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①How to choose dog food easily and quickly?



Step 1: How to choose dog food for your dog easily and quickly?

I. Price

Generally speaking, dog food should be a price and a commodity because the price directly determines the grade of raw materials used to manufacture the dog food. Also, the factors that determine the price of dog food are the manufacturer’s advertising costs, shipping costs, import duties, VAT and sales chain, which will be apportioned to the buyer. Therefore, we can initially judge the cost effectiveness of the dog food and then buy the relatively better dog food according to our financial situation.

II. Manufacturing raw materials

We can learn about the raw materials in the dog food bag, but this does not apply to domestic dog food because of the different legal requirements in different countries. In the case of pet food marketed in the US, for example, the ingredient markings are strictly controlled by central and state governments and are more in line with their true content.

1. The order in which the various raw materials are listed on the dog food bag represents the dose. It is important to note that some manufacturers label some raw materials separately, such as ground corn, corn gluten, and corn bran, with different names but from one thing, the same ingredients, which can give the impression that there are fewer corn ingredients than chicken ingredients, but there may be more corn ingredients than chicken ingredients.

2. The first two of the ingredient items should contain at least one fresh meat, preferably at the edible level. Pay special attention to this, for example, chicken chicken, chicken meal chicken meal, some manufacturers translate meat meal as meat. Meat meal is a dried animal tissue, through the extraction of oil, and is fundamentally different from fresh meat. A careful comparison of the English and Chinese ingredient lists shows this.

3. It is best to avoid ambiguous dog foods, such as Meat Meal, Poultry Meal, Meat By-products, Poultry By-products, because it means The variety of raw materials is unstable and the source is unknown.

4. Do not choose dog food that contains content q oxidants synthetic preservatives that prevent fat spoilage, such as BHA, BHT, ETHOXYQUIN,,, emulsifiers, artificial colors, flavors, etc. that can be seriously harmful to dogs and prevent oil and water separation.

5. Try to avoid dog foods that can cause allergies in dogs, such as soy, wheat, grains, eggs, and milk products.

6. Choose dog food that is relatively high in nutritional price. Food materials such as fresh meat duck, chicken, lamb, unprocessed whole hulls brown rice, oats, vegetables potatoes, tomatoes, etc.

III. Ingredients

1. Now, manufacturers are suspected of misleading consumers. They advertise that the higher the protein and fat in dog food, the better. This is not true. Normal dogs need a certain amount of protein to maintain normal body function. A normal dog’s diet must contain 16% protein, enough amino acids, 8% fat and 60% carbohydrates to meet their maintenance needs. However these amounts are inadequate as growth, lactation, such as when the protein content reaches 21-23%, this amount in addition to being one?c higher than the normal protein requirement lactation increases safety, and small amounts of extra protein can increase antibodies to disease.

Excess protein may not be harmful for some young, normal dogs, but it can be harmful for sick dogs. Because of the increased burden on the liver, the circulatory system of older dogs can be damaged. In dogs with liver and kidney damage that are fed high protein? |, excess nitrogen is deposited in body fluids and body tissues. Feeding an old, sick dog o dry dog food containing 16% protein can help ease the burden of breaking down protein. Excess fat can be digested and absorbed by the dog, making the dog obese with consequences that cannot be ignored.

2. High quality dog food with 21-24% protein, 8%-16% fat, 10% moisture, 3%-4% fiber, 30% omega.5. omega 6 for 3, 1.5 for calcium, 1 for phosphorus.

In general, dog food should be a price and a commodity because the price directly determines the grade of raw materials used to make the food. Do not choose a dog food that contains something that prevents fat spoilage q oxidants synthetic preservatives such as BHA, BHT, ETHOXYQUIN,, emulsifiers, artificial colors, flavors, etc. that can be seriously harmful to dogs and prevent oil and water separation.

IV. Packaging and appearance

1. High-quality dog food is beautifully packaged and packaged in specially designed and manufactured moisture-proof bags, while low-grade dog food is generally packaged in plastic or kraft paper to further save costs, making it easy for dog food to deteriorate.

2. After opening the bag of high quality dog food, you can ask about the natural fragrance and prefer to smell appetite. Low-grade dog food usually uses chemical additives, so there is a pungent smell after opening the bag, such as a strong fragrance.

3. High-grade dog food is full of particles, dark and uniform, and greasy from the inside out. Due to the production process, raw materials and other reasons, most low-grade dog food particles are uneven, light in color, uneven and dry. In order to make the dog food look more alike, some manufacturers apply a layer of oil and pigment on the surface of the dog food.

