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Pine Siskin

title=”Pine Siskin”

Pine Siskin

I. The personality of the Pine Siskin

Pinschers are very quiet, graceful, and never destructive. They are the easiest breed to learn to go to the bathroom. But Pine Stiffs are very unique in that they are very cat-like, very self-conscious, independent, and stubborn. Don’t think his melted bear coat will be easy to cuddle, they will usually let you down because they don’t like to play.

Pinschers are smart but not easy to teach because they do not please their owners and their self-centered personalities do not allow for the use of normal dog training techniques. They will not settle for physical punishment, let alone do what they don’t want to do. Because of their likes and dislikes, the Pinscher is an extremely arrogant and characterful breed that ignores other people or other animals. Not everyone likes and is suited to owning a pinscher. They are often mistakenly thought of as very wild and aggressive animals.

The truth is that the pinscher does not like strangers and is very siteist. He is protective of everything as long as someone is in the pinscher area and is very unfriendly to strangers. So the Pine Stiff needs a strong and stubborn owner, and that person can be the Pine Stiff’s owner.

It’s because pinschers do so exceptionally well as puppies that many people neglect to train them until they are adults, and they are much harder to housebreak, they don’t like to be around other cats and dogs, especially dogs of the same sex, and they seem especially aggressive!


How to Train a Pine Stiff

Pine Siskin

title=”Pine Siskin”

Pine Siskin

II. How to Train a Pine Stiff

1. Train your pinscher to defecate outdoors

Dog feces stinks. Some urban dwellers have relatively cramped homes. When a dog defecates, the house is filled with a foul odor. As a result, many dog owners don’t want their pineal dogs to poop home. They really want to know how to train their pine dogs. So, how do you get a pine dog to poop out of the house.

Training a pine conure to defecate outdoors should begin formally when the pine conure is about two months old and it is easier to recognize its pre-defecation movements. Before you can train your pine to learn to defecate outdoors, it is important to first master the basic training methods for defecating. Once the dog learns to defecate at home, it will be easy to defecate outdoors. Each time a pineal defecates the poop tray or newspaper is gradually moved closer to the door and finally moved outside to a designated place for the pineal to defecate.

First, you can train him to defecate on a poop tray or newspaper, then gradually move the tray or newspaper to the door and finally out to the outdoor defecation area. When you take him outdoors to defecate, you should repeat the code for going outside, etc. Gradually, the dog will understand this code and go out to defecate. After the dog goes outside, give the dog time to sniff around. After urinating, let him defecate on his own for a while. Remember to praise the dog immediately after defecation and clean up the feces immediately. If the dog defecates improperly in the house, you can say loudly, NO, that you can’t do this, and then take it outside immediately, stating that you must poop outside. In general, it is easier to train a dog to develop the habit of defecating outdoors regularly if it is fed regularly.


Pine Stiff play training method

Pine Siskin

title=”Pine Siskin”

Pine Siskin

2. Pinscher game training methods

Training toys for pine martens does not have to be complicated.

Some very common items can be made into toys to play with the pine. Examples include wooden blocks, large and small sponge balls, metal tubes of various sizes, chewable plastic toys, and even the use of plastic cars and dolls. In short, all kinds of common items can be made into toys for dogs to play with.

2 Pay attention to the dog’s psychology when playing with the pine.

The most important thing is to let the pineal puppy win. Winning a puppy from the end can cause a puppy to lose confidence. It is very difficult to train such a dog to be a competent competitor or working dog. Don’t correct the dog when you don’t, because it’s entertainment time. For example, play with the dog with a pullable toy and let the puppy grab it and make it a winner! If a Pine Puppy returns a toy or runs to bring a toy to the trainer, show excitement and be happy to reward it adequately. Most Pinto puppies love to hold toys such as balls and sticks. So know what your dog likes to play with most before training and be more prepared. A chew toy tied with a leash and shaken often will get the dog’s attention. A wooden peg tied to a ball can also interest a dog.

3 Training points in play with pine martins

When you find the right size peg for your dog, tie a sponge ball to each end of the peg, then hold the ball at each end with your hand and point your fingers at the pine puppy to guide the puppy to focus. Be careful not to let the pegs move too fast or the pinscher won’t be able to keep up. When providing the puppy with a toy, keep teasing and encouraging with words. For example, pick it up, want it? Pick it up. After the puppy receives it, the trainer says, You got it, you got it! What a great dog! Good job!” And so on. To get the puppy to catch the toy, talk to the dog while running. Then, give a full reward, but do not allow the puppy to chew and play.

When the trainer tries to get the toy back, don’t pull it out of the dog’s mouth. If the pine puppy does not yield, do not blame the dog, use your thumb and forefinger to gently press the lips of the pine puppy’s lower teeth and keep happy words for the dog to spit out. In the process of training the pine lion to play, the dog owner should always keep a happy mood and not be impatient. Only then can the pine dog feel that you enjoy playing with him so that he can be well engaged in the game and enjoy being with you.


Tips for the best age to tame a pine collie

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3. Tip: The most suitable age for pine dogs to be tamed

In principle, all pet reward dogs are suitable for training from February to December, but the Pine Stiff is introverted, independent, arrogant, aloof, stubborn and very self-centered. But it loves its owner, is very affectionate to him, friendly, affectionate and loyal to him. It behaves particularly well as a puppy, so many people neglect to train it, and thus it is not until it reaches adulthood that their unique character becomes apparent, so it is more difficult to tame. The Pine Stiff needs a strong and stubborn owner, and this is the owner that the Pine Stiff recognizes. The Chow Chow is loyal to its owner and obeys his instructions completely. Therefore, the best training period for a Pine Stiff should be between April and October. The first step is emotional involvement. The Chow Chow enjoys grooming its body coat. During the grooming process, you should establish your majesty in his mind and make him recognize you as his master. Only then will it be able to obey your training.

Pine Stiff

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