in the rain, if the house is just turned on the air conditioner, it can easily cause the dog to catch a cold.

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The recently introduced dog raincoat is beautiful and practical for dogs dogs to play in the rain without being washed away, so your dog parents can refer to Rainy Season Fighting! Dog raincoats are gorgeous to go out and buy the most popular raincoats for dogs. Also, be sure to dry your dog’s hair and put him to sleep when you get home from a rainy day.
Skin diseases in the health offensive

Great White Bear

Big White Bear

Health Attack on Skin Disease

[Rainy Day Attack]

Dogs are most susceptible to skin diseases during the wet season because moisture harbors bacteria. Although dogs don’t sweat, they don’t dry easily in wet areas because of the high humidity in the air. Dogs walking home to wash their feet, lying on a wet floor, not drying completely after bathing, etc. can cause skin problems.

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Short-haired dogs can also develop skin conditions during the wet season because their skin is close to the ground and more easily exposed to bacteria. Therefore, parents of both long-haired and short-haired dogs should try to keep their dogs as dry as possible by using a good quality absorbent towel to absorb moisture from the dog’s body and using a hair dryer to dry the dog’s hair if necessary.
Healthy Attack on Gastrointestinal Distress

Border collie

Health Attack on Gastrointestinal Distress

[Rainy day attack and defense]

High humidity makes it easy for the dog’s food to deteriorate. It is difficult to see these deteriorating molds with the naked eye and the dog tends to eat them leading to vomiting and diarrhea. Because the weather is stifling, dog parents sometimes feed their dogs popsicles, but this can also easily upset their stomachs.

Editor’s statement

Dog parents should be smart about using the freezer and preparing DIY dog treats for their dogs that don’t just sit in the kitchen like they do in the winter. In the spring, whatever DIY dog food or snacks you buy for your dog should be kept in the refrigerator. Also, don’t buy too many snacks at once and pay attention to the date of manufacture when you buy them.

Dog parents should arm themselves with the care and knowledge to fight a beautiful war of attrition and defense for their dog’s health with bacteria and viruses as the enemy! >

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