Lhasa Apso


Carefree, innocent and lively is the nature of a loving dog. Being playful and able to eat does not mean he is not sick. Many diseases have latent periods, and by the time you notice your dog showing very obvious signs, the condition may already be serious. Therefore, if you find that your puppy is not normal, seek immediate medical attention and get vaccinated when he is healthy so that he can be safe for life. To buy time and a chance, please note the following six symptoms:

One: low spirits, limp body, slow movement, tail vibrating a bit or not moving or drooping; full of sadness and no life.

Two: Dry nose and runny nose. This symptom is a fever. However, it is normal for its nose to be dry when it sleeps, so don’t worry.

Three: abnormal bowel movements, constipation, dysentery, sometimes the stool is thin like water, but sometimes it is hard. A healthy dog will have a bowel movement about twice a day, and the color of the stool will vary depending on the food, usually black or yellowish-brown, and it will be soft and hard.

4: Reduced appetite or loss of appetite. If the dog has eaten something dirty or indigestible, the stomach will function abnormally and refuse to eat and vomit.

V: The eyes are photophobic, have eye droppings, and may have a congested conjunctiva.

VI: Elevated body temperature. The body temperature of a healthy dog should be 38.5°C. The body temperature of a puppy is high. Usually, dogs have a low body temperature in the morning and a high body temperature from noon to evening, about a 0.5°C difference. Use the thermometer we make and hold it at the root of the dog’s thigh for about 5 minutes, and a temperature higher than 39°C is abnormal.

Remind you: any abnormalities such as coughing, itching in the ears, difficulty urinating, eating foreign objects indiscriminately, rubbing the buttocks on the ground, etc. are all reflections of disease and must not be ignored or delayed.

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