[I. Beauty Sources]</span


Ancient Shepherd Dogs


[I. Beauty sources]

So-called pet grooming is more than just bathing dogs, it’s about covering up their lack of size and adding beauty with top-notch hair products and superb trimming techniques. Therefore, groomers need to work hard to learn the art, study licensing, and constantly absorb new knowledge to have top-notch expertise and unique styling.

The origins of grooming techniques come from the poodle, whose earliest work as a bird hunting dog had to travel through woods and short trees, and whose thick curly hair tended to get hooked on branches and was quite inconvenient, and whose owners cut the curls especially short to ameliorate these problems, gradually developing a variety of interesting shapes.

[II. Beauty necessity]

From a health and fashion perspective, why groom your pet?

1. Health

Grooming keeps your dog clean and healthy. During grooming, the groomer will check for heavy hair loss, skin conditions, redness, sores, and malnutrition in the pet. He will also check the dog’s ears and eyes for inflammation, toenails for growth into the flesh, and anus for inflammation. In short, pet grooming can enhance your pet’s health.

2. Fashion

In addition to health reasons, pet grooming is also a fashion trend. Grooming skills and trimming techniques can showcase your pet’s strengths, as well as create different shapes for your pet depending on your personal preferences and region, making your baby easier to care for and highlighting its cute side. Your pet will be more confident and enjoy its appearance more.


[III. Dog breeds that require frequent grooming]


Bichon Frise


[III. Dog breeds that require frequent grooming]

Most dogs that need grooming are long-haired dogs. Most people who have long-haired dogs like the way these dogs feel plush, like cute shaggy toys. However, if you want to get those hairs in good shape, you have to go to a professional grooming salon. Usually, you can’t do it at home. For example, here are some cute long-haired dogs.

Ancient Shepherd

This silly and cute long-haired dog is love at first sight for people who know dogs and don’t know dogs. There are many people who want to have one without paying a lot of money. This dog can be cared for at home when it is small and the fur does not need to be trimmed regularly. However, as an adult, you must need professional help if you want to keep your kookaburra stylish. I remember Earl taking about three to four hours from bathing to blow-dry trimming, but more. Because the adult ancient shepherd weighs about 80 kilograms, the hair is very thick, combing at home every day still may have combed not smooth, so the ancient shepherd grooming, combing hair and blow dry take up a lot of time, also need to shave the belly in summer, the hair should also be properly trimmed and thin, because big, so the whole grooming workload is very large, no wonder groomers charge higher prices.

2. Bichon Frise

Super cute bear doll with fairly fluffy soft hair and small ears so people’s heads can be fixed round invisible ears, also known as powder puffs. Bichon belongs to the silky-haired breed, and the hair is very fine and easily tangled, so you must usually do a good job of grooming to save some time at the groomer. I have seen a bear with knotted hair. The groomer spent an hour combing his hair. It was painful and hard for this little guy to stand on the grooming table all the time, so it’s important to comb his hair every day. Normally, the trimming part of the grooming spent the most than the bear. To make his little head a completely round one with no ears visible, his body neatly cut, and his tail properly trimmed to allow the tail hair to naturally disperse, these have to be cut carefully, so he must be patient.

3. Poodles

The Poodle is a very popular long haired dog. It comes in many colors, almost any color you want. In the past two years, a cute reddish brown color like a teddy bear has been very fashionable. The lady’s trim can be said to take full advantage of the groomer’s imagination. They shave different parts of the poodle’s body, cut the rest of the hair into A shapes, fluff the comb, or dye it to reflect your personality on the poodle if you are a person who likes to be creative.

4. Chenille

There are mini, standard and giant chenille types, very interesting, identical in appearance and much different in size, which is one of the breed characteristics of dogs that say other species seem to look different but are dozens of times worse in size. Without going into this too much, naturally the grooming of the giant schnauzer is much more work than the mini, but the content is basically the same. The most troublesome part of Chenille grooming is the plucking of the back. In theory, it is necessary to periodically pluck out some of the hair that is dead but not shed in order to keep the Snowy’s hair color together with its original color, which is good for its health. This plucking is also quite a learning process, and it is important to know where to pluck the hair and how to pluck it. If you are ready to pluck your dog’s hair at home, you must first learn the hard way. Actually, for dogs that don’t compete, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with not plucking.


4. Precautions for bathing your dog




4. Precautions for bathing your dog

1. Bathing method:>

① Because a good training for the first puppy bath is to fill a basin with warm water and place the puppy in the basin with only the head and neck exposed, it will feel comfortable and will not be reluctant to bathe later. In addition, the puppy’s eyes and ears should be prevented from getting water. Dogs that do not want to take a bath should take the correct human bath.

②Let the dog’s head stand on your left side and block the dog’s head to the chest with your left hand to ensure the dog’s body. With your right hand on the side of the tub, gently wet it with warm water in the order of hips, back, abdomen back, hind limbs, shoulders, and forelimbs, then apply shampoo, rub gently, comb quickly with a comb, and squeeze out anal gland secretions by pressing your fingers on both sides of the anus.

③ Cover both ears with your left or right hand from the crotch up, rinse gently with water from the tip of the nose, taking care to prevent water from flowing into the ears, then rinse all parts of the body with water, immediately wrap the head in a towel and dry the water. Dog head rinsing method long-haired dogs can be dried with a hair dryer, while blowing, constantly combing the hair, as long as the dog’s body is not dry, it should be combed until the hair is dry.

