The right pet can do wonders for your child’s physical and mental growth, so it’s important for parents to pick the best pet for their child. So, which pet dog is best for your child? Here’s a simple test we can do first.



partI [Test] What kind of personality your baby has

To pick the right dog, you need to know what kind of personality your baby has.

Every child has an inborn personality. But in general, they probably fall into two main categories: Type A comfortable and content and Type B enthusiastic and driven.

Try the following test questions to see which personality type your baby belongs to:>

Q1: When your baby is left alone in his crib:>

A: He seems happy to pass the time on his own.  B: He appears unhappy and asks for everyone’s attention.

Q2: If your baby tries something new, like rolling over or reaching for an object, and he has trouble doing it:

A: He moves on to try something else.  B: He never stops until he accomplishes his goal.

Q3: When your baby is ready to play with a particular buddy:

A: He is happy to compromise.  B: He only plays what he wants to play.

Q4: What is your baby’s usual response to change:

A: He is happy to accept it and gets used to it quickly.  B: He makes it clear that he wants it the way it was.

Q5: When your baby is hungry and you are about to feed him:

A: He waits patiently for you to feed him.  B: He insists that you feed him right away.

Q6: At night, when you need to go out and leave your baby with someone else:

A: He quickly trusts that person and is happy to be with her.  B: He is wary of strangers and is afraid you will leave.

Q7: When you wrap your baby in a blanket:

A: He seems relaxed.  B: He has the feeling of being restrained.

Q8: What types of games does your baby like to play the most?

A: Games that require cooperation.  B: Games that are competitive.

A: Games that require cooperation.

Q9: At night, when it’s time for your baby to go to sleep:

A: He can fall asleep quietly.  B: He can barely fall asleep.

Q10: If you tell your baby that he can’t have something:

A: He shifts his goal and wants something else that interests him.  B: Keep asking for it.

Q11: Does your baby have a sense of possession over his toys?

A: No.  B: Yes.

Q12: When your baby sits in the car seat:

A: He seems content and happy to ride in the car.  B: He squirms around until you hold him. >

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