Many pet car owners often have trouble with this: a rare vacation hoping to drive their beloved car with their beloved baby and go to the countryside, but worrying that they will make a mess of the car if it flies hair, spills saliva, paws the leather couch, scratches, and if the pet will get car sick and will vomit. Just thinking about it makes it dizzy.

Now pet car mats that will easily solve all your troubles! In the future, you’ll be driving out with your beloved baby and not worrying anymore!


NO.1 OUTING DOG Pet Car Protection Mat

Specification: 57cm*49cm*36cm

Product Description:3D comfortable pet pouch plus lining, three-dimensional shape can be flogged with a car group? The pet is isolated into space, so that the pet has a larger activity area, finch?D to prevent the pet from sliding when the car is moving. Polyester coarse fiber Oxford fabric waterproof and dirt-resistant, not afraid of pets drool or hair loss, dirty car, even if feeding pets to drink or eat not afraid of dirt, so your favorite pet can easily travel with you! Lightweight and safe, with storage pockets that can be put away when not in use, not taking up much space. Suitable for Poodles, Bears, Sausages, Pug, Pomeranian, Yorkshire, Husky, Samoyed, Golden Retriever, Pinehound, Labrador and other small to medium sized dogs.

Reference price: $65.00>




NO.2 Huayuan pet car mat for back seat

Specification: 138cm*105cm

Product Description: Waterproof composite cloth with adjustable tensioning strap and insert buckle design, can be easily and quickly adjusted for installation according to different models, effectively prevent pet hair, saliva and other dirt, field excursions can be used as a pad, waterproof, hair-proof, anti-pollution and easy to clean. Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.

Reference price: $54.00>



NO.3 Dog Mat Protection Pad

Specification: 130cm*145cm, side height 39cm

Product Description: Webbing fixation combined with simple, side pockets on both sides, set in the back seat of the car into a U-shape. 3 specifically designed for the back seat of the car D three-dimensional trapezoidal pet pouch, the four ends of the car mat with buckle sticker webbing can be firmly in the four headrest parts of the car seat. Mat part of the seat belt opening, you can use the seat belt buckle we send buckle on the dog’s collar. Do not let the dog run around in the car, affecting the owner’s driving. Waterproof coating thickened Oxford cloth, easy to install, effective prevention of pet hair, saliva and other dirt, is a dual-use pad for people and dogs, when there are many people, you do not have to worry about no place to sit can sit, very convenient and practical. Wilderness travel can also be used as a mat.

Reference price: $79.00>



NO.4 Pet rear single seat folding cushion

Specification: entrance 55cm*55cm bottom 50cm*50cm height 32cm

Product Description: High-grade leather seat, worried about your baby’s dirty and broken paws? Pre-teen baby worried about him peeing in the car? Now don’t worry, the mat has become popular in thousands of homes so you can love both your pet and your car! For the back seat of a regular car, you don’t have to measure the car ~

Product Price: $49.00>


Four essential tools for Poodle grooming

title=”Four essential tools for Poodle grooming”

NO.5 Human-pet dual-use car mat

Specification: 150cm*130cm*40cm

Product Description: The middle humanized zipper design, the zipper can carry the dog separately. The zipper can be divided into two parts, a real pet car mat.

Reference price: $45.00

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