I. Prerequisite factors



Golden Retriever

I. Prerequisite factors

[Suitable species]

Not all dogs are suitable for Frisbee training; for example, Pekingese and Sausages, with long spines and not very compact structures, are not suitable for this game, as too strenuous an exercise can easily injure them. Most large dogs, such as Golden Retrievers, Collie Shepherds, Border Collies, and Dobermans; and some agile puppies, such as Pleasant, Shelties, and Cocker Spaniels, are perfect for this game.

[Appropriate age]

For those preteens under 6 months, it is better to let them enjoy their childhood happily. Starting training too early is likely to make the developing puppy too tired or even injured. And for some dogs that are too old, strenuous exercise is also very inappropriate.

[Physical Fitness]

Because Frisbee training is an exercise intensive game, it is not suitable for dogs with quad injuries or heart problems.

[Site factors]

If you want to enjoy Frisbee with your dog, you must remember to find an open area to avoid the hassle of cars and people coming and going.

[Host psychology]

In fact, teaching your dog to play Frisbee is a fun game for him and the whole training process is fun and joyful, so even if he doesn’t please you, you won’t blame him or he will just lose interest in Frisbee.

[Ark Review]

What kind of dog needs what kind of frisbee? Choosing the right frisbee for your dog’s size is one of the keys to successful training. This makes sense just as different weight people will use different weight fitness equipment, matching the dog’s size and speed to allow the dog to play. Regular Frisbees, the ones humans play with, are more suitable for larger dogs because they have deep mouths and can easily bite into this Frisbee. Small dogs are better suited to canvas Frisbees for pets. When dogs are uncomfortable, biting a Frisbee is not easy for them, so you can build up their desire with other toys first.


II. Specific matters ①



Golden Retriever

II. Specific matters

[Training steps]

1. Develop and improve the dog’s interest in Frisbee and learn to control the dog’s excitement

2. Train the dog to grab the Frisbee from the owner’s hand and simply obey

3. Training retrieval, using the ground roll throw

4. Training to borrow power

5. Training Frisbee discs

6. Training the speed of reflection

7. Training fancy moves

[Ark Review]

In fact, one thing that beginners need to be careful of in these steps is not to rush to success. They throw the disc to the dog as soon as they come up because, first of all, the Frisbee may hit the dog and make the dog afraid. Secondly, even if the training will catch the owner lost Frisbee, the next training will be difficult to continue, and there will be other problems, such as easy to lose interest, refusal to return the disc to the attention easily distracted, etc.. So this needs to be a reminder to scholars: don’t just throw the disc to the dog right away.


II. Specific matters②



Golden Retriever

Training methods

1. Pique the dog’s interest in Frisbee:

① Feed water with a frisbee as a food bowl, and the dog will love it

② Let the dog watch while his owner plays Frisbee. If he likes it, he will actively participate

③ Let the dog see other dogs playing Frisbee, dogs have a superb ability to imitate

2. How to control a dog’s excitement when it is interested in Frisbee:>

① Use the frisbee to provoke the dog around the dog, but just don’t let it bite the frisbee, see that it is very anxious is very excited, then give the frisbee to the dog so it will be very happy, then catch it, repeatedly

② The owner and partner throw a Frisbee at each other and let the dog run back and forth between the two. When you get excited, remember to give it a few times now and then

③ First of all, be careful not to train for too long, starting with 15-20 minutes. If the dog bites the Frisbee and runs away, be sure to stop it in time

3. When the dog is excited to see the Frisbee, you can train him to bite the disc and obedience training:Actually, to put it plainly, the dog gradually increases the number of times he bites the disc when he is excited. This time to match the code of bite and spit. After these two codes are skilled, you can let the dog sit and then bite, so that the code dog sitting can be.

