Border Collie

Border Collie

The first circumference of the neckline:neck circumference

By neck circumference, we mean the circumference of your baby’s neck. In other words, the position where the collar is worn is usually the circumference. This position is where the collar is located. The collar should not be too fat or too narrow. Generally, the measurement can be released by one centimeter! >

A small reminder: If your dog is developing and you want your clothes to last a long time for your dog, release a little when measuring the neckline, about two centimeters. Otherwise, the neck circumference needs to be measured accurately and kept to one centimeter or less if possible to prevent cold air from seeping in.




The second fattest circumference:Chest

Where is a pet’s chest circumference? Specifically, it refers to the circumference of the widest part of the roots of their front legs. Usually, it’s also the fattest part of your pet’s entire body. Because there is a lot of thick flesh in this area, it can be difficult to keep track of the accuracy of the measurement. In general, the measurement should release at least two to three centimeters.

A small reminder: It is best to let the dog eat before measuring the chest circumference. Because the dog’s chest circumference will change significantly after eating, the data measured in this state should prevail. This way the choice of clothes will be perfect for the dog. Even if he has just eaten enough, he will not feel the clothes are tight.


Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

The third circumference that makes a difference: length

The length mentioned here is not their entire length, but the length from their face back neck terrier to their roots. It is important to note that when measuring length, you must have your pet stand up straight, fully spread, and not lay down or lie down. If this is the case, the accuracy of the measurement scale will be greatly reduced.

A small reminder: this circumference needs to be more accurate. This is because, if the measurement is too small, the dog’s body will not be fully protected; conversely, if the measurement is too large, the clothing chosen will interfere with the dog’s movement. Regardless of the result, the clothes chosen are certainly not sinful and the dog is more likely to wear strange clothes. So, dear friends should measure carefully


Special care for bitches in heat


The above three sections are the most basic measurement parts for making a pet costume. If you need to make a more elaborate costume, it is best to measure their leg length, the distance between their front legs, the length of their lower body which can be slightly shorter for males and longer for females, etc.

Some special dogs also need to be measured for specific parts, for example: some dogs develop a spleen and wine belly due to over nutrition, so the abdominal round size will be released more during the clothing production process, these are best measured by a professional pet clothing producer for your baby, which can greatly improve the accuracy of the measurement. >

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