Six Benefits of Pet Grooming Care

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Six benefits of pet grooming care

1. Keep your pet clean and tidy. The body surface of pets is different from that of humans. They are covered with hair and easily contaminated with dust, especially long-haired pets. Therefore, regular care is essential;

2. Keep pets away from germs and prevent diseases. Pet grooming salons take better care of pets, not only washing, combing and washing, but also carefully checking their physical condition and preventing possible diseases through details;

3. Maintain the health of you and your family. Since we have to deal with pets every day, kissing and hugging etc. I believe owners do quite a lot. If the pet is not clean, I’m afraid the bacteria will spread to you and your family as well;>


4. It can prevent pets from scratching. The nails of dogs and cats left uncut for a long time are hidden dangers that may damage your sofa furniture and so on. If you’re not careful, you could hurt yourself;

5. It can cool your pet down. Pets’ hair is too long and it’s hard when it’s hot. Shaving your pet’s hair will keep them happy through the summer;

6. Make your pet cuter. Give your pet a stylish and new haircut. When you take it out, you will find that it has become the center of attention. People love beautiful and cute things.

Ark comments: Helping with daily grooming treatments is essential, but lazy owners pick up the brush and scissors headache. Pet grooming salon services provide comprehensive care from their ears, toenails and hair. It is very convenient for owners to just bring their pets to the grooming salon and take them home after a while. Grooming salons have a variety of pet supplies that owners can easily understand and purchase.


II. Services and prices of pet grooming salons




Second, the services and prices of pet grooming salons

For the reference of grooming salons:>

Small dogs-about 80~100 RMB/time

Ear digging, trimming of the bottom of the feet, hair around the eyes that needs to be trimmed, shampooing, and blowing.

If you choose the $150 service is a full grooming, such as a schnauzer, poodle, cocker spaniel, etc., the $150 fee includes a hair trimming service.

Large dogs-about 150 RMB per session Suffragette, Golden Retriever, Sheltie, Labrador, etc.>

Trimming of the underfoot hair, anal hair, hair near the genitals or hair near the eyes that needs to be trimmed.

Ark reviews: this is a common service and price. There are also high-end services: such as pet spas, bath salt treatments, fashion coloring, boarding and training programs. It’s safe to say that with a pet grooming salon, lazy owners can save a lot of heart.


3. Three considerations for taking your pet to the grooming salon

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III. Three things to consider when taking your pet to the grooming salon

1. Many pet hospitals have grooming operations. For regular pet hospitals, their pet groomers will be trained by pet veterinarians with enhanced professional medical knowledge. If a dog’s skin or other disease is discovered during grooming, the doctor and owner will be notified promptly. If the owner feels the need, he can always arrange for treatment, which is very convenient.

2. Professional pet grooming salons should be equipped with fixed grooming baths and grooming surgery tables. The relevant equipment should be strictly disinfected, especially for pets with skin diseases, and the disinfection procedures should be strictly specific.

3. In general, pet groomers will trim pets according to the owner’s requirements, some do not mention specific requirements and will perform with reference to seasonal and popular standards.

Ark comments: The pet grooming salon industry is not very standard, and owners must pay more attention and listen to consumers when looking for a salon; spend more time observing when the groomer is working. Otherwise, it’s not worth the money and torture for your pet.

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