V. Trial use

1. High quality dog food is high in nutrients and very easy for your dog to absorb, so you don’t need to feed too much at a time, as you can see on the scale in each dog food bag and compare accordingly.

2. Good palatability dogs love to eat.

3. The dog’s feces are soft and hard, and the amount of feces and odor is low is good.

4. The dog didn’t get fat and thin after eating.

5. The dog will not experience itchy, dry skin or dandruff after eating.

6. The dog’s hair should be shiny and silky after eating, and there should be no pathological hair loss or breakage.

7. No growth stagnation after consumption.

8. Lesions do not occur due to vitamin and trace element deficiencies, which are overlooked by most feeders.


②Storage:How to keep dog food fresh and delicious:


Step 2: How to keep your dog’s food fresh and tasty:>

Dry feed is the best source for keeping your dog nourished and healthy, and is a must-have food for your dog. Large dogs eat an incredible amount of food, and dry feed is consumed in such large quantities that dog parents must store large bags of feed in case of emergency. Puppies have very small amounts of food and a bag always takes a long time to eat, so once opened, dry feed needs to be stored properly or it can easily deteriorate from moisture and mold or be eaten by unwanted visitors such as cockroaches or mice. Now showing you how to keep your dog fresh and tasty from first feed to last!

Materials: storage box, the right amount of desiccant packets bought by the photo studio, a pocket clip, a few plastic bags, a pile of newspapers.

1. Put newspaper: First check if the storage box is intact inside and outside and dry inside. Put a thick layer of newspaper at the bottom of the storage box, because newspaper can prevent moisture and absorb water, so you can put more.

2. Put desiccant: The desiccant in each snack can also be reused. Pet boarding

3. Plastic pocket: Put the dry feed into the plastic bag to avoid the loss of oil and grease in the dry feed, which has the function of taste and long-term placement to ensure the feed is odorless. Then put the desiccant bag into the plastic bag, the number of desiccant bags can be placed according to the number and proportion of feeds. When sealing, squeeze out the air in the bag first, fold it and fix it with a clip.

4. Storage box: put the plastic bag into the storage box! Put the dry feed in the box and the tight lid is done!


③Several ways to get your dog to eat more dog food

All Natural Food Feeding Pet Recipe Notes for a Week

Step 3: A few ways to get your dog to eat more dog food

Everyone knows that dogs should eat dog food because they are specifically designed for dogs and they contain all the nutrients that dogs need, but many dogs just don’t like dog food, which causes a lot of trouble for many parents. How can you get your dog to eat more dog food? Let’s go from dog food to healthy to not-so-healthy:

Several types of dog food mixes: Some dog parents choose this approach. When they buy dog food, they buy a kilo and a half of each brand and mix them together so that the dog food becomes rich and the dog becomes more interested than if he had just one type of food. However, this method is more acceptable to the dog. When the dog becomes a picky eater, this method does not work.

Jerky and yogurt mixes: Jerky and yogurt mixes are also a way for dogs to eat more dog food. Although some dogs have practiced sifting out the jerky and spitting out the kibble, in general, dogs are much more receptive to kibble with the lure of jerky and yogurt.

People eating food mixed with dog food: This way is also more common because when a dog sees its owner eating, it will rely on the owner’s eyes to look at what you want to eat and look into the dog’s eyes, and few people can endure such mental torture without giving it. At this time, we should be careful not to give the dog too salty for the dog to eat, it is best for people to eat food and dog food 1:1 mix for the dog, this method can take care of the dog’s emotions and can consider the nutritional balance!

Dog food is used as a snack: such a typical example is not my Ding less; every night Ding’s rice is fried rice, broth, a few sticks of jerky cut into small pieces, sometimes dog food, and sometimes my father will even steam a small bowl of rice for Ding if there is no rice in the house, too much. With such good parents making such delicious fresh and tasty food, dog food is naturally considered a favorite after-dinner snack.

There is also a trick to get the dog to eat more dog food, as long as you have other pets, like a cat, or have a child, in short, an object of dog envy. You give the dog a meal, ignore the dog, take it directly to the object of dog envy, and then greet it him warmly for dinner. This time, the careful dog will definitely grab the food. Although it may not finish a pot, but always eat a few bites first. I often use this method to deal with Dangdang, take a pot of rice to the hook, put the pot on the ground, and Dangdang immediately comes to eat.

In short, we should do everything we can to get our dogs to eat more dog food, picky eating is not only bad for their health, but it can be tiring for parents, no matter what the problem is with the dog getting used to it, haha.  CFP

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