Happy winter for dogs, wear small clothes

How can a dog spend winter alone without our care when the cold wind blows and before you know it, winter is surrounded by cold air? To avoid the pain of injections and medications, we’d better create a warm winter for our dogs, and Little Edge presents you with five smart tips for a happy and warm winter:>


Bichon Frise

Dogs happy in the winter to wear small clothes >

[Winterization trick]

Dressing your dog in a nice little outfit in the winter can be both cute and charming, as well as enhancing your dog’s ability to protect against the cold and freezing.

Many short-haired puppies, such as Chihuahuas and sausages, are relatively less resistant to cold. Wearing winter clothing such as small cotton coats and sweaters can reduce the incidence of colds.

As the saying goes, people without vision will have near worries. Add clothes to your dog now and you won’t have to worry about solving the problem of your dog getting sick later.


Today, there is a growing variety of dog clothing, handsome trench coats, elegant tangos, cute sailor suits, frank backpacks, versatile raincoats …… everything, in quality materials. Some stores also accept customization services, such as making mother and child clothing identical to the dog’s parents.

Parents of dogs may want to visit major pet stores before the cold air arrives again. Happy winter for dogs, avoid cold food



Happy wintering for dogs, avoid cold food

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Dogs, especially puppies, are prone to digestive problems once they eat cold food or drink raw water in the winter. Most of the time, vomiting in dogs is mainly caused by colds or indigestion.

Therefore, it is best to feed your dog dog food in the winter or add some vegetables with vitamins, such as carrots, to the meat so that your dog gets more complete nutrition and naturally strengthens its resistance for a safe winter.


Some dog parents love their babies so much that they think they are taking winter supplements, and the dogs need them too. However, this approach is wrong.

Even in the cold winter months, dogs only need enough food and enough exercise to naturally survive the winter without additional nutritional supplies.

Happy winter for dogs in a cozy, warm den


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Happy winter for dogs in a cozy, warm nest

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In addition to clothing and food, where the dog lives is also a priority for winter happiness.

In winter, pad your dog’s den higher off the ground and place it in an area without a hall breeze so that the cold wind does not blow into it. This is especially important for older, sickly or arthritic dogs.

In addition, the material of the kennel should be able to withstand the cold wind. Or the dog’s parents can make special arrangements for the dog, such as adding a warm blanket, depending on the situation.


DIY is all the rage now, and dog parents might want to give it a try in the winter.

The ideal material for a homemade doghouse is a sturdy sealed box with some old blankets, towels or felt to keep it warm.

If you buy a doghouse directly, you can get the following types on the market:>

Winter kennel – designed with cotton and foam for good warmth;>

Healthy warming pad – similar to electric blanket, pressure, scratch and abrasion resistant;>

Bubble Bed – For smaller dogs and cats. This bed is made of shaker fleece with a foam core. Happy winter for dogs, no freezing outside



Happy winter for dogs, no freezing outside

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In addition to keeping your dog warm indoors, parents should be aware of their dog’s outdoor conditions.

In winter, when it is cold outside, it is important to take your dog out for a walk to keep him warm, for example with a thick coat.

If you want to take your dog outside, you can put him in a warm pocket or cotton book bag. This way, the dog will not only stay frozen outdoors, but it will also prevent the dog from getting lost.

However, dog parents should remember that they should not lock their dog in the car for convenience or for fear of the dog catching a cold.


In the morning and evening, taking the dog out for exercise not only gets the dog moving but also improves the blood circulation of the dog’s parents, killing two birds with one stone.

However, winter temperatures are cooler in the morning and evening. If you go outside, both the dog and the parents should take measures to keep warm. Dogs happy in winter bath.


Relationship between dog hair sparsity and body temperature


Dogs are happily bathed in winter.

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Bathing is necessary to ensure your dog’s cleanliness and hygiene and should not be stopped in the winter.

But you can’t give your dog too many baths in the winter, dogs usually get them once every 5 to 7 days. Too many times can easily cause a dog to catch a cold, which is really counterproductive.

When taking a bath, the water temperature is controlled at 30℃~35℃ hand test water temperature is best to feel mild.

When bathing, scrub in the order of head, neck, tail, belly and limbs, and try to finish in a short time. After changing the water and rinsing, immediately use a dry towel to absorb the water from the kitten.

When bathing, keep the room warm. After bathing, wrap the dog in a thick blanket or quilt and blow dry the water stains with a heater.


It is important to note that if a dog is bathed immediately after exercise, there is a 50% chance of catching a cold. Generally, dogs should not be bathed until 40 minutes after exercise.

In fact, dog parents don’t have to fight about it. Even if the dog comes back dirty from exercise, they should allow the dog’s internal circulatory system to return to normal before bathing.

Remember these five tips. With careful parental care, dogs will be safe through the cold and windy winter months Photo Tribe

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