NO.1 Royal Canin



NO.1 Royal Canin

Product Description:Royal Canin originated in France, the number one selling dog food in Europe, expensive. The biggest advantage is the good taste and the old brand, because the production process is spraying oil and eating the dog’s coat is more shiny. The only disadvantage is the high fat content, which may be the manufacturer’s preference to cater to consumers to buy enough food. In addition, Royal Canin dog food product line is extremely rich and positioned differently. There are special dog foods for various dog breeds, as well as dog foods with prescription features such as weight loss, and popular dog foods such as A3. In short, Royal Dog Food occupies the top of the dog food market with its brand and influence, especially in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.

Nutrition: Corn meal, chicken and turkey meal, corn, poultry fat, poultry liver collection, fish protein, yeast, beet pulp, egg powder, soybean oil, trace elements, etc. Nutritional analysis: Crude protein-not less than 32%, crude fat-not less than 13% , crude fiber-not less than 3%, calcium-not less than 1%.4% , water-not more than 10%.

Reference Price: Prices vary by location and by dealer. The approximate prices are given below for your easy reference. French Royal MS25 Prescription dog food to maintain joint flexibility 1.5kg 60 yuan , French Royal SS23 Prescription dog food to prevent skin diseases 2.5kg French Royal 130 yuan APR30 Puppy puppy milk cake 3kg French Royal 70 yuan DH24 Oral hygiene special dog food 4kg French Royal 100 yuan GR26 – large dog food 15kg 220 yuan , Royal A3 all breed puppy 10 dog food kg 110 yuan, Royal A three is the cheapest kind of Royal dog food.

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Internet users comment that Royal Foods are more targeted, different dog ages, breeds, activities, physiological conditions best suited to them, is feces can stink when eaten;>

Netizen Ghost commented: Royal dog food is rather oily, everything else is fine. I personally tried it for the kids. The taste is lighter than Vijay. Theoretically it will reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.

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NO.2 Amos Dog Food



NO.2 Amos dog food

Product Description: The quality of Amos’ dog food should be very good. As you can see from the stool and coat color, the dog food is easier to absorb and digest than other brands. The nutrition is very balanced, with a good mix of fat and protein, and the coat color will improve significantly after a period of time. Pregnant and nursing dogs are perfect for dog food, but for training dogs with great daily physical exertion, it seems to add some others, such as chicken and beef.

Nutrients:Chicken meal, chicken, corn meal, rice flour, animal fat, beet fiber, egg, dry leavening powder, chicken liver meal, minerals and other additives A, B, B 1, B 2, B 6, B 12, C, D 3, K, E, potassium chloride, salt, biotin, sodium dihydrogen phosphate DL-methylthiaminic acid, choline chloride, copper sulfate, antioxidants, zinc oxide manganese sulfate, manganese oxide, calcium pantothenate, inositol, potassium iodide, folic acid, cobalt carbonate, etc. Nutritional analysis: crude protein – not less than 32% , crude fat – not less than 21% , crude fiber – not more than 4% , moisture – not more than 10% , Omega fatty acids – not less than 3.25%.

Reference Price:A brief list of several dog food prices for your convenience. The specific price is subject to dealer sales. Amos Eukanuba dog food dog food 15kg 480 yuan small dog food 15kg Amos dog food Eukanuba dog food 376 yuan kg 152 yuan medium-sized dog puppy dog food 3kg 182 yuan.

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Reviewed by YA L. Netizen says:The nutrition is comprehensive and balanced with average index in all aspects. For pet owners who want to save time, they can choose Amos dog food for their dogs.

The quality of Amos Eukanuba is good, but it is expensive, commented netizen Zhuo Ran

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NO.3 Champion Dog Food

Golden Retriever


NO.3 Crown Dog Food

Product Description:Crown Energy dog food is well known and recommended by owners and veterinarians in the American breeding community. 8 of the top 10 AKC champion dogs are fed with Crown Energy. From Purina, Crown Energy wins with comprehensive and balanced nutrition, especially for working and seasonal dogs to meet their varying nutritional and energy needs.

Nutrients: chicken, stuffed rice, grains, poultry by-products, corn, beef fat as a natural preservative with vitamin E, wheat flour, corn bran, animal enzymes, egg products, potassium chloride, fluorosulfate, calcium carbonate, choline chloride, zinc oxide, ferrous sulfate, vitamin A, E, B-12, D-3 supplements, nucleotide supplements, niacin, pantothenic acid}, manganese sulfate, vitamin H Vitamin B1. single sulfate, folic acid, copper sulfate, vitamin B 6 hydrogen chloride, garlic oil, heavy sodium sulfite complex i.e. the main source of vitamin K, calcified iodate, edible gypsum powder, etc. Nutritional analysis: crude protein – not less than 30. crude fat – not less than 20%.0% , crude fiber – not more than 3.0% , water – not more than 12.0% , fatty acids – not less than 1.80% , calcium – not less than 0.90% , phosphorus – not less than 0.70%.