2. Notes:>

① Always comb the coat before bathing. This will not only comb through tangled hair and prevent the coat from becoming more tangled, but it will also remove large pieces of dirt and make it easier to clean. Especially around the mouth, behind the ears, armpits, inside of the stock, and toe tips, the parts of the dog that least want to be combed should be cleaner. When grooming, to reduce and avoid pain for your dog, you can hold the root of the hair with one hand and groom with the other.

② The temperature of the bath water should not be too high or too low. Generally speaking, it is 36°C in spring and 37°C in winter is the most suitable.

③ When bathing, be sure to prevent shampoo from getting into the dog’s eyes or ears. Rinse thoroughly and do not allow soap suds or shampoo to remain on the dog as this can irritate the skin and cause dermatitis.

④ Dogs should be bathed in the morning or at noon, not on a day when the air is humid or rainy. After bathing, dry immediately with a hair dryer or use a towel to dry. Do not leave the dog in the sun to dry after bathing. Because bathing removes a lot of oil from the hair, which reduces the dog’s resistance to cold and skin, hot and cold can easily catch a cold, or even lead to pneumonia.


[V. Dog teeth, eyes and ear beauty]

Ancient Shepherd Grooming Care Tips

title=”Ancient Shepherd Grooming Care Tips”



[V. Dog teeth, eyes, and ear beauty]

1. Cosmetic dentistry:>

Dog teeth are important tools for chewing and gnawing on food, especially hard bones. When food debris or residue is stored between the teeth, bacteria can multiply between the teeth and cause cavities or gum inflammation that can affect a dog’s appetite and digestion. Some breeds of dogs, such as Yorkshire and Lady Dogs, are prone to developing light yellow to teal tartar. For this reason, frequent or regular checkups should be conducted to detect these problems. Remove tartar with a wet cotton ball dipped in dental powder do not use toothpaste, as dogs do not like the taste. Generally brush your dog’s teeth once a week. Also, feed your dog bones often to satisfy the desire to bite and to sharpen and strengthen the teeth.

2. Beauty of the eyes:>

Some dogs with large eyeballs and lacrimal glands, such as Pekingese, Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, and lady dogs, often have large amounts of tears coming from the corners of their eyes, contaminating their hair and affecting their beauty, and have their eyes checked frequently. When the dog suffers from certain infectious diseases such as canine distemper, etc. , especially when the eye disease, often causes redness and swelling of the eyelids, a large amount of mucus or 7-6N raw eyelashes purulent discharge from the corners of the eyes, at this time to carefully treat and care for the eyes. The method is to use a 2% boric acid cotton ball or cold boiling water to gently wipe from the inner corner, not back and forth across the eye. If one cotton ball is not enough, you can change it until the eye is scrubbed clean.

After scrubbing, put drops of human eye drops or eye ointment into the dog’s eyes to eliminate inflammation. Some dogs, like the Shar-Pei, often have inverted eyelashes due to excessive head wrinkles. The inverted eyelashes can irritate the eye and cause blurred vision, conjunctival inflammation, and cloudy corneas corneal based in dogs. A veterinarian should be called in to operate and remove part of the eyelid similar to double blepharoplasty in humans, but if the surgery is not good, but makes the eyelid unable to wrap around the eye or even expose the eye. A simple method is to pluck the inverted eyelashes with tweezers. The inverted eyelashes of the Shar-Pei are genetic, so when buying a Shar-Pei, in addition to finding out its pedigree, find out if its parents have the disadvantage of inverted eyelashes.

3. Ear beauty:>

The ear canals of dogs tend to accumulate grease, dirt, and moisture, especially in large-eared dogs. The drooping ear shell often covers the ear canal, or long hair near the ear canal e.g., lady dogs, Pekinese, etc. can also cover the ear canal. This makes it easy for dirt and moisture to accumulate and ear canal infections to become inflamed due to poor air circulation. Therefore, we should check the dog’s ear canal frequently. If we find that the dog often scratches its ears or shakes its head and swings its ears, this indicates that there is something wrong with the dog’s ear canal and we should examine it carefully in time.

Excessive good earwax should be removed. The method is to disinfect the external ear canal with an alcohol cotton ball, then apply 3% sodium bicarbonate ear drops or 2% boric acid water to the ear wax. After the dry earwax is softened, remove it gently with tweezers. The tweezers should not be inserted too deeply and the energy should be highly concentrated. If the dog shakes its head, remove the forceps quickly so as not to puncture the eardrum or ear mucosa. 4% boric acid glycerin ear drops can be used for inflamed ear canals, or 2%.5% chloramphenicol glycerin ear drops, or sonomycin ear drops three times a day. In addition, long hairs near the ear canal should be trimmed regularly to prevent shampoo and water from splashing into the ear canal.

[Ark Review]

Grooming a dog is an extremely important task in the process of dog ownership. Through grooming, a dog can become more beautiful and lovely. It brings unlimited interest to life. Grooming your pet requires a high degree of responsibility, love and patience. During the grooming process, if you find any problems with your pet, seek immediate medical attention. If you are going out to groom your pet, make sure you go to a professional pet store and stay within sight of your pet at all times so that you can put your baby at ease. If you are grooming your pet at home, please take care of your own safety and that of your pet.

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