Poodles have a cold and how to prevent it

Colds are one of the most common illnesses in Poodles, and it is common for Poodles to catch a cold after a bath or to catch a cold in the cold winter months. The puppy’s spirit will become depressed after the flu, his eyes will be half open and not closed, and he will like to have tears and snot. There will be sneezing and a high body temperature and fever.

How to prevent colds in Poodles

The main thing you can do to prevent a cold in the winter is to keep warm and not take your dog out for a walk when it’s cold and windy. If you go for a walk, you must dress your poodle in warm clothes. The most important thing to do is to ensure that your dog understands the situation well.

Spring and fall are also the seasons when Poodles tend to catch colds. The difference in temperature between day and night in spring and autumn can make it necessary to pay attention to managing your puppy’s life. It is essential to limit your dog’s movement, reduce your dog’s access to the house, and prohibit him or her from being near a dog that is already sick.

Poodle cold treatment

The average Poodle’s cold is not very serious, and breeders do not need to rush their Poodles to the vet. After following the veterinarian’s permission, simple treatments such as Chai Hu injection 1-2 ml, intramuscular, 2 times/day; penicillin 50,000 units/kg body weight, intramuscular, 2 times/day can be administered.

If you find that your Poodle has had a cold for a long time and it tends to get worse, then it is likely that your Poodle has been affected by other diseases. The breeder should still take the poodle to a clinic for effective treatment at this point. This is a good way to avoid delayed treatment and more serious consequences.

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