Some of you think that your pet must be safe to stay at home. In fact, even at home, there are many potential dangers that can endanger your pet at any time. Therefore, a qualified owner must usually pay attention to take some necessary measures to prevent unexpected dangers.

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First of all, pay attention to the balconies and windows in your home. Most cities are high-rise buildings, and windows are potentially dangerous for pets. In addition to windows, most balconies are designed with only human safety in mind, and many gaps are at risk of causing pets to fall off buildings. So be sure to raise the balcony and window fence, the gap should be too wide to enclose with wire mesh. For windows and balconies that cannot be enclosed, try to avoid placing climbing objects such as chairs or wooden boxes. When going out, always remember to close windows and balcony doors.

The next thing is to pay attention to the electrical wiring in your home. Make sure there are no exposed wires in your home, and it is best to disconnect wires connected to appliances when the owner is away and near bedtime. If you need to leave your puppy alone, you should keep it in a room without wires to prevent it from accidentally chewing on them when it gets bored.

And then there are the cords and strings in your home. Kittens and puppies are especially attracted to cords and strings and mistake them for toys, which can block the intestines if swallowed accidentally, and may lead to suffocation in serious cases. Usually they are playing with curtain ropes and blinds also have the possibility of being entangled, and the risk of injury or strangulation. So it is best to clean up the cords and threads at home, sewing needles and threads must be stored in the storage cabinet or drawer. Curtain cords must be knotted or shortened to avoid pets being able to pull them at will.

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