How to toilet train an older dog?

Re-examine the indoor toilet environment

When the number of failed toilet attempts increases, prepare a toilet that is more spacious than the current toilet space. For example, cover the entire toilet with care pads. It is also essential to reposition the bathroom where the dog typically moves around so that he can find the toilet to defecate whenever and wherever he wants.

2022 Older Dog Feeding Guide

Moving to indoor toilet training

For the average person, dogs usually spend more time at home, but it is still customary to take them for a walk outside to solve the defecation problem on the way. However, as they get older, older dogs will gradually urinate more often than they did as puppies. Going outside whenever you want to urinate can be quite a burden for the senior dog and the owner. For dogs that defecate outdoors, it is essential to get them used to defecate in an indoor toilet early on, as both dog and owner can become relaxed if they are in an environment where they can defecate freely.

Training steps.

1. When the dog defecates outside, the owner can rhythmically issue “one, two, one,” “shh ~ shh ~” and other instructional sounds that must be repeated several times.

2. After getting used to the owner’s instruction sound, when the dog starts to show the situation of wanting to go to the toilet. The instruction “one, two, one” is given, and the dog is guided by the instruction to excrete training.

3. If you can already do 2, start to give the “one, two, one” instruction indoors to make him defecate. If you get it right, remember to praise it more.

2022 Older Dog Feeding Guide

Veterinarian’s advice: Get into the habit of defecating in the house from a young age.

If you are used to defecating outside, your dog will hold off until walk time, even if he wants to go to the bathroom. But after becoming a senior dog, holding it in is a considerable burden due to the aging of the back and legs and urinary organs. Even if the dog is suddenly ready for an indoor toilet one day, it will be difficult for the dog to adapt for a while. Therefore, training how to defecate at home, even from the puppy is best.

How to introduce a puppy to an older dog?

  • 1. Pick a perfect day to get your new dog into your home and give it a separate space, don’t let anyone in the house, dog or cat, disturb it, and give it a day or two to get used to and get to know its new home properly.
  • 2. In the case of isolation (for example, let the puppy stay in the crate), let the new puppy and the old dog in the family meeting. If the old dog behaves well, reward it. Never ignore the feelings of the old dog. This continues to observe for a few days. You can proceed to the next step if they get along without a problem.
  • 3. Under your supervision, let them get along and live together for a while. Usually, if there are no problems within a week, you can feel free to let them live happily.

2022 Older Dog Feeding Guide

Can an older female dog get pregnant?

9 years old is already an advanced age for a dog, it is possible to get pregnant, but it is advisable not to do so, because the risk of pregnancy and birth of a bitch at this age is very high, even if the delivery is safe, the health of the puppy, the health of the mother dog will be a big problem.

Can you spay or neuter an older dog?

Yes, whether to spay or neuter your beloved pet, how does spaying affect your dog, when is the best time to spay, and other questions that may cause owners a lot of distress.

Top 5 benefits of neutering your dog

  • 1. Can make their quality of life a little better. Too many animals make their own life without quality of life to speak of, no one has a large group of pets and can still treat them consistently.
  • 2. Avoid some of the animals in heat caused by their own or other people’s trouble. For example, female dogs in heat attract many amorous male dogs to defecate everywhere, fight and cause trouble, and so on, which are annoying problems.
  • 3. Sterilization surgery can avoid certain diseases. For Example, include diseases caused by pus in the uterus, ovarian cysts, venereal diseases, enlarged prostate, etc. Surgery before the age of one can also avoid the possibility of breast tumors.
  • 4. A neutered dog will save a lot of trouble in the home environment. Male dogs will become tame, less wild and less protective in the field; female dogs will lose their normal physiological cycle due to neutering, which is a six-month cycle in wolves. Without the process, there would be no blood dripping and staining the home.
  • 5. In addition to the above benefits, the ecological consideration is that now there are too many pets that no one wants. If you don’t have much time and energy to take care of them, spaying and neutering is an appropriate choice to avoid increasing the number of stray animals.

2022 Older Dog Feeding Guide

How often should you feed an older dog?

Older dogs should be fed less often than adult dogs. Because their energy levels are lower, you should consider reducing the amount of food to maintain a healthy weight for your dog. -Adult dogs and older dogs should be fed twice a day.

How often does an older dog need to urinate?

Adult dogs will pee about once every four or five hours, but not necessarily only once every four or five hours. It is normal for some to drink more water and pee once every two or three hours.

Do older dogs sleep more?

Older dogs sleep about the same amount of time as adult dogs, but also because of old age and physical decline, they will also exist to sleep for more than ten to twenty hours, depending on whether the older dog’s body has no disease if the disease plagued older dogs may appear to be more sleepy.

2022 Older Dog Feeding Guide

Will the older dog hurt the puppy?

