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Nutrilite Pet Multivitamin Supplement


Product Description:Three-dimensional cutting, five-hole design, variable leash. Don’t worry about taking your dog out.

Reference price: $48.00

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Editor’s Note: Of course, this dog backpack definitely does not use large dogs such as Tibetan mastiffs, otherwise, MM will not be used for long, and the thighs will become the paws under the pentacle.

Effect: How to get rid of the eternal problem of people walking their dogs or dogs walking their dogs? The foreigner’s answer is to replace the epoch-making advancement with a human-carrying dog. Not only does it avoid being pulled by the dog, but it adds to the load and weight loss. Why not.

Nutrilite Pet Multivitamin Supplement


Biltec Gordon Backpack


Product Examples

Nutrilite Pet Multivitamin Supplement

Brand: Bildt Gorden

Product Description: Excellent quality, exquisite material, suitable for Pomeranian, Jingpai and other puppies, shoulder back, chest back; easy to use, stylish appearance, front net design, auto-lock zipper, cotton plus PVC material.

Reference price: $40.00

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Editor’s comment: It is recommended that your dog is not too cute, otherwise how can the driver behind you drive. Dogs giggle and don’t cause traffic accidents.

Effect: Don’t be silly. This really is a dog, not a child. If you didn’t see it, would you still be smiling at you? Don’t appreciate the idea of a foster owner. People are really talented —

Nutrilite Pet Multivitamin Supplement


LOVABLEDOG Backpack Japan


Product Examples

Nutrilite Pet Multivitamin Supplement



Product Description:The baby is specially designed for dogs to go out with a special drawstring design to quickly place or remove the backpack for a quick break. Let your baby carry it when you take him out. Because of the many pockets, put the things you should bring, such as drinking water, food, toys, in the bag, not only can reduce your burden, but also allow the baby to exercise. Why not?

Reference Price: $58.00


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Editor’s Comment: Burden, now pets have a burden —


Effect: See, now the dog is equipped with a toy for the little owner, and wherever he goes, he is the object of the child’s chase, can he not be popular?

Nutrilite Pet Multivitamins


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