Nowadays the term naked marriage is prevalent, what is naked marriage? No car, no house, no diamond ring, no wedding, no honeymoon, spending $9 to get a marriage license at a registry office, and nothing else. Although this is a way to promote love over material things to get married, but also reflects the difficulty of buying a house. It’s not so easy to achieve that human life residents have their own house, but dogs are lucky! It’s still easy to buy a house for a dog if the owner is willing. But have you seen the top luxury houses in the dog world? Give the dog a kind of top luxury to enjoy, and feast your eyes on it together below!

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Dog Is A God Chestnut Pet House, Italy

Brand: Dog Is A God

Ark comment: Dogs may not eat chocolate, but they can at least live in a chocolate room. The Italian designers who make up Italo Bosa Chestnut Pet House are inspired by ancient times, with a smooth and simple design and a more premium, comfortable and noble style and inspiration.

Material: Matt Brown ceramic and muslin product filling

Size: 70 cm H x 58 cm W x 56 cm D>

Web reference price: $19798.00


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Dog Is A God, Italy Trailer Pet Home

Brand:Dog Is A God

Ark Review:This trailer-style pet house is white glossy ceramic with 24K platinum handles. Filler muslin products material manufacturer Pret a Porter di Caerano S.Marco TV. Wheels and metal materials supplier Zar Metal di Pove del Grappa VI. You can travel around with your dog in tow as much as you want, wherever the dog goes, home is.

Material: white lustrous ceramic products, handle 24K platinum Zar Metal di Pove del Grappa .

Size: 45 cm H x 52 cm W x 29 cm D>

Web reference price: $998.00



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Dog Is A God, Italy Luggage Pet House

Brand: Dog Is A God

Ark Review:This luggage pet house is white lustrous ceramic with 24K platinum handles. The portable pet box will keep your dog safe inside when you take him on a trip. At the same time, the luxurious simplicity of the design is outstanding, so you can enjoy the dignity.

Material:White lustrous ceramic product with 24K platinum handle.

Size: 40 cm H x 52 cm W x 28 cm D>

Web reference price: $7998>


Tip: How to train your dog to use a dog house

First, prepare a dog house for your dog depending on the size of the dog you have as an adult. Dog houses can be designed and built by yourself or you can buy a ready-made one from a pet store. Training a dog to sleep in a dog house must start with the puppy. When the puppy comes back from playing outside, or eating and sleeping, the owner can pull it to the door of the dog house. Push it in with your hand and give the command in your customary language, such as go home or go home go home”. If the puppy obeys the command to sleep, you can gently praise and stroke the neck. But do not reward with food, because with food, the puppy will not care to sleep! If the puppy does not obey the command, you can appropriately aggravate the tone of voice and push the puppy into the dog house with your hand. The owner waits by the dog house for a while until the puppy falls asleep.

Often, if the dog is found sleeping elsewhere, the owner can immediately give the code to get the dog back in the house. After a period of training, the dog will develop a conditioned reflex. If you want to sleep, you will consciously go into the doghouse. Even if you do not sleep, as long as the owner sends out the home code, the dog will immediately enter the dog house. In addition, usually pay attention to keep the dog house clean and disinfected, so that the dog has a clean and comfortable home.

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