Scottish Shepherd prices in major cities in China

Scottish Shepherd

title=”Scottish Shepherd”

Scottish Shepherd

Prices of pure Scottish Shepherd in major cities in China

1. Shijiazhuang Scottish Shepherd Price

Tricolored Scottish Shepherds about 1500>

Meteorite colored Scottish Shepherds are cheaper, around 600 to 900

II. Price of Scottish Shepherd in Fuzhou

Scottish Shepherds in Fuzhou are more expensive

Tricolored Scottish Shepherd about 1600 or more

Meteorite colored Scottish Shepherds are also more expensive than Shijiazhuang, about 1,200 pieces

III. Price of Scottish Shepherd in Changsha

Medium price in Changsha

About 1,400 tri-colored Scottish Shepherds

About 10,000 meteorite colored Scottish Shepherds

IV. Xi’an Scottish Shepherd Price

Xi’an is also moderately priced, but a little higher than Changsha

Tricolored Scottish Shepherds about 1500>

Meteorite colored Scottish Shepherd about 1200

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Difference between Scottish Shepherd and Heeler

Scottish Shepherd

title=”Scottish Shepherd”

Scottish Shepherd

Difference between a Scottish Shepherd and a Pointer

1. The kiss >

Hilarity’s muzzle is more pointed and slender, tapered

Sumu is slightly rough and wedge-shaped

2. Ears >

Puppies have semi-erect ears

Sumo completely folded ears

3. Frontal segment

Pleasant has a distinct frontal segment

Scotland’s forehead looks flat

4. Eyes

The eyes of a Puppy are almond-shaped

Sumu’s eyes are still almost triangular in shape

5. Food intake

The Sooty eats about three times as much as the Pleasant.

6. Calling

Pleasant’s bark is small and shrill

SuMu’s bark got even louder.

7. Skeleton this is the obvious difference>

Hilary has a slender skeleton

SuMu is thicker

8. Out of order

If more than half of Pleasant’s surface coat color is white, then he will fail in the race.

More than three-quarters of Scottish surface coat colors are still recognized, but of course, if you only buy purebred Pleasants as pets, that’s a different story, and the white ones are beautiful.

Distinguishing between a Pleasant and a Suffragette puppy is not a complicated matter, but there are some people on the market nowadays who are posing as the offspring of a cross between a Pleasant and a Suffragette, and such a puppy may have both of these conditions, so it is generally difficult to distinguish. Faced with this situation, when we choose a dog, we must go to a good kennel or through an official channel.

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How to choose a healthy Scottish Shepherd

Scottish Shepherd

title=”Scottish Shepherd”

Scottish Shepherd

How to choose a healthy Scottish Shepherd

First smell:Smell the dog for shampoo. From there, we know first if the dog has just been bathed or not. Because the dog dealer will groom him before selling, disregarding the dog’s weakness and attracting customers.

Then observe:>

1. Coat: A puppy with an even, brightly colored fetal coat is evidence of a healthy dog

2. Waist:Don’t bow your waist. A dog that bows wants is very unhealthy, or at least has worms.

3. Tail: Don’t pin the tail. Even if you pick up the dog, you can’t pin the tail.

4. Eyes, nose, mouth, ears PP waiting to be clean and free of dirt.

5. Tongue: The color should be bright and there should be no residual saliva in the puppy’s mouth.

6. Body shape and walking posture should be free of adverse signs. The neck and extremities are correct. Is the activity sensitive and is the spirit depressed.

Then there was touch:>

1. The body must not be too weak if it is hard.

2. No skin abnormalities under the fetal hair.

Then call him or whistle him and see if he responds; a response indicates a more sensitive dog, or at least one with no hearing problems. Then feed it a few things and see if you eat them all. Many dog dealers don’t feed their dogs until they sell them so that when someone chooses, they take it out and eat it and the dog will be active. Observe for a while longer, it is better to see the dog urinate and defecate, especially the stool should not be diluted except for unweaned. Finally, ask the owner if he has had any shots, where he usually sleeps, what he eats, etc. Usually the dog dealer will not give the dog shots. Because the cost is too high. But dog dealers will say that they have played, do not be gullible. Usually the dog merchant after the purchase only give the dog a shot of serum and is domestic, about 8-10 yuan, so that the dog, even if unhealthy, will not be revealed in the short term. That’s basically it.

These are limited to health. As for breed and pedigree, the most important thing is to like it. You can also refer to what other friends have said about pedigree standards. I won’t say much more. Finally, it is best to go to a regular hospital for a medical checkup, just in case.

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Small File: Introduction to the Scottish Shepherd

[Butterfly Dog Price]_Butterfly Dog Price Survey Across the Country

title=”[Butterfly Dog Price]_Butterfly Dog Price Survey Across the Country”

Scottish Shepherd

Small file: Introduction to the Scottish Shepherd

Breed name: Scottish Shepherd Rough Collie>

Place of origin: United Kingdom

Body Type: Large Dog

Life expectancy: about 12-15 years

Breed Description:The Scottish Shepherd originated in the Scottish Lowlands and takes its name from the local black sheep called Colly. In 1860, when the Queen visited Scotland, she brought several of them back to Windsor Castle to raise. As a result, he grew to become a popular sheepdog in England, and in the late 1990s, he became popular with Americans as well. It is one of the most popular breeds in the world. This dog has always been an enthusiastic working cattle and sheep guardian dog, working hard, smart and intelligent Working breed. The Scottish Shepherd is a strong, robust, active and lively breed, meaning it has no value, stands naturally, is neat and stable. The Scottish Shepherd is affectionate to its owner and wary of strangers. This dog is socially adept and does not usually show weakness or aggression. The Shepherd’s ears are expressive. Ears are straight when resting and tilted forward semi-erect when warning. Sensitive hearing and can hear sounds up to half a kilometer away. Loyal to its owner.

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