Labradors can live both inside and outside, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of living outside

  • 1. First of all, the smell of Labrador is relatively big, if you keep it outside, it will be more ventilated and will not cause the smell in the house.
  • 2. Outside space is relatively large, for the more athletic Labrador, you can enjoy the exercise.
  • 3. expand the Labrador’s social circle, outside to solve the Labrador’s defecation problem, not only can return home a fresh air, but also in the dog walking time to let their Labrador make some new friends.
Should Labradors live inside or outside?
Should Labradors live inside or outside?

Disadvantages of living outside

Labrador living outside also has great disadvantages, especially in the winter time, the weather is cold, or when the weather rains, it is easy to cause Labrador health, serious words may also affect the life of Labrador safety.

Advantages of living inside

Good environment, suitable for living, will not be affected by bad weather, Labrador is generally relatively healthy.

Disadvantages of living inside

  • 1. will cause the smell of the house is very big, my neighbor’s family has been raising Labrador, every time I go to their home to chat, always can smell a big smell.
  • 2. Labrador toilet at home, it is not easy to disperse the smell, the home space is not as large as the outdoor, not to mention the degree of air circulation is not as good as outdoor, so if the Labrador toilet at home, the smell is very difficult to dissipate.
Should Labradors live inside or outside?
Should Labradors live inside or outside?

Is it suitable for Labradors to live outside?

Labradors can be kept outdoors, but it is best not to keep them outdoors because the outdoor environment is worse, and they can easily get sick when there is a big temperature difference. However, outdoor ventilation is good, so you don’t have to worry about odors. It is also feasible to keep your Labrador outdoors without the wind blowing or rain falling.

Can Labrador live inside?

If you want to keep your Labrador inside, there is nothing wrong with it; if you have enough time or scientifically correct feeding methods, then it is still more suitable to be kept inside.

Owners want to raise a docile and healthy Labrador inside. Then you must follow the scientific breeding and training methods from the beginning of strict discipline, not only the right strategy but also have enough patience. Then time will be adequate. Labrador will also become to listen to your instructions, not to cause you too much trouble (such as home demolition, urination and defecation). However, these are minor problems that you can teach and train later.

Should Labradors live inside or outside?
Should Labradors live inside or outside?

The owner should note that Labradors are alive, they also have their own thoughts, it is not lying there motionless Muppet, it is not possible to stay quietly at home all day and night, they are more active and active, so you need to set aside some time, take them out for a walk, run, etc., to do some moderate exercise, its healthy growth has a significant role, but also to release its Free mind.

There is nothing else, as long as their needs are met in terms of exercise, it is very suitable for raising at home, so friends who like Labradors can raise it confidently.

Can Labrador sleep outside at night?

Yes, but it is better to put some clothes and quilts inside the cage to keep it warm and windproof.

Should Labradors live inside or outside?
Should Labradors live inside or outside?

Can Labrador stay outside in winter?

Labrador can be kept outside in winter, but prepare a good kennel for Labrador, which can protect against the wind. It is best to design a small blanket to cover the Labrador so that the Labrador will not be cold. Labradors are much more resistant to cold than heat, but it’s hard at night in winter, so let them sleep at home.

Whether or not a Labrador can sleep outdoors depends on many factors. First, the owner needs to know exactly how warm it is outdoors at night. The Labrador is not an animal that likes winter, so don’t take any chances. Generally speaking, Labrador will start to feel uncomfortable when the temperature drops below 4.5°C, and below -6°C is very dangerous for all breeds.

Should Labradors live inside or outside?
Should Labradors live inside or outside?

It is not enough just to assess the outdoor temperature. What is more important is how well you have to Labrador can withstand the cold. A Labrador with a thicker coat will feel much more comfortable on a cold night than one with a shorter coat. Again, whether you should let your Labrador sleep outdoors depends on how well his doghouse is insulated and what kind of heat source he has.

Risks of letting your Labrador sleep outdoors in winter


Examples of frostbite abound on Labrador’s paws and ears. If a Labrador is exposed to shallow temperatures, he can get frostbite, a physical extreme in which the Labrador loses the ability to move blood, leading to tissue death.

Should Labradors live inside or outside?
Should Labradors live inside or outside?

However, frostbite is not usually life-threatening. When a Labrador is exposed to cold for an extended period, his body tries to maintain the temperature of his vital organs. These organs, such as the heart, are essential to the Labrador’s survival. As a result, the body delivers more blood to these organs, while organs such as the paws, tail and ears have less chance of providing blood. This is not fatal in the short term but can lead to tissue death if left untreated.

Signs of frostbite in Labrador include extreme skin turning white. If the skin appears to turn black, it is a sign of tissue death and may require amputation. If your Labrador gets frostbite, you should immediately take him to the vet. For first aid, heat a towel to about 37.8 degrees Celsius, apply it to the affected area, and ensure you are not rubbing or squeezing it. Once you let the affected area warm up, ensure you keep them warm and don’t expose them to the cold again.


