Poodle grooming and styling




i Poodle grooming and styling

The Poodle, the most complex breed to test a groomer’s skills, is always looking for variety in complexity and class. Enter the beautiful palace of the Poodle ……

1. Puppy type

Poodles under one year of age may be trimmed as long-haired puppies. This form of dog should have the hair on the face, throat, feet and lower part of the tail trimmed. The entire foot is clearly visible after trimming and the tail is decorated with a pom-pom. For a neat and elegant appearance and to ensure its smooth visual appearance, proper trimming of the entire body coat is allowed. English Saddle Type – It is necessary to trim the hair on the face, throat, forelimbs and the base of the tail of the English Saddle Type. After trimming, some hair is left on the joints of the forelimbs and the end of the tail is trimmed to a pom-pom shape. The rest of the back half of the body was trimmed short except for two curved hairs on the sides of the body and on both hind legs. After trimming, the entire foot could be exposed and the part of the foreleg above the joint was clearly visible. Other parts of the fur do not need to be trimmed, but they can be trimmed appropriately to ensure the overall balance of the poodle.

2. “Continental”

Trim the face, throat, feet, and underside of the tail. The rear half of the dog’s body is trimmed to a pom-pom at the hips and the rest is trimmed clean. After trimming, the entire foot and the area above the front leg joints are exposed. The fur on the rest of the body cannot be trimmed, but can be properly trimmed to maintain overall balance.

3. “Hound type”

In the Hound Poodle trim, the face, feet, throat, and underside of the tail are trimmed, leaving only a ball of clipped tooth cap hair, and the underside of the tail is modified to a pom-pom. To give the entire body a clear, smooth outline, the rest of the torso, including the limbs, should be no more than an inch, and the hair on the limbs can be slightly longer than the torso.

In all forms of trimming, the hair on the head can be left natural or tied up with a rubber band. The dog can only exhibit a smooth and perfect appearance if the hair on the head is the same length. The headpiece refers only to the skull, i.e. the hair from the nose to the occipital bone, and it is only in this part that the rubber band is useful.

The Poodle 32 Classic Styles Atlas


Poodle Grooming Tutorial Professional Article



ii Poodle grooming tutorial professional article>

Grooming salons should provide standardized grooming services for pets. Therefore, professional grooming salons should have their own pet groomer training schools and A, B, and C level grooming specialists to truly meet the basic grooming and personalized grooming needs of their clients’ dogs.

Dog grooming stores should have the following services and features:

Bathing:Dog bathing takes 17 steps and includes daily care for all dogs;>

Dry cleaning: for puppies and temporarily unwashable dogs;>

Styling: covers shaving, regular trimming and special styling;>

Dyeing: Regularly dyed, faded dogs and older dogs can also be restored to their original color by dyeing;>

Medicinal baths: providing a course of treatment for dogs with skin lesions;>

Shaving:A boon for shedding dogs, leaving us with the worry of hair loss;>

Salt bath: one and a half hours to make the coat more silky and free from knots and body parasites;>

SPA: relaxes the dog’s entire body, strips it of its skin and hair, and quickly replenishes lost nutrients in two hours ……



Poodle Grooming Tutorial Easy Home



3 Poodle Grooming Tutorial Easy Home >

As a family pet, in order to trim according to the Dutch style, so that the dog is cool and properly beautiful. The method is as follows:The hair on the top of the head should be cut into a rounded shape with a moderate length and a beard, the hair on the face, below the ankles and the tail heel should be cut short, the hair on the hips, shoulders and forelimbs should be cut to about 4 cm, and the hair on the waist and neck should be cut short as if wearing jeans. The tail tip should be cut into a large hair ball, which not only looks good, but also makes it feel fresh and awake without eczema. The following trimming can also be done:

1. Dogs with small heads

To compensate for this, the hair on the head can be left longer and cut into a round shape, while the coat on the neck should hang naturally and the hair on the ears should be left long so that the head appears slightly larger and more beautiful.

2. Dogs with large heads

Keep your hair short, not at the nape of your neck.

3. Dogs with long faces

To emphasize focus, the beard on either side of the nose should be trimmed to a rounded shape. Dogs with small eyes should have about two rows of hair cut off the upper eyelids to widen the eye circle.

4. Dogs with short necks

Trimming the hair at the nape of the neck improves its shape, while the hair in the middle of the neck should be cut deeper, which will give the impression of a longer neck.

5. Dogs with long body length

After cutting the hair on the chest or the back of the hips short, using a curling iron to curl the body a little looser will make the body look shorter.

6. Fat dogs

It is best to cut the hair all over the body short and cut the limbs into sticks to make the body look leaner.


How much does it cost to groom a poodle?





d How much does it cost to groom a Poodle?

Divided into salon and home self-help.

1. Beauty salons:>

The price of grooming bathing and trimming for the Price Poodle is generally around $100 in different places.

Beijing:In-home service is typically 60 RMB, including bathing, grooming, ear plucking, anal gland squeezing, and nail clipping; going to a pet store is more expensive, typically at least 80 RMB and 200 RMB.

Anhui:Grooming 50-80 yuan a time, including bath blowout, styling, nail clipping, hair clipping.

Guangdong: nail clipping 5, bathing 5, dog medium size 15, golden hair about 40 do membership card, VIP overall grooming about 80.

2. Family self-help:>

50ml ear wash for pets ¥9.90>

Nail clippers for puppies and cats ¥16.00>

Pet electric clippers, electric push clippers ¥168.00>

Deep nutrition nourishing pet dog shampoo 500ml pet shampoo dog bath ¥20.00>

If the poodle is bathed 4 times a month, you can use 3 months of ear water and dog bath.


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