Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Secret 1: Nongjiale and homestays can bring pets 99% rate 99%>

This is the most appropriate and easiest choice for autodidact travelers. When traveling in mountainous areas or pristine ecological sites, it is recommended to take your dog to stay in a farmhouse or homestay. The farmhouse owner’s yard is dog-friendly.

Family hotels are also known as family apartments, family hotels, apartment hotels, family hostels, home stays, and the main name is homestay. In the early years in Europe and the United States popular B&B so-called family hotel B&B, that is, “Bed and Breakfast acronym means Bed and Breakfast. In fact, it is a management of their own small family hotels, including farmhouse hotels, youth hotels, motor hotels, apartment hotels, etc..

In the past two years, a large number of family hotels have emerged to meet the needs of holiday travel. People will have unused commercial rooms renovated, equipped with comprehensive accommodation facilities, and declared to the public security department, the industry and commerce department and the health department. After verification, public security certificates, health permits, business licenses, etc. are issued. As soon as this kind of family hotel appeared, it was immediately popular for its unique warm charm, economy, simplicity and convenience. Some families traveling abroad no longer choose traditional commercial hotels, but family hotels with a strong family atmosphere to give themselves a sense of home in a foreign land.

A list of some family hotels where pets are allowed:

Suzhou Huanxiu Xiaolou, Xinleting Xinghai Service Apartment, Tomato Farm, Suzhou Xishan Nongjia, Putuo Mountain Purple Bamboo Villa, Beidaihe Tian Yuan Residence Farmhouse, etc.




Tip #2: Youth hostels allow pets 80% success rate

Pets are generally allowed in youth hostels, but it is advisable to do your homework and call around a lot to be on the safe side.

Youth Hostel Association YH It is also known as a youth hotel and provides short-term accommodation for passengers, especially to encourage young people to engage in outdoor activities and cultural exchange. Youth hostels are usually less formal than hotels and are relatively inexpensive. It is one of the most commonly considered places to stay for self-catering tourists and backpackers on a budget. If you want to say the biggest difference between it and a hotel, it’s probably the fact that there are a lot of common areas, such as fellowship halls and kitchens, and the type of group rooms with bunk beds or bunk beds.

There are already international youth hostels, large and small, located in major cities and tourist gatherings in China, hosting many backpackers from all over the world, trusted and loved by young people:>

Incomplete list of domestic youth hostels:

Beijing City Youth Hotel, Beijing Sanlitun Huatong International Youth Hotel, Hangzhou Tourism Youth Hotel, Hangzhou Shambhala Youth Hotel, Xi’an College International Youth Hotel, Xi’an Fenghe International Youth Hotel, Shanghai Wanliu International Youth Hotel, Shanghai Old Captain International Youth Hotel, Riverside International Youth Hotel, Tianjin International City Youth Hotel, Xiamen Gulangyu International Youth Hotel, Kunming Humpback Hotel International Youth Hotel, Chengdu Longtang International Youth Hotel, Wuhan Pathfinder International Youth Hotel, Jiuzhaigou Grassroots Family Youth Hotel, Shaoxing International Youth Hotel, Guilin Xiaoyanglou International Youth Hotel, Qingdao Aubovit International Youth Hotel, Anji County Zhuzhongye Youth Hotel, Yunnan Shangri-La Longyou Inn Youth Hotel, Xining Xilangye Youth Hotel, Lhasa Pingtso Khamsang Youth Hotel, Shenyang Shuaifu International Youth Hotel, Nga Menguan She International Youth Hotel, Xinjiang Hualin International Youth Hotel, Yantai International Youth Hotel, Shangri-La International Youth Hotel, Wuxi Blue Sky International Youth Hotel, Sanya Blue Sky Youth Hotel, Harbin Pintsok Khamsang Youth Hotel,


Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

Tip #3: Star hotels hotels with pets allowed 50% success rate in staying

First, second- and third-tier city hotels and lodges – pitching success rate 50%

In second and third tier cities or counties, hotels usually don’t give owners trouble after asking ahead of time when negotiating with them or hotels on the phone and promising to pay for a certain amount of cleaning. Of course, friends with big dogs expect it to be more difficult. But no matter where you stay, it’s a good idea to bring a dog muzzle for medium to large dogs, pet mattress, portable litter, clean poop bags, etc.