If a Labrador’s body temperature drops below 37.8°C, he will need urgent medical attention. While the above conditions are not life-threatening, hypothermia can be. Simply put, a Labrador’s body temperature can become hypothermic due to prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures. In this case, the Labrador’s body temperature drops below 35°C.

Labradors’ risk of hypothermia is more significant in hypothermic conditions if they are wet or exposed to wind and snow. In addition, cold winds can further drop the Labrador’s body temperature. Always ensure the Labrador stays indoors when the nighttime temperature is below 4.5°C.

Should Labradors live inside or outside?
Should Labradors live inside or outside?

When a Labrador develops hypothermia, the Labrador will have difficulty breathing and his heart rate will drop dramatically. Both of these symptoms can be fatal if left untreated. So, if a Labrador has these symptoms, take him to the vet quickly. Other symptoms of hypothermia include noticeable weakness, cold body, dilated pupils, and pale gums and eyelids. If a Labrador has hypothermia, the owner should immediately take him to a warm room with a warm towel and take him to the vet.


It is common for Labradors sleeping outdoors to catch a cold. The symptoms of a Labrador cold are similar to those of humans. A Labrador with a cold will have a runny nose, cough, watery eyes, and will feel tired and lethargic. So, how do you treat a dog’s cold? Just as in the case of humans, Labradors do not necessarily need to take medication. However, if a Labrador seems uncomfortable, consider taking him to the vet.

Of course, you can try many home remedies to treat your Labrador. With the help of steam, a Labrador’s nose can be unclogged, so a good steam bath should do the trick! Also, make sure your Labrador is eating correctly. Many Labradors tend to eat less when sick, and you can treat your dog with a diet rich in vitamin C. If your Labrador has been coughing, you don’t need to worry about contagion because it doesn’t occur between different species.

Can Labrador puppies live outside?

No. Very insecure.

Should Labradors live inside or outside?
Should Labradors live inside or outside?

How to keep your Labrador happy and safe if he has to sleep outside

If you let your Labrador sleep outdoors, that is entirely your choice. However, you need to be responsible for its health and feelings. So, we’ll share some of the most common ways to keep your Labrador warm.

Insulated dog house

The first thing you should buy should be an insulated dog house. Labrador needs a heated outdoor kennel to ensure that it can provide a comfortable temperature to Labrador.

Should Labradors live inside or outside?
Should Labradors live inside or outside?

what is an insulated dog house?

It is the ability to retain heat inside the house. Manufacturers usually build these dog houses with insulating materials such as plastic. They will be smaller in size than typical dog houses because they need to avoid heat dissipation. Insulated dog houses are helpful in winter and summer because they can keep cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. With an insulated house, Labrador is not a problem at all to sleep outside in winter.


A Labrador heater is an effective device to keep the Labrador warm at night. However, before buying one, the owner must read through the product details online or ask the store clerk questions, as some heaters designed for indoor use will not work correctly in harsh conditions.

Also, consider the safety features of Labrador heaters. Some high-end manufacturers use special safety devices that keep Labrador at a distance from the heater. Owners also need to ensure that the heater has a great thermostat; if the heater’s thermostat is inaccurate, it can quickly get out of control.

Heat lamps

A heat lamp is one of the most valuable ways to keep your Labrador warm on a cold night. A heat lamp is an infrared bulb. These bulbs emit heat absorbed by the Labrador, and owners can hang the heat lamp on the inside wall of their outdoor dog house to make sure it is pointed at the Labrador. However, there is also a risk of overheating with a heat lamp, so it is crucial to observe the Labrador frequently on the first day of installing the heat lamp. Typically, a 100-watt bulb will provide a temperature of 5 cubic meters.

Should Labradors live inside or outside?
Should Labradors live inside or outside?

Heating mats

A heating pad is another valuable addition to an outdoor dog house. With a heating pad, the Labrador can sleep on warm pillow. These mats are usually electric and can be used at night. Just make sure the cord is chew-proof.

What is the proper temperature for a dog to sleep outside?

Before we discuss the safe temperature range for dogs to sleep outside in the winter, we should discuss some necessities. First, you must assess your dog’s ability to withstand the cold. As mentioned above, dog breeds with heavier and longer coats usually have a better ability to withstand the cold. On the other hand, dog breeds, such as greyhounds, can be very unadapted to the outdoors in the winter. In addition, larger dogs are better adapted to cold conditions than smaller dogs. Dogs with an aversion to cold (such as greyhounds) will begin to feel uncomfortable when the temperature drops below 7.3°C, and 0°C outdoor temperatures can be dangerous. But remember that temperature is not the only factor to consider; wind and humidity can also make your dog feel cold.

Should Labradors live inside or outside?
Should Labradors live inside or outside?

My Labrador is outside all the time, when should I bring him inside

In times of bad weather, rain, snow, or extreme weather, you should get your Labrador inside.

After reading this article, I’m sure you can understand whether your dog should live inside or outside. If you have more questions, please feel free to comment below.

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