[Background of the film]




[I. Background of the film]

Chloe is a Chihuahua dog from Beverly Hills. He is spoiled and lives an extremely luxurious life. Chloe went on vacation to Mexico and didn’t expect to get lost there. Those sketchy streets looked very different from Beverly Hills. In desperation, Chloe had to ask for help from some new friends, including a German Shepherd, Daigordo, who had been through a complicated experience, and an affectionate dog, Papi. With their help, Chloe pulls herself together and finds her way home.

[II. Origin of the Fuguchihuahua]

Two of Pappi’s actors: On screen as Pappi, a dog named Rusco Chihuahua, who was discovered by animal director and trainer Mike Alexander, whose large ears and expressive face made Alexander “fall in love at first sight. When I saw Rusco on the Internet, you know, the cucumber eye method often used on set breaks, but after a while, when the photographer was ready to shoot, we could not find the cucumber in his eyes. When he took the cucumber photo, I knew that was the Papi we were looking for.” >

George voices Papi – Lopez met the star dog for the first time at a Disney promo. Three months ago, I met my Rusco for the first time and we shot a lot of promos. Just from that first collaboration, there was an understanding between us. I have to say, Rusco is a great good dog.

Even sometimes, he’s better on set than I am. He’s more focused and serious than I am,” Lopez says with a laugh. I jump up and down on the set from time to time, but he’s fine. The crew gave him nail care and he would wash his ‘hands’ in water. I couldn’t help but talk to him during the process and he really seemed to understand what I was saying. We sat together and ate yellow. …… He’s such a fun, good boy.” >

In this film in Disney’s usual ‘warmist’ style, the style and tone is no different, just more romantic, which I didn’t expect. -Lopez added: Even when I started recording in the studio, I didn’t expect the movie to be so romantic and charming.

Because when I read the script I only read the general idea and then started the dubbing and repeatedly thought about the pages with their own dialogue. But watched the movie trailer and was completely overwhelmed by Drew Barrymore’s voice.

Her voice is sweet, bright, sunny, and everything is just so ‘Disney’. The truth is, the movie had a really great trailer. Although Chihuahua’s large headshot was criticized in this big promo, the publicity was good enough to explain it. Many people who saw the promo said they couldn’t wait for the blockbuster to be released.

From the beginning of the recording, I was in better shape and recorded for an hour and a half at a time.” George Lopez continued: But when the crew shot a lot of film footage from Mexico, I realized I could do better, so I approached the director and told him if I could record from scratch, because there was no reference point, no idea how much room there was, and now watching them shoot footage I knew that I should at least raise my voice a little octave. He agreed because the director wanted to do it as well as I did. Lopez said with a laugh.


[Plot Summary]




[III. Plot Outline]

Beverly Hills in the United States is known for its luxury: it is not only a place for celebrity superstars to spend their money, but also a mansion for wealthy business giants and the most prized stores in Southern California.

Beverly Hills, as if it were a magical magnet that draws people here and magnetizes everything here, and it’s all very fame and fortune! And, the noble Chloe – a creamy white, dexterous and lovely Chihuahua dog, looking out from her owner Aunt Viv’s famous bag, thinking to herself:I just love this Rodeo Drive. Every store is so elegant, and all the products are fashionable representatives. Alas, the tourists are so silly that a price tag dazzles them. …… don’t bother looking at them, I’m going to get groomed! Chloe the Chihuahua lives such a pampered life all day long.

Although Aunt Viv, a rich woman, has always been mean to others, she loves Chloe to an unparalleled degree. Chloe is a famous dog, a famous dog. He is entitled to look down on the world from the perspective of high society.

Aunt Viv had to go away and left the care of Chloe to Angela. Naturally Angela’s youthful energy could not be poured entirely into a puppy, even a very cute one, and she decided to take Chloe, along with her friends, on a trip to the beaches of Mexico. Arriving at the beach, everyone except Chloe is immediately drawn to the handsome, athletic boys, while Chloe is lost in the huge Mexico City under Angela’s “more sex than dog” ……

Chloe lived a life of luxury, used to being taken care of, and found herself needing to face the harsh reality alone: no tasty snacks, no nice clothes, no loving caresses from her owner. From now on, she is a poor stray dog. Chloe discovers, pessimistically, that it is far better to be a big dog in the dirty and chaotic streets of Mexico. Fortunately for dogs, the road is endless!

