When can a schnauzer be bred?

Schnauzer females can be bred 14 or 15 months after birth, the second heat of the Schnauzer. At this time, the schnauzer’s body is relatively mature, and the schnauzer female’s body can withstand the stress of pregnancy. Adult Shelties come into estrus once a year in the spring and fall, around March-May and September-November, and the duration of estrus is uncertain. This time of year. The schnauzer can be bred for breeding.

The Chenery’s estrus performance can determine the specific breeding time. When the Chenery female is seen constantly approaching the male dog, the female’s labia are swollen and turned out, the vaginal discharge turns from red to yellow, and she is willing to accept the Chenery male to ride across. The Chenery can be given a breeding arrangement to start.

When can a schnauzer be bred?

Precautions for Schnauzer breeding

Please note that the schnauzer should not be allowed to breed frequently as this may affect the schnauzer’s health. During the breeding process, let the adult Sheltie mate once a day and then rest for 1-2 days. If the Sheltie is to be mated twice a day, there should be more than 6 hours, and the Sheltie male should be allowed to rest the next day. If the mating frequency is increased due to some need, the Sheltie will need to be given more nutrition. If the schnauzer is 12 years old, no more breeding should be done.

Pregnancy symptoms in Shelties

1. For the Sheltie, the pregnancy cycle is usually around 60 days, and the up and down of three days is manageable, so parents do not need to worry too much, but for the first female dog may be emotionally disturbed, it must be soothed.

2. In the early stages of pregnancy, the female dog will have significant mood swings because of the rapid hormonal changes in her body. Parents can give the dog some more fun toys to distract her.

At the stage of 20 to 30 days of gestation, the mammary glands of the female dog will suddenly become more extensive, and the breasts will also increase in size, and the color of the nipples will appear peachy.

Pregnancy symptoms in Shelties

3. At mid-pregnancy, parents can increase the dog’s diet by about 10%, slowly increasing by 20% and 30%, want to add some easy-to-digest food, more food rich in protein, calcium and, phosphorus, vitamins. And this stage should prohibit the dog from running up and down the stairs and going out.

4. The pre-delivery period is also the dog’s 49th to 60th day of pregnancy; parents should take their dogs for a walk every day, which will not only help the mother dog more accessible in birth but also does not make the mother dog too obese and challenging to deliver.

What to eat when pregnant

Dogs need a lot of nutrients after pregnancy to meet the growth and development of the pups in the body; parents can add some meat or animal offal to the dog, and they can also add some protein-rich food and eggs to the dog.

These nutrients can effectively promote fetal bone development; parents can add these nutrient-rich foods after the dog is one month pregnant but must remember to eat fewer meals to avoid constipation effectively.

What to eat when pregnant

Precautions to take when pregnant

Parents should take care of their pregnant schnauzer by deworming the dog both in vivo and in vitro in the early stages of pregnancy, with as little oral deworming as possible to prevent miscarriage.

Parents should try to prevent their dogs from going out to prevent miscarriages due to fights with other foreign dogs.

Parents should take their dog to the ultrasound as soon as possible to check the number of pups and perform prenatal checks and prenatal maintenance under the guidance of a veterinarian.

So parents should take care of their schnauzer after it is pregnant, provide more nutrition, let the dog go out less often, and don’t forget the leash when taking the dog out for a daily walk. The best time to breed a schnauzer is the schnauzer breeding precautions if you want the schnauzer to be able to conceive and produce puppies properly. You first need to know how old the schnauzer is to breed.

Chenery females will come into heat for the first time 6-9 months after birth; at this time, breeding Chenery females, Chenery can also be pregnant. However, it is recommended that you do not allow a Sheltie female to mate during this time, as the body functions of the Sheltie are not perfectly developed at this time, and there are risks to the Sheltie’s body if she becomes pregnant.

What are those preparations needed before a Sheltie gives birth?

The gestation period of dogs is much shorter than that of us humans. For example, the entire gestation period of a Sheltie is only 58-65 days, with an average of 63 days. So, that means that at about 60 days, the Sheltie is almost ready to give birth, and there are sure signs of labor that will occur during this time, so owners should pay attention to them to help prepare the Sheltie for delivery!

When she is about to give birth, pregnant bitches look fidgety and keep scratching the floor and mats with their front feet in a nesting motion. Most bitches will not eat within 24 hours before giving birth or will only pick a small amount of their favorite food; some will vomit slightly before giving birth. Generally, on the day of delivery, the bitch’s body temperature will gradually decrease; the closer the delivery, the lower it will be and may drop to about 36°C 24 hours before delivery. A bitch about to give birth will keep turning back and forth, arching her back, her abdomen will become more extensive, and she will begin to have straining and painful bouts. Usually, dogs mostly start labor in the middle of the night or early morning.

What are those preparations needed before a Sheltie gives birth?

If your schnauzer has the above symptoms, be prepared to deliver your dog, prepare a warm kennel for the schnauzer in winter, the newborn puppy is very fragile, and shave and scrub the hair around the mother’s nipples and vulva before giving birth. Once the puppy is born, it will need to be fed.  Most female dogs can naturally produce puppies and eat their fetal membranes, bite off the umbilical cord, and lick the mucus from the puppy. Still, a few females cannot handle the puppy after giving birth to the third fetus and need help from the owner, which requires good delivery work. The details are as follows.

  • (1) Tearing the fetal membranes: Immediately after the output of the litter, the fetal membranes should be torn open, and the mucus on the body and mouth, and nose of the waste should be wiped clean.
  • (2) Break the umbilical cord: first, squeeze the blood in the umbilical cord in the direction of the puppy’s abdomen, then tie the line with a thread at the root of the navel, pinch or cut the umbilical cord at 3~5 cm from the navel, disinfect the broken end with 5% tincture of iodine, and stop the bleeding appropriately. After the litter falls to the ground, if the mother is allowed to bite off the umbilical cord, it may be left too long or too short. Too long will prevent the litter from crawling, and too fast will easily cause umbiliculitis.
  • (3) Rescuing a pseudo-dead dog: A newborn puppy often suffocates because its nasal cavity is blocked by play fluid or amniotic fluid enters its respiratory tract. The artificial rescue must be conducted to enable it to resume breathing as soon as possible. After the breathing is normal, put the puppy gently near the mother’s nipple and let the puppy eat milk.
  • (4) Care for weak puppies: If a soft puppy is inflexible and cannot find the nipple, use a warm bath with 30~35℃ warm water and dry it with a towel to promote blood circulation and strengthen the body. Puppies that are deformed fetuses, congenitally underdeveloped, or do not eat milk within 24 hours can be eliminated.

The dog’s birth is a significant event in their lives. It can be a surprise and a thrill. The owner must be careful, closely observe the dog’s condition, and take care of the newborn puppy, of course, the mother dog’s postpartum care work can not be sloppy Oh.

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