I. Rigid type

Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

People with strong personalities are mostly sharp and like to make decisions alone. Their strengths are their strong will, decisive behavior, courageous tenacity, willingness to take risks, and ability to fight tenaciously in the face of adversity. The greater the resistance, the more the individual’s strength and wisdom can be fully utilized.

The stalwart person is well matched with the Tibetan mastiff, also known for its stalwart nature. The Tibetan mastiff is bold and steadfast, fierce and ferocious, and the wildness is still there and intimidating. Protective of territory, protective of food, good at attacking, a strong hostility to strangers, but very friendly to the master. It is a good helper to look after the house, herd horses and sheep. It is as strong as an ox, rigid and soft, and can solve the owner’s meaning.


II. Meekness

St. Bernard

St. Bernard

A meek person is submissive, goes with the flow and lacks independence. Unable to be decisive, they often lose opportunities because of indecisiveness. However, people with this personality have the advantage of being gentle, kind, good-natured, good-natured, non-possessive, peaceful and stable. They can take care of all aspects, be kind to others, loyal and forgiving.

Mild-mannered people are perfect for a St. Bernard. The St. Bernard is kind, friendly and loves to be with children. It is loyal to its owner, easy to train, and good at saving lives. In Denmark, whenever a snowstorm comes, they show their skills and rescue countless people in distress in the vast snowfields. The St. Bernard was engaged in mountain disaster rescue in the 3rd century and saved 2,500 people. Although transport roads lose roads have been modernized and this rescue skill is no longer needed, the dogs are still highly praised for being intelligent and gentle family dogs.


III. Stubborn



People with stubborn personalities excel at independent and responsible work. They are good at thinking rationally, on their feet, with enduring and focused interests. They are more cautious, afraid to take risks, too stubborn to hold on to what they think is right, refuse to bow to each other, and are not good at being flexible. But from another point of view, such people have the advantage of being firm, outspoken and stubborn. They walk the talk, walk the walk, and are orthodox; they are grounded, steady, with enduring interests and focus; they are patient, quiet, and their emotions are not easily exposed; and they have strong self-control.

A stubborn person is best suited to a Husky. Among medium to large breeds, the Husky is a particularly active, stubborn and independent temperament. Perhaps this is because it comes from a Siberian wolf lineage, the closest thing to a wolf available.


IV. Towers type

Border Collie

Border Collie

Strategic personalities are resourceful and meticulous thinkers. They are also good at power changes, quick to react, self-controlled and self-disciplined, not afraid of danger, and not chaotic. The disadvantage is the tricky wisdom, not easy to control. And such people are often modest on the surface, in fact, will not eat dumb, tricky, will calculate. They have ambition and are not willing to live behind others, much less be tied down by them.

Strategic types are best suited for Border Collies. The Border Collie, also known as the Border Collie, is a very intelligent breed of dog found in four main countries: England, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Through extensive testing and research, American scientists obeyed German Shepherds and Lady’s Dogs, ranking first out of more than 100 breeds.


V. Cheerful



People with cheerful personalities travel widely, treat people warmly, are lively and active, are generous, lead a smooth life, and win the favor and trust of friends from all sides. They are good at understanding people and doing what they like to do, responsive, communicative, popular, handle relationships, and do not easily offend others.

Cheerful people are best suited for the lively and loving Poodle. The Poodle is a loyal dog breed that is intelligent, lively, good-natured and easy to approach. He is very agile, intelligent, and graceful, and is popular in situations where obedience is a must and in circuses. Bringing it along in communication situations will certainly make you do more with less.


VI. Brave

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair cats

Courage is an essential personality for police officers, entrepreneurs, leaders, firefighters, soldiers, security guards, prosecutors, lifeguards, divers, etc. People with this character are daring, adventurous, energetic, brave and decisive, and have the courage to face danger. Listen to people you sincerely admire and be loyal. Adaptable, able to cope freely in new environments, quick and flexible in response.

Brave people are best suited for foreign shorthair cats. The foreign shorthair is quiet, sweet, gentle, sweet loving, tender, sweetly restrained and loyal. On the other hand, it is as lively and mischievous as any other breed. It is as quiet and close to people as the Persian cat and as mischievous and smart as the American Shorthair. Complementary to its brave owner.


VII. Cautious


Fighting Fish

Cautious people think carefully and act in a fine and thorough manner. If you are a cautious person, you will be blamed for being too skeptical and worried; you lack decisions and are afraid to take responsibility; you are cautious and miss opportunities again and again; you lack courage to explore and innovate …… Yes, it is true that people with cautious dispositions have the above disadvantages, but don’t forget that people with cautious dispositions are the world’s The most delicate and rational people in the world. They are meticulous and cautious; they are modest and meticulous; they are disciplined and organized; and they think about things thoroughly and deeply.

