ISPET fall/winter and all-season clothing


ISPET: Autumn/Winter Wear – Fashion Cute Pet Pajamas

Product Description: Fashionable and cute pet pajamas are made of cotton one-sided fabric, comfortable and soft fabric is the focus of the pajamas, cute cake print with lovely colors, fashionable, and the designer around the clothes use rubber band packing to make the clothes more comfortable. The simple and stylish concept is a perfect combination of fashion and cuteness.

Taobao price: $57-60>

Editor’s Note: The cotton single-sided fabric is comfortable to the touch alone. The design of sportswear is also comfortable ok when going out.


ISPET: Classic Pink Pet Pajamas

Product Description: Classic Pink Pet Bathing Suit is made of cotton terry cloth. It is highly absorbent and can quickly absorb moisture from your dog’s body after bathing. It has a very good effect of preventing dogs from catching a cold. This seemingly simple bathrobe is wrapped by the designer with pink cotton fabric and embroidered with silver thread on the back, making the whole jade robe more fashionable and upscale, perfectly reflecting the concept of simplicity and fashion.

Taobao price: 63-69 yuan

Editor’s Note: This is the most pajama-like of so many pink pajamas. It is very pajamas from quality to style. The loose neckline and the knot in the back are very much like a fresh showerfeel.



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BOTH Korea: Strawberry Baby Embroidered Cotton One-piece Pajamas

Product description: The clothes are thin, the fabric has a beautiful embossed pattern that is very delicate, and the style is very smart like baby clothes. It also feels very soft. This fabric has no elasticity and is an autumn/winter garment, so it must be 1 size larger than the clothes you normally buy. It is recommended that the chest circumference of the clothes be about 5 cm larger than the chest circumference of your pet.

Taobao price: 38 yuan

Small comment: In fact, this set looks less like pajamas, except for the quality – the soft quality feels very comfortable. The strawberry embossing is very prominent and the powder has more character. It is strawberry-controlled pet owners will fail.

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pupumer:Featured New Products – Pretty Pajamas

Product Description: Dogs can have their own pretty pajamas too! This dog pajamas are divided into two styles for men and women, pink for female dogs and blue for male dogs, both are one-piece sets, cute and generous, as suitable for outside wear, the fabric contains 97% cotton and 3% elastane, soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.

Taobao price: 49 yuan


Small review: understated dual-purpose clothing. The white polka dots are very lively, and the double ruffle in the middle adds a princess touch. The blue one is not oh. The blue one is a halter.

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