A partial list of hotels and hostels in China where pets are allowed:

Nanyuan E Family, Jiexiu Sleeping Hotel, Moganshan Villa, Ningbo Ninghai Nanyuan, Weihai Shidao Peachtree Garden Villa, etc.

2 Star hotels – 10% success rate in pitching

Basically, the success rate of accepting pets in China’s upper-star hotels is very low due to the explicit national ban. Of course, there are exceptions. Pets are allowed at Hilton hotels around the world, as well as at the Pudi Boutique Hotel in Shanghai, but you need to ask if there is an additional fee.

List of some domestic star hotels where pets are allowed:

Hilton Elysium Hotel, Shanghai Pudi Boutique Hotel, Zhejiang Xiangshan Pacific Holiday Inn, etc.




Tip #4: Emergency tips for drop-off failure [not used in emergencies]:>

1 Pet boarding:For visitors to developed cities. If you are staying in a hotel that can’t accept your pet, you can find a pet store nearby and board your pet there for less than 100 RMB per night. Get it back tomorrow morning.

2 Lower the attitude communication: offer to explain to the lobby manager their difficulties and promise that they will not damage the hotel property and will pay in accordance with the hotel rules in case of damage. Generally speaking, you will not be too difficult.

3 Hide method: for puppies. It means putting the dog in the backpack and strutting into it. This is the last resort. Once a dispute arises, it is very difficult to do. However, as a high quality Chinese citizen, if you use this method as a last resort, you must be conscious of keeping the room clean. Do not allow the dog to soil the hotel equipment. If you accidentally cause damage to the hotel, please pay for it as you see fit.


Wherever you live, it’s a good idea to bring your dog’s muzzle for medium to large dogs, a pet mattress, portable litter, excrement bag, etc.


Towel Cloth: The Safest Dog Toy


Extension:Traveling with pets: domestic is on the rise, foreign is convenient and comfortable

Back five or six years ago, when road trips took off, some pets started organizing short trip parties with pets. Road trips are best suited for traveling with pets, where owners can give their dogs the most careful care and where dogs, especially some large ones, can act as alarms and deterrents.

For non-self-drivers, dogs can also travel with their owners by consignment on the same plane or in the same car as long as they provide the relevant quarantine health certificate. Dogs without an account are not accepted by rail, air or coach. Currently, Northwest Airlines offers three ways to carry animals: baggage, cargo and VIP in expensive bags. If a passenger’s pet is not large, it can be placed directly in the pet cage under the passenger’s seat. At the same time, a number of travel backpacks designed specifically for medium and large dogs are beginning to appear on the market.

In 2007, a travel agency pioneered a human-dog tour route. The Zushan Scenic Area in Qinhuangdao, Hebei opened a special pet tour, which not only allows visitors to bring their pets into the scenic area, but also opens a pet tour area and a pet grooming room in the central scenic area. Tourists can stay with their pets in star hotels, and dog food is provided.

In contrast, out-of-town travel is much more open to pets. According to a survey by the U.S. Travel Association, 14% of U.S. adults have traveled more than 50 miles with their pets in the past three years. A book called “Traveling with Your Pet” has been published in several editions. Visitors can find details on pet hotels at Pet-travel.com. Petco waits for large chains to sell pet travel beds. Some airlines have developed frequent flyer programs for pets. United, for example, has introduced a unique pet cabin where members can earn an additional 1,200 bonus miles if they fly with their pets.

In addition, Chicago, Vancouver and Boston rank in the top three according to a list of the most pet-friendly cities for travel by foreign agencies. Chicago’s five-star hotels have a room that allows dogs. Boston allows well-behaved dogs to follow their owners on subways and buses. Many outdoor restaurants in Vancouver have pet recipes and even veterinary services.

However, some countries have particularly complex entry and exit quarantine procedures. In the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and other rabies-free countries, pets need to be quarantined in a quarantine area for several months. In general, national procedures are relatively simple. Pets need to be brought to a location designated by the local inspection and quarantine agency at least a week in advance for quarantine, with a certificate issued and a special airline cage prepared for the dog’s flight.

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