Cautious people are best suited to fish keeping. The world of aquariums is colorful, but also the most meticulous and patient. Cautious people’s strengths will be fully utilized in fishkeeping, and the romantic and colorful aquarium will be the most dynamic and attractive character in their home.


VIII. Impatient

Brazilian tortoise

Brazilian tortoise

This person is cheerful and outgoing, and ambitious. They are outstanding, pioneering, do not take failure lightly, have a strong desire to succeed, and always want to be at the forefront of those who succeed. They are energetic, responsive, optimistic and generous, but impatient, with high and low enthusiasm. Easily excited and irritable, with high excitability of nerve activity and dramatic mood changes. They can work with great enthusiasm and take the initiative to overcome difficulties in their work; but if you lose confidence in your work, your mood will immediately drop.

Impatient people are best suited for turtles. The turtle’s gentleness and patience are worthwhile.


IX. The wild type

Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

This kind of person behaves wildly, untamed, conceited and proud; he or she is bold, brash, unconventional, not flattering, often doing things by virtue of their nature, doing things well impulsively, well following their feelings. Therefore, I do not like many things, it is difficult to achieve outstanding achievements in the actual work. They usually have a strong imagination, impulsive, emotional, idealistic, creative, unrealistic and other personality characteristics. Good for working in fields that require emotion and imagination, but not good at transactional careers.

Wild people are best suited to bull terriers because they have very similar personalities. Bull Terriers are impatient, have a strong fight, and never give in to dogs or even hurt other dogs. However, compared to people, Bull Terriers are still docile, intelligent, submissive, loyal to their owners, obedient, exceptionally friendly, amiable and patient with children, and can be a devoted family guardian dog if properly cared for.


X. Sedate



This person is calm, composed, stoic and silent inside. Their work style is meticulous, diligent, and persistent, and they often become experts and specialists in a particular field. They are emotionally delicate, cautious, and good at finding small details that others cannot observe. They like to explore and analyze their inner world. Generally speaking, they are a bit withdrawn and easily overly concerned with their own inner experiences. To others, he may appear cold and reticent and dislike socializing. The disadvantage is that they do not act quickly enough, think twice before acting, and are prone to miss missed opportunities in life. His interests are not broad enough, and he does not care much about what is going on around him, except for what interests him.

Calm people are suitable for Pleasant Shepherds who are very enthusiastic about their owners. Because the personality of a Pleasant is largely dependent on the breeder, they are loyal and enthusiastic about their owners because they are naturally willing to be with them. They are very sensual. The Pleasant Shepherd is warm, friendly, knowledgeable, understanding, intelligent, highly intelligent, lively and loyal to its owner, but wary of strangers. Excellent family guard dogs, easy to train and ideal as a working, show or family dog.


XI. Straightforward

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Norwegian Forest Cat

This person is open-minded, has a simple and honest temperament, is free of intrigue, and has the advantage of being simple and selfless. Emotional responses are relatively strong and rich, and the way they behave has a strong emotional undertone. They are full of adventurousness and sensitive reactions. They are often perceived as people who like to live on the edge of danger and look for excitement. Disadvantages are too frank and sincere, careless, heart can not be hidden, mouth does not stop, say anything, reveal the mountain, the city is not deep.

Honest and frank people are best suited to have a Norwegian Forest Cat. The Norwegian Forest Cat is introverted, independent, smart, agile, alert, cautious, adventurous and active, good at catching and climbing trees, and has a reputation as an able hunter. Therefore, it is not suitable to be kept indoors for a long time. It is best kept in a home with a courtyard and spacious environment.

XII. Argumentative

Dog Church: Chihuahua shopping

Ancient Shepherd Dogs

A good debater has strong social skills; such people are diligent independent thinkers, knowledgeable, quick-witted, and full of ideas, and are great at coming up with ideas. They are not willing to follow the path of their predecessors, so they have many new and innovative insights; they are articulate. They are eloquent, inspiring and inciting. When talking to people or making speeches, they often seek advice and speak at length, which often opens the eyes of ordinary people; they have character traits such as friendly, social, well-spoken and perceptive. Have strong social interaction skills and infectious power. The downside is that they are knowledgeable but not sophisticated, not focused enough, and sometimes inevitably boastful and boastful, often giving people a feeling of being overwhelmed by the clouds.

A good and argumentative person is best suited for an English Ancient Shepherd. The simple appearance of the ancient shepherd will cover up the owner’s flaws and enhance the goodwill of others towards you. In addition, the ancient shepherd is gentle and intelligent, bold and resourceful easy-going and friendly, does not like to run around when he grows up, is loyal and friendly to people, has excellent qualifications to lead the flock, is easy to train, is obedient, and is suitable for, and loved by, children.

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