I. Collars

Ear Drops for Dogs

I. Ear drops for dogs


1. As an ear care drops once a week can effectively cleanse and sterilize the ear canal to maintain a clean environment and keep away from ear diseases

2. Ear mites, otitis media and other bacterial ear infections, twice daily drops for 3-7 days to ensure medicated cure! This is what many parents have achieved real results with their dogs, and have relied on it for 5 years of dog ownership to keep their dogs’ ears healthy!

How to use:

Poke a small hole in the mouth of the bottle with a needle so that the amount dripping out is just right. Many parents cut the tip off so that the amount dripping out is not easy to keep track of. If they’re not careful, they’ll pour too much! And it’s easy to use this ear oil on your dog. Just lay the dog on your lap, open the ears, and put the drops in. The dog basically won’t resist. After the drops, they will flip their ears twice to distribute the ear oil evenly without any discomfort!

After your dog’s weekly bath and ear plucking, use these two drops to rub into the ear canal twice a week. The ears are filled with the cool smell of ear oil and are very comfortable. This is the most basic ear care. If you can keep up with these drops, dogs rarely get ear infections!

If your dog’s ears get into unclean water during a bath, try pouring out the water, then drying the ears and disinfecting them with two drops of ear oil will prevent ear infections.

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If some parents think the ear oil will ooze out sticky around the ear, then drop it deep into the ear canal, twice, don’t let the dog shake its head immediately, let the ear oil flow in completely, then wipe the residual ear oil from the ear contour with a tissue and release the dog so the ear oil doesn’t contaminate the hair.

II. Clean Bone

Clean Bones

A tooth cleaning product made of hard plastic with a bone-like appearance and many dimples on the surface.

When dogs bite, the bump rubs the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth and the gaps between them, removing tartar and food debris. For dog bites, add flavorings.

Protecting teeth is practically as important as it is for humans, especially in older dogs, where the increase in tartar and dental bacteria can easily destroy tooth structure and interfere with chewing; the dog’s mouth also gives off odors that parents don’t want to get near. Although chewing bones can also be cleaned, cleaning leaves new food residue. That’s why cleaning teeth with non-decaying plastic is effective.

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The cleaning bone can be used to clean your dog’s teeth. In addition, because of the material of the cleaning bone itself, it can promote bone growth and health, promote healthy skin, hair and vision, enhance immune system function, and supplement nutrition. Dear parents should also be careful when buying cleaning bones for their dogs. There are different types of cleaning bones for dogs. Don’t buy the wrong one.

3. Dog Bathing Liquid

Body Wash

Dog bathing gel

If you use human shampoo, because human skin is not the same as dog skin, human shampoo is usually alkaline, and it is not surprising that dogs are prone to hair loss, dryness, and even skin diseases when washed for a long time. It is recommended to use pet baths for dogs. Although more expensive, most of them contain hair care ingredients, which are good for your dog’s hair.

Bathing lotions for dogs can be classified as follows: one is a bleach shampoo, mainly used for some white or silver colored pets. The second is a shampoo with non-irritating ingredients, mainly used to clean the head and face of pets. Third, aromatic shampoo, after using the hair can remain fragrant for several days, suitable for some pets with body odor. Lice and flea removal shampoos, containing insecticides, are designed to cleanse pets of lice and fleas. Care should be taken when using them, being careful to prevent the solution from entering the mouth and eyes.

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While there are special bathing solutions for dogs, it also depends on their own dog and should never be used with bleached bathing solutions with colored dogs. In addition, there are many brands of dog bathing products available in the pet market nowadays with different prices. Parents should choose a trustworthy brand when buying, and not buy inferior products because of greed for small bargains oh.

IV. Dry cleaning powder

Special umbrella for dogs on rainy day

Dry cleaning powder

Great for dog bathing, a gentle and fast shampoo powder that removes stains from hair without water, adds shine and protects skin. Prevents hair loss, removes dog odor and makes it smell fresh. Prevent resistance to colds, diarrhea and other diseases caused by water washing, non-toxic and non-irritating. Especially suitable for puppies, weak and sickly dogs, and dogs that are not easy to shower after surgery.

Before the exhibition, dry shampoo powder can also be sprinkled evenly on the dog, gently massaged, rubbed with a bath brush for a few minutes so that the powder does not absorb oil and stains from the hair, and then combed off the powder. They can be used for a long time, especially for dogs that don’t like to wash.

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Fix the dog’s head while sprinkling the dry cleaning powder. First, comb through your puppy’s coat to remove clumps of hair, before sprinkling the dry cleaning powder on it and giving it a rub to get the powder into the roots of the hair. So that the powder does not absorb the oil and stains on the hair, then gently pat down the excess powder and dirt, and comb it out after half an hour. Do not wash the hair, as it can easily irritate the eyes or get into the ears. Also, it is best not to let the dog lick the dry cleaning powder.

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