Lingtze prices in major cities in China:

I. Beijing Lingti Price

Ordinary lingtis: around 2500 RMB>

Purebred lingtis: ranging from 3500-4500 RMB

The biggest difference between male and female is 500 RMB>

Second, the price of Shanghai Lingti

Ranging from 1000-2000 RMB>

Purebred lingtis: around 5000 RMB>

The biggest difference between male and female is 500 RMB

Three, the price of Harbin Lingti

Ranging from 500-1000 RMB

Ranging from 2000-3000 RMB

The most difference between male and female: 400 RMB




Uncovering the price trap of lindens

Sometimes you may see purebred lingts for sale at low prices. In this regard, we should treat it with skepticism. If you really want to buy, it is better to deal face to face. In addition, you should pay attention to three things when buying:

1 The seller can usually produce the pedigree certificates of the dog’s father and mother, which cannot be produced, and it is difficult to guarantee a purebred dog.

2 The seller is willing to produce a 1-2 week safety guarantee if this is a dog that is in good health and has been bred properly.

3 After the purchase is finalized, both parties should sign a transfer certificate.




How to choose a healthy lingtons

1 Before you buy, you should refer to some information about the physical characteristics and features that describe this breed of dog. If you have a spectrum in your mind, you can avoid choosing blindly.

2 When buying, make sure to choose a puppy that is physically strong, angry, agile, bright-eyed, and free of any disease.

3 When buying, you should carefully check all parts of the dog to see if it meets the body type standards expected of the breed.

4 Specifically, the height and weight of the dog should not exceed the standard or it may not be a purebred of the breed.

5 When investigating personality traits, pay attention to whether the dog is kind and affectionate to people, flexible and athletic, and whether it will bark and bite.

6 The investigation of physical characteristics should be a comprehensive comparison of the dog’s head, chest, back, waist, abdomen, front limbs, hind limbs, neck, tail, toes, paws, eyes, nose, muzzle, ears, hair, coat color and other parts according to the standard.

7 Do not choose the smallest individual in the same group, because this small may be the weakest dog in the litter.




Small file: Introducing the Reintel

Full Name:Italian Reintel

Classification:Family Dog

Type:Medium sized dog

Size:Male 76 cm; Female 69 cm;

Weight:32 kg; mother 29 kg;


The Italian Rindigo was originally an excellent sheepdog. It has become an attentive companion dog because of its small size, bright hair, intelligence, kindness, thoughtfulness, nervousness, affection, regularity, and love for children. It can also be used as a guard dog when living at home normally. Lingti is the best family dog and can also be a show dog. However, the breeder must pay special attention to the dog’s diet management and exercise.

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