Combat Raincoat 1: Japanese Doug FBI Dog Raincoat


Dawg Raincoat

The wet and rainy season is here again. When you wake up, you may see rain outside your window, and you may encounter rain showers when you go out for an afternoon walk. However, we can’t take our dogs out just because the rainy season is here! For our beloved dogs, we must fight the rain to the end! The recently introduced dog raincoat is beautiful and practical, allowing dogs to walk and play in the rain without getting washed away at all!

Combat Raincoat 1: Japanese Doug FBI Dog Raincoat

[Raincoat introduction]

Lovable dog Japanese Doug FBI dog raincoat. The back leg part is removable, so the owner can adjust it appropriately according to the dog’s size, and it is easy to wear. If some dogs are not used to wearing four legs, they can take off the back part and wear two pieces of clothing, which is worth it. There is a small hole for a leash at the back of the neck, and each raincoat comes with a waterproof storage pocket made of the same material.

[Reference price] $39-$55>

Editorial Review

Ahem, this time the dog is a senior FBI employee. The material and design are exquisite, the material feels thick and firm, soft and comfortable to wear, and the exterior design is lovely. Putting on this FBI raincoat to go out is like catching the bad guys, it’s so much fun!


Fighting Raincoat 2: Little buddy glowing strip dog raincoat


Little buddy raincoat

Combat Raincoat 2: Little Buddy Glow Bar Dog Raincoat

[Raincoat introduction]

The shape is simple and generous, the workmanship is excellent, mainly polyester and cotton, and the effect is first-class for rainy day use. Rain can fall along the lower edge of the raincoat without getting the dog’s hair wet. In addition, the fluorescent strip will glow in the dark environment, making the dog more conspicuous and safe. In terms of color, it comes in big red, bright yellow, pink, sky blue and soft green.


[Editorial Reviews]

The reflective stripes are very clever, because the rainy season is always gray. Wearing a raincoat with reflective strips, parents can see their baby dog from a long distance without fear of separation.


Combat Raincoat 3: ISPET Dog Raincoat Esprit


Esprit Raincoat

Combat raincoat three: ISPET dog four-legged even raincoat

[Raincoat Introduction]

Outer layer full windbreaker 100% nylon, inner layer 100% cotton liao. With a hood double-layer one-piece transformation raincoat closing feet processing, with Velcro front waterproof effect. Wind and rain are very practical.

[Reference Price] $169>

Editorial Review

This is a very stylish raincoat, even the exterior pattern is very sophisticated. When the dog wears a hood, the star style comes out immediately. If you pair it with rain shoes of the same color, you have to make the dog a beautiful sight for the rainy season.


Combat Raincoat IV: DISNEY Disney Green Raincoat

Popular for early spring! Dog capes burn the fashion boom

Disney raincoat

Combat Raincoat IV: DISNEY Dog Essential Mickey Disney Green Raincoat

[Raincoat introduction]

DISNEY has a very stylish raincoat for your dog, super classic MICKEY image, perfect quality, no need to worry about walking your dog in the rain or snow, no need to worry about your dog getting wet or dirty.

[Reference Price] $25-$50>

Editorial Review

Get your dog out in the rain with this Disney-designed raincoat. Stylish dogs never miss an opportunity to show off their good looks. With an umbrella behind Mickey Mouse to keep out the rain, this is a raincoat with a child’s playfulness.

When you sleep in the spring, you can smell the birds singing everywhere. When the night comes with rain and wind, how many flowers fall? This famous old poem was written about the rainy season. Let the dogs put on their gorgeous raincoats and count the flowers together in the morning.

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