Chloe meets the experienced German Shepherd, Delgado. With his help, Chloe gradually adjusts her mind and begins to fit into a new circle. At this time, in Beverly Hills, Papi, the dog who loves Chloe, bravely sets out. Although Chloe was previously uncomfortable with him, he must take real action to protect himself lover.

Chloe will embark on an adventure back home where she will reconnect with life and herself.


[Movie Review]




[IV. Film Review]

I’d say it’s a good dog movie, but I’m worried about criticism that I’ve worded it poorly, that there’s no love, that the dog sees the dog low, so I’ll just say: it’s a good dog movie.

Voice acting is an important part of animal movies. In this film, the beautiful actress Drew Barrymore voices Chloe the Chihuahua with a rather surrendered spirit, but to be honest, her voice is no longer young and is slightly out of proportion to the Chihuahua’s litheness. Andy Garcia’s honest voice matches the vicissitudes of the German Shepherd’s background, and George Lopez’s husky voice reveals the humor of the amorous dog Papi. In addition, the film has a great music score with an upbeat Latin flavor.

The most important feature of the film’s plot design is the highlighting of the difference between the Beverly Hills Puppy and the stray dog in Mexico City, but unfortunately, there are too many of these “prince to frog” stories, which are of no interest to me because I love Star Chow movies. 》, “The Hundred Changing King Kong”, “Nine Sesame Officers”, “Martial Scholar Su Beggar” …… each have a similar but more funny plot. It doesn’t matter, because the biggest feature of this movie is still the dog!

Dogs – There are really famous dogs in this movie, and the famous dog in Noble and Famous is still a Chihuahua. To be honest, I didn’t think Chihuahuas were that cute when I used to see them in cages at pet markets. But after just one look at a Chihuahua living in Beverly Hills, I felt like it.

I understand that good Chihuahuas need to wear nice clothes, stay in fancy bags, and be with ladies and beautiful women …… This is a movie dedicated to Chihuahuas and shows how smart and cute they are. You just think of it as a Chihuahua commercial. It’s worth watching!

Horses – There are no horses in this movie no code, but there are two things you need to do right away before you see the movie with your wife girlfriend:One is to save money right away. At the Finding Nemo meeting, the clownfish sold very well. After protecting the Baywatch dog, it will start the craze of raising Chihuahuas. This Chihuahua is not cheap! Second, exercise immediately. Fellow males should work on increasing their charm or they may be replaced by this cute elf in the future.


[Behind the Scenes]

[Cat shopping] How should I pick a cute cat?

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[V. Behind the scenes]

The movie Beverly Byzantine Dogs is a whole world of dogs, with people just in supporting roles. It’s really hard to play with dogs for the sake of the #1 male lead and #1 female lead, but they still try hard.

Piper as Rachel Perabo and Manolo as Sam Cardona claim to be animal lovers, even though they don’t have pets of their own. I don’t really have enough time to take care of it, so although I really, really like small animals, I still won’t have a pet, at least for now, it seems like I made the right decision. Perab explains.

Although we don’t have any at home, the little guys on the screen really make them feel good. I didn’t realize before that each animal character would be played by several dogs.

So people actually see a lot fewer dog characters on screen than they do on set.

You have to be alert enough when you’re partnered with animals and children This movie is a good testament to the golden rule of this gig. When you’re shooting with a dog, you have to be very, very patient, because you never know what he’s going to do next. You have to be careful, hit 12, and work with them very kindly because they are the main characters and we just accompany them and help them,” Cardona said.” >

The scene of feeding Chloe the dog also took a lot of effort from Perab. This scene is me feeding Chloe on my shoes.

But because dogs like Chihuahuas don’t pick up food with their mouths or move anything with their mouths, you don’t want to throw them the ball and have them pick it up. So if you want to feed them, you have to take them to where they see fit, not just anywhere.

On set, the dogs are well taken care of, sometimes even more so than the actors enjoy. For example, the dog houses used to house them were air-conditioned.

Because they are moved around a lot, quality performance cannot be guaranteed without good rest, and a comfortable environment is an important guarantee of good rest. :

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