Border Collie

Border Collie

Here we go over five key points for choosing dog snacks:

1. Jerky

Features:With a wide variety and different shapes, it is almost one of the most favorite snacks for dogs. Chicken jerky is the mainstay, followed by beef and duck meat. Jerky is usually dry with different moisture content and is divided into many kinds.

Purchasing points: jerky with low moisture content stores for a long time and tastes hard for young dogs with good teeth; jerky with high moisture content is softer and smells good, but is prone to spoilage and should not be bought too much at a time. Also, try to choose a brand or jerky that your dog has eaten before so that your dog doesn’t get sick because of hygiene issues.

Warning: Because jerky foods contain a lot of calories, this can easily make your dog obese. So, don’t give your dog that much at once. Also, it is best to let your dog exercise more to reduce fat accumulation.


2. Dairy products

What: Cheese snacks are good for regulating your dog’s stomach, but not all dogs like the taste. There are many kinds of snacks, such as cheese slices and cheese sticks.

Buying point: If your dog’s stomach is sensitive to milk, it’s best not to try it as it can cause diarrhea. Also, as a reminder, you’re better off tasting the snacks before you buy them for your dog. I tasted it once very sweet. I really don’t know if I put the wrong flavoring in it.

A little reminder: If this is your first time buying a cheese snack and you don’t know if it’s right for your dog, try buying a little bit for your dog to try. After you have tried the results, you can decide whether to buy it later or not.


Alaskan Sled Dog

Alaskan Sled Dog

3. Bite type

Features: Usually made of pigskin or cowhide, specifically for dogs to sharpen their teeth and kill time.

Purchasing point: Depending on the size of the dog, decide how much bite gel to buy for the dog. If it’s too big, the dog will lose interest in biting. If it’s too small, it’s easy for the dog to swallow.

Tip: Bite treats are easy to make, ingredients are readily available, and they are inexpensive. So if you are interested, you can try to make your own.

4. Teeth cleaning category

Features: Teeth cleaning snacks are usually synthetic and relatively hard. Adding meat flavor can whet your dog’s appetite for bites, or adding mint flavoring so the dog can get rid of bad breath when he bites.

Purchasing points:This dog snack comes in a wide variety of shapes, some cute, and is a very happy dog snack for owners to buy.

Tip: When buying, pay attention to the size of the dog’s mouth when choosing this snack. Don’t buy one that is too small, as dogs can easily swallow it accidentally.

5. Sausage type

Features: Similar to the convenient sausages that people eat in red plastic paper, they have a small amount of meat and starch in them, and they taste good, are cheap and easy to feed.

Purchasing point: Buy products with official brands because you can’t see the ingredients of the sausage and it’s cheap, so it’s hard to grasp the quality of the product.

Tip: Don’t give your dog too many sausage treats. Because these foods are usually cured and contain relatively high levels of salt, but consuming too much salt can be very harmful to your dog. So, remember to keep that in mind. :>

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