All animals are territorial. What you said, chewing on the puppy’s head and feet for fun means they are playing. However, by putting the puppy in his kennel, you are encroaching on his territory so that he will get angry. At the same time, the older dog knows you put it there, so he knows the puppy is not to be bullied. But if you do this often, the big dog may bully the puppy when you’re not looking, but of course, it’s just a lesson, not death.

2022 Older Dog Feeding Guide

Why would an older dog drink its urine?

Because the dog has xenophobia.


1. Select a good dog food: high-quality dog food, balanced nutrition, soft and hard, good palatability, and easy to digest.

2. The nutritional needs of dogs and humans are not the same. They do not need to supplement carbohydrates and vitamin C. The bacteria in the dog’s stomach can produce enough vitamin C. Additional feeding of human food may also destroy their nutritional balance.

3. Regular, quantitative, fixed feeding good habits can enhance appetite and help digestion.

4. Eliminate spoiled and deteriorated dog food. It can change the taste of dog food according to the situation.

2022 Older Dog Feeding Guide

5. Provide animal protein food such as meat, fat, and liver appropriately. You can also chop celery, greens, etc., and meat mixed and cooked to improve the dog’s diet. Carrots are best juiced and mixed with other foods to eat, so nutrition will not be lost.

6. Found licking feces, immediately punish meh v. Not immediately clean up the feces, if found also licking, again punishment, so that the dog is aware of the consequences of this behavior, and gradually give up the bad habit.

7. Finding that the dog no longer licks the poo, using comfort and snacks to praise and reward, so that good habits can be consolidated.

8. The dog appears to eat grass, sternly reprimand, patting the tip of the nose to show a warning, or hiding in a hidden place sprayed with a water gun, repeated several times, to achieve the purpose of correction of conditioning.

9. Observe the dog’s xenophilia and sprinkle chili powder and other irritating substances on it, the dog feels uncomfortable, which helps to stop it from trying again.

Reasons for the formation of xenophobia;

  • 1. Too much density of dog breeding, insufficient air circulation in the kennel, uncomfortable light time and light color, the dog is in a bad mood, depressed and irritable.
  • 2. The dog lacks the love of the owner, to resolve the loneliness, the dog will be curious about foreign objects or even their own feces. If the owner does not stop in time, these behaviors will form xenophagy.
  • 3. Inappropriate diet leads to micronutrient deficiency, or due to poor gastrointestinal, indigestion triggers xenophagia.
  • 4. The lack of specific proteins and amino acids leads to metabolic disorders in the dog, and omnivorous symptoms appear.
  • 5. Deficiency of other nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, sodium, copper, cobalt, manganese and other minerals, especially sodium salt deficiency.
  • 6. The lack of specific vitamins and trace elements, especially the lack of B vitamins.

2022 Older Dog Feeding Guide

Are urine pads valid for older dogs?

Older dogs degenerate, and there will be incontinence. This time, the urine pad is more critical, lay more in the home to avoid the dog pulling messy urine is not easy to clean up.

Some dogs may not use pee pads anymore after they become adults, they just walk their dogs and solve the problem, but now that they are old, the time they can control themselves is concise.

Can I feed my old dog food?

Older dogs should eat exceptional dog food for senior dogs; the nutritional needs are different. You can look at dog food containing astragalus ingredients, which is better for senior dogs. Old dog food will be softer and easier to chew and digest.

Older dogs need special care Dietary advice for older dogs

Good food can also help protect your older dog from the health problems that come with age. If your dog is in his senior years, you should know exactly what changes are appropriate for his recipe. Here are 10 tips to help you adjust your older dog’s diet to keep him happy and healthy.

What should be noted when feeding older dogs?

  • 1. Manage your dog’s diet daily to promote good health and delay the onset of some health disorders that can occur even as you age.
  • 2. Feeding a small amount will generally help your dog live longer and not experience as many health problems that come with getting older prematurely as those dogs that are fed a lot.
  • 3. The dog’s size determines when to start feeding older dog foods. Small dogs, like Shih Tzus, can generally be fed senior dog food at age 8. Large dogs like Great Danes should start feeding senior dog food at age 5.
  • 4. Older dogs also need plenty of vegetables and fruit.
  • 5. Including additional nutrients, such as antioxidants, in your senior pet’s recipe is also good. Antioxidants can help eliminate free radical particles that can damage body tissues and accelerate aging. And it’s also great for your dog’s immune system.
  • 6. Make sure you’re getting enough protein. Older dogs usually need to be fed a lot of protein to maintain muscle mass. Also, remember to increase your senior dog’s intake of gamma-linolenic acid, a fatty acid that simply keeps your dog’s skin and coats healthy.
  • 7. Adjustments to an older dog’s diet must follow a gradual approach, and it is best not to disrupt the dog’s usual eating routine.
  • 8. If your dog is exercising less than before, remember to be sure to feed him less food as well.
  • 9. Keep your dog always well hydrated.
  • 10. Feed him when he wants to eat. Ideally, feeding your dog twice a day should be enough.

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