Mungo & Maud is a gentleman’s country-style, high-end pet store that opened in central London in 2005.

Michael and Nicola Sacher, a couple who run this pet accessories store by creating a luxury brand, are trying to incorporate pet accessories into home decor.



Their designs are simple, generous and stylish, with great attention to product quality and the use of natural materials such as wool, leather, cotton and linen in the pursuit of timeless use.








November 19, 2007 Mungo & Maud, the world’s first fragrance specifically tailored for dogs, was launched in London for 38 euros per 50ml.


The fragrance is understood to have been created by renowned French perfumer Harris for man’s best friend, the dog. The ingredients include French cassis, Tunisian neroli oil, mimosa, violet petals, sweetgrass whiskey and almond. & Maud Mungo & Maud hopes the fragrance, called Little Amanda, will help dogs stay fresh and lively and attract human intimacy.



Flower:Shirley, the perfume spokesdog

Shirley a new supermodel with delicate features and everyone’s favorite Shirley debuted her debut for £25,000 £390,000 as the face of a new perfume. It should be stressed that the supermodel is a 3-year-old Shirley Shir ley brown puggle hound, nicknamed Kitty Moss of the dog world Kate Moss, and the future is endless.

People love people, temperament beats supermodel

Shirley was one of 30 dogs who made it to the general audition after multiple screenings. She has a better temperament than many supermodels. pose has style and class at times, and eventually beat out many of her peers to win an advertising contract with pet supply store Mungo & Maud. A source in the pet advertising world said: Shirley is one of the most obedient and disciplined bitches in the industry.

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$608 per bottle for the surrogate dog perfume

Shirley’s endorsed fragrance, which is of course for dogs, is primarily bourbon vanilla, interspersed with notes of French blackcurrant and Tunisian neroli oil, and is available for 38 pounds $608 per bottle. During the promotion of the perfume, Shirley’s ad was plastered all over the big billboards in the UK, proudly standing out from her peers.

Official website of Mungo & Maud: www.cansesclasseled.com

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