Reference price: 15kg packages are generally between $420-450, and distributors know the specifics, this is just reference data.

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Netizen Elizabeth Ding commented:Crown Energy is a cost-effective and highly rated dog food. The dog is easy to grow meat, or good. There are three origins:domestic, Australian-made, and American-made. American-made is the best of the three, but American-made is not good to buy, and the price is not low.

Netizen Reflection Magnolia commented: My Golden Retriever is fed Crown Energy’s racing dog food. The oil is normal and can be eaten. The nutrition of the food is basically complete, so there is basically no need to supplement calcium or grooming powder. The one thing about Crown Energy is that it tends to gain weight and fat. If you want to keep your dog beautiful, you have to be careful.

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NO.4 Prolu Dog Food

Bichon Frise


NO.4 Prolu dog food

Product Description: Baolu dog food, domestic mass production, cheap and easy to buy. The product line is rich, with a variety of dog food flavors. Baolu entered the Chinese market early and has a strong brand image influence, occupying half of the offline dog food market, especially the middle-aged dog owner market. Aviance is the first choice for dogs who focus on bone mass. Aviance significantly improves calcium deficiency. So it is recommended that you feed Avias dog food during puppyhood so that your dog will have a strong body and well-developed bones. Also, Avias puppy food is well hydrated and easily softened. Baby puppies can easily swallow it. The downside is that the price is slightly higher, but it should be worth it. The Ewes dog food under the banner of Prolu is a cost-effective dog food for small, medium and large dogs with balanced nutrition in all aspects. High quality and low price, now widely used in professional breeding farms. Dog food features: a scientific ratio of protein, carbohydrates, fats and fatty acids, as well as a variety of minerals and vitamins.

Nutrition: Fresh grains, choice of meat beef, lamb and meat by-products, high quality milk powder, refined vegetable and animal oils, iodized salt, filial mother, vitamins and minerals potassium sorbate, antioxidants, food coloring. Nutritional analysis:crude fat at least 14% , crude protein at least 28% calcium at least 1%, phosphorus at least 0%.8%, salt at most 1.8%, crude fiber at most 3.0% , water at least 10%, and group ash powder at least 10%.

Reference price: around $7-12 per kilogram, but certainly different in different places and brands.

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Netizen tangyuwoai commented: Bao Lu dog food is more popular and cheaper! Suitable for ordinary family consumption. Baolu focus on the calories in dog food, not much nutrition, but can ensure the normal nutritional needs, is a more economical product, other imported dog food is very expensive, because many add other nutrition, import tariffs are relatively high, so more expensive than Baolu.

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NO.5 Madden Dog Food

[Pomeranian Price]_September Pomeranian Price Survey Across the Country


NO.5 Madden dog food

Product Description: medon is a comprehensive international brand specializing in the research and development and production of pet food, involving three series of dry pet food, wet food and snacks. Its sub-brands include more than 20 sub-brands, such as Maxi Dog Food, Golden Nutrition Dog Food, Race Level Dog Food, Aymio Cat Food, Cake Lo Wet Food and Medon Snacks series. The Madden pet food series is developed according to the physiological characteristics of Asian pets, using natural Australian ingredients. It comprehensively improves pet diet nutrition and creates pet food gold medal quality. With its green and natural formula, super palatability and nutritional value, its products have become a new star in the pet industry and are highly regarded and praised. As a result, the title of Pet Green Food has become synonymous with green in pet food.

Nutrition: Chicken meal, corn, fish meal, wheat, animal fat, deep sea fish oil, hydrolyzed animal protein, vegetable oil, beet fiber, fructooligosaccharides, natural plant extracts, complex vitamins and minerals, etc. Nutritional analysis: protein Crude protein ≥ 32%, crude fat Crude fat ≥ 14%, crude fiber Crude fiber ≤ 5%, crude ash Crude ash ≤ 10%, lysine Lysine ≥ 1.2%, calcium Calcium ≥ 1.4%, total phosphorus Phosphorus ≥ 1.1%, salt Salt ≤ 1.5%, Moisture ≤10%.

Reference price: ranging from $7-20 per kg. See local distributors for details.

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Comments from users: Madden dog food is not very well known, but I have heard of it occasionally in recent years. I bought two bags of Madden dog food for my dog, Ha, but I didn’t find anything special about it. There is not much change between eating it and eating other dog food before. The price is still reasonable. Owners who don’t require too much may consider this brand.

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