Introducing the common comb




A Guide to Common Combs

1. Needle comb

Function: To comb the dog’s hair fluffy, comb the sticky hair and remove small knots. After multiple uses, a good pin comb will not bend or fall off, and is more durable and flexible.

Suitable for dogs: poodle, bichon, pine, and other shaggy dogs.

Reminder: Although the needle comb can remove small knots, it is unavoidable that it can bring pain to the dog while removing the knots. So be careful not to use brute force all the time and try to minimize the pain for your dog.


2. Flat comb

Function: For dogs with long, fine, smooth hair, it can be a good comb. Personally, I think it’s better for small dogs. It’s a little difficult to comb a big dog with a flat comb.

Suitable for dogs:For dogs with slippery coats, such as Yorkshire, Heeler, West Highland, etc.

Tip: There is nothing special to note about using a flat comb. Its function is to make the dog’s hair smooth, so as long as the owner can comb the hair daily, not only is the chance of tangles greatly reduced, but the chance of skin diseases will also be reduced.


Cautions for using the comb

Cocker Spaniel

title=”Cocker Spaniel”

Cocker Spaniel

3. Spiked comb

Straight-handled spike-and-palladium comb

Function:The comb teeth are similar to a flat comb with large spacing. Each comb tooth can be rotated. Less resistance during combing and less damage to the hair. The handle is perpendicular to the comb teeth for better force. More suitable for larger dogs.

For dogs: Thick, large, fluffy but smoothly groomed dogs, such as the English Ancient Shepherd.

Cranked spiked palladium comb

Function: Comb teeth are similar to a flat comb. The curved handle is flexible. Combs are more closely spaced than straight-handled spikes and have a more pointed comb. Good for combing smooth hair. Hard to comb through tangles and causes a lot of damage to the dog’s hair.

A small reminder: Because the rake comb teeth are relatively short, it can only comb the outer layers of hair, and the inner layers of dog hair are a bit weak. It can cause a lot of damage to the dog’s hair.


Golden Retriever

title=”Golden Retriever”

Golden Retriever

4. Knot-opening comb

Curved-blade knot-opening comb

Function: Used to open clumped hair, the comb has a blade on one side of the teeth to cut through the clumped hair. Because there are blades on one side, there are left and right handers.

Long-blade knot-opening comb

Function:Similar to the curved-blade detangling comb, but with a longer blade and thinner teeth than the curved blade.

A word of caution: Be careful with open knot combs! Knotting combs are generally not used as they can cause a lot of hair breakage. Only consider using an open knot comb if the knots are too large to be fixed with normal tools. In addition, open knot combs are usually expensive and therefore not very cost effective. You need to think twice about buying one.


Butterfly Dogs

title=”Butterfly Dogs”

Butterfly Dogs

II. Precautions for hair brushing

1. Combing should be done with special instruments, not with human combs and brushes. The usage of iron comb is to hold the back of the comb with your hand, swing gently with your wrist, flow horizontally, and alternate with coarse, medium and fine purpose combs. The usage of the brush is to use the power of the wrist. The brush has many teeth and eyes. When combing, lift the hair with one hand and brush another part.

2. When combing, be soft and careful, not rough and brutal, to avoid causing pain to the dog, especially when combing the coat near sensitive areas such as the external genitalia.

3. Always pay attention to your dog’s skin. A clean pink color is good. If there is redness or eczema, there may be parasites, skin diseases, and allergies that should be treated promptly.

4. If parasites worms or eggs such as fleas and lice are found, they should be treated promptly with a fine wire brush or insecticide.

5. When the dog’s coat is heavily stained, the hair conditioner 1000 times diluted and baby powder should be used in conjunction with the combing. Sixth, if you can wipe your dog’s body with a towel moistened with hot water before combing the coat, the coat will be shiny.

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