Name Response Training STEP 1 Name Needs to Know

Name response training is an easy level of dog training that parents can usually do at home. It is best for the dog you pick up to receive this training so that he can be better integrated into family life. Getting the dog to remember its name and to respond promptly when its parents call its name is the main purpose of name response training. Here, let Little describe the main steps of dog name response training:



Name Response Training STEP 1: Name Needs to Know

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Through training, dogs with high IQs in the animal kingdom understand that the word in this tone is a call to him. Therefore, prior to training, the whole family should meet to decide on a name for the dog. In addition, the name should be clear, loud, and pleasant to better attract the dog’s attention.


It is convenient to call a dog by its name, but some pitches are too low for a dog’s name because it is not convenient to bark loudly when the dog is walking far away. Don’t choose a dog name that is too commonly used to avoid embarrassment. If you don’t want to choose a traditional dog name, you can also choose an old-fashioned English name, which is rarely used.


Name Response Training STEP 2 Food Temptation



Name Response Training STEP 2: Food Temptation

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Naming a dog requires patience to remember its name. First, use your dog’s favorite food or toy as a lure. When you call the dog’s name, shake the lure in your hand so it sees it. It comes naturally. This is using the dog’s natural exploratory reflex.


The size of the food in terms of its inability to be swallowed is very important. If you eat food, feed the dog directly, then touch its back and pat its chest, this action is mainly to make it think you are friendly and will leave your control, if it is a toy, play with your hand, do not let it take it away easily, but play a few times and let it win, so it will like to play with you. Remember to call your dog’s name while he is eating or playing so he gets used to hearing his name when there is something good.


Name response training STEP 3 Changing intonation

Alaskan Sled Dog

Alaskan Sled Dog

Name Response Training STEP 3: Changing Tone of Voice

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It is important to note that different tones of voice are used in different situations to call the dog by its name. When a dog does the right thing, call its name in a gentle tone while touching or rewarding it. Use a stricter tone of voice when a dog is not behaving well. Play and going out should also use different tones of voice.


Although dogs do not know the meaning of language, they can distinguish the difference in human intonation. Also, when changing intonation, remember not to change the name. For example, a dog’s name is Babe, and different families are sometimes called Babe BB sometimes Bae in different contexts, which can cause confusion for the dog.


Name Response Training STEP 4 Name Use

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Name Response Training STEP 4: Name Use

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Avoid being rude when calling the dog by name. It is forbidden to attach the dog’s name when scolding. Otherwise, the dog will ignore his name the next time it is called. Names are limited to issuing commands and praise in order to make a good impression on the dog. The next time you call its name, you will immediately run to your side.


Generally, after five repetitions of step 2, the dog will get used to the name. However, a dog’s name is an effective means of getting its attention, so don’t always repeat it after the dog has settled on its name; this will make the dog less sensitive to names.

During name response training, it is best for the parent to crouch down so that the dog’s fear and anxiety can be eliminated. In addition, he can shake the lure accompanied by a slow hand clapping motion. I believe that with a short period of practice, the dog can get used to having its own name so that future training can be easier and smoother, and I wish your parents success! :>

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