4. Patrol: Patrol can use ground rollers, which is to make the Frisbee roll out of the ground like a wheel, this is because it is less difficult, the other is because the dog is used to chewing on moving objects, if it is a flat disc, the dog is likely to develop the habit of picking up the Frisbee that falls on the ground, so it is more troublesome. A control leash long leash can be used to assist in training patrols

5. Training to lend strength: As soon as the dog is familiar with the bite code, you can add a part of the owner’s body between the dog and the Frisbee. It’s best to start with the legs first, then the back in training, because it’s easier to train the stool legs

6. Aerial catch:After the previous workout, this move naturally doesn’t take much time. Pay attention to slowly lengthening the distance from near to far.

7. Training for speed of reflection: At this point, train with multiple Frisbees and let the dog bite and spit continuously, gradually increasing the speed.

[Ark Review]

Tips for training your dog to catch a Frisbee. In training dogs, some dogs catch well, and some dogs run all over the world after receiving Frisbees and refuse to bring them back to their owners. This is a common problem for many dogs, especially some that have been untrained since childhood and are particularly interested in Frisbees! Of course, the best way is to get into the right habits from an early age and practice the disc-rolling circuit, but the actual problem has to be solved with our brains!


III. The Secret to Getting Dogs Interested in Frisbee</span



Golden Retriever

III. The secret to getting your dog interested in Frisbee

[1. The lure of the Frisbee bowl]

Maybe some dogs aren’t interested in toys, but there are very few dogs who don’t like treats, right? If your dog has a hard time turning his attention to the Frisbee, try switching his dog bowl to a Frisbee bowl, which means turning the Frisbee upside down and putting dog food in it so the dog thinks there’s food in the flat thing.

[2. The best is the one you can’t get

① Hide the Frisbee after every meal so that you can develop your dog’s interest in the Frisbee and make him think that something interesting will happen every time he encounters it, and then it will be easy to get excited about seeing it. V. Game fun Always face training with a game mentality is the key to success and to making the dog happy. Before letting the dog bite the Frisbee, make sure to develop his hobby, otherwise once the dog is hit by the Frisbee, he will have a painful impression of the Frisbee and leave a shadow in his mind so that training will be hindered.

② Once the preparation is complete, you can alert the dog to the Frisbee by shaking it and reminding him that he’s ready and I’m going to throw it! However, at this point, instead of throwing the real Frisbee, roll the Frisbee in the dog’s direction. If he will bite the Frisbee, remember to encourage him. When the dog bites the Frisbee, you should call it back, not let it be happy with the Frisbee. After the dog returns to you, you should take the Frisbee back from its mouth and issue the code given to me. If he still won’t give up the toy in his mouth, you can also put a snack on the Frisbee and if he eats the food, he will naturally drop the Frisbee. If the dog is willing to pick it up in any situation, even fetching the frisbee, then it’s only one step away from success!

③ When the dog is focused, throw the Frisbee over the top so the dog will have plenty of time to react and be ready to grab it. As he becomes more responsive, you can throw the Frisbee to the side for the dog to chase, and eventually you can throw the Frisbee in any direction. As long as the preparation and basic training described earlier is done adequately, it is easy to teach the dog to chase the Frisbee. The last thing you need to be reminded of is that the game of Frisbee with the dog must end when you are not finished and put the Frisbee out of sight. This way, the dog keeps the Frisbee fresh in the dog’s mind and keeps him ready to become a master of the Frisbee.

[Ark Review]

Not every dog likes to catch a Frisbee. Are you overwhelmed if your dog is indifferent to Frisbees? Don’t worry, if you want your dog to catch a Frisbee, you can build their interest with a toy that is easier to attach. This isn’t difficult because most dogs are naturally interested in moving objects. You could even say that when fast-moving objects appear in front of them, it is hard for them to suppress their inner urge to have to chase them. Therefore, you can first exploit their nature by getting them interested in a ball or dog bite. When they bite the target, they will issue a bite code and encourage them. Then gradually the attention of the individual title gradually shifts to the Frisbee. When the dog bites the frisbee, if you encourage it, it will think that if I bite it, I can get a reward. Once the dog does that, you’re halfway there.

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