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Christmas is around the corner Have you got a gift for your dog? >

Christmas is almost here. Although it is a foreign holiday, you can also see many Santa Claus puppets, Christmas trees, Christmas gift boxes, etc. in some big cities in China. In some supermarkets, merchants are deliberately dressed up for Christmas, and the Christmas atmosphere is no less than that of Western countries. Although not many people spend Christmas in China, it is a fashion for white-collar women who live in the avant-garde of big cities. For white-collar women this is a trend, and it is natural that the beloved pets they keep at home must be less likely to enjoy the festive bounty that Christmas brings. During this happy holiday season, pets also have their own gifts. For gifts for pets, here are some suggestions for white women:

Candidate gift #1: Thoughtful cold-weather clothing

Christmas coincides with a cold winter, and this year it is the once-in-a-millennium extreme cold. In such a cold winter, buying some warm equipment for your pets is the best gift. Christmas is like the Chinese New Year for western countries, a new atmosphere for the New Year, and getting a new warm nest for their pets to keep them warm through this cold winter should be your pet’s greatest wish, ha ha! Perhaps to meet the mood of this merry Christmas, you might want to buy your pets mainly cats and dogs some nice clothes. This will not only keep you warm but also look very cute and can add a little holiday atmosphere, why not! I’m sure your pet will be happy to receive your gift at Christmas!


Shandong Lion Cat

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Shandong Lion Cat


Candidate Gift 2: Love Food DIY

As a host during the holiday season, you have to have a great dinner, but don’t forget about your pets. How can you get your pet on such a grand holiday? You should also prepare a nice dinner for it and let it share the joy of the holiday. If you have time, you may want to cook your own meal and prepare a dinner for it mainly cats and dogs. Here are some menus to help you.  

Dog food:DIY eggplant omelet rice

Ingredients:canned dog, white rice, lentils, carrots, potatoes, eggs, tomato sauce, chicken broth


1. Break the eggs and fry them into an egg skin and set aside.

2. Dice lentils, carrots, and potatoes, cook in boiling water, add canned meat, white rice, and chicken broth, and stir well.

3. Place the mixed rice in the center of the egg crust and wrap the crust in half.

4. Mix the tomato sauce with a little chicken broth and pour over the omelet.

Chef’s note: 1. Canned dogs can be made in a variety of flavors, mainly those that dogs eat regularly or enjoy; 2. If you don’t have time to make chicken broth, you can substitute ready-made canned chicken broth or melted chicken nuggets, but dilute these products because of the added seasoning and watch the salt.

Practice tips: 1. Chop the vegetables as small as possible so some picky dogs don’t pick them out of the rice; 2. If you want to save time, you can skip making the egg crust and just give the dog the jambalaya.





Chicken and seafood cat food and rice DIY>

Ingredients:100g of chicken, 100g of sea fish, a small amount of canned cat food, 200g of white rice


1. Bring the chicken to a boil in water over high heat. Pierce some small eyes in the meat with a fork. Cook over low heat for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the chicken when it is cooked.

2. Remove the spines and cook the sea fish. Dice the chicken and cut the sea fish into small pieces and mix them into the rice. Be careful to mix well so that every grain of rice is coated with meat and fish; otherwise, the cat may eat the meat and fish and leave the rice behind.

3. Stir the canned cat food, making sure to mix well.

Nutritionists warn that chicken, sea fish, cat food and rice are rich in protein and taurine. If cats are deficient in taurine, they are susceptible to eye disease and have reduced antioxidant capacity. Sea fish contains a lot of taurine that cats need to improve their ability to fight cardiovascular disease.


Recommended: Three warm and cute dog shoes

title=”Recommended: Three warm and cute dog shoes”



Candidate gift #3: A romp with a beloved pet

At Christmas, the joy can’t be exclusive to the owner, it has to be shared with his or her pet. During the rare holiday season, playing with your own pet can relax the stress of your daily routine and also promote bonding with your pet. Pets also need companionship, and they are afraid of being alone. Many white-collar workers in the city live in isolated commercial housing, and many pets are forced to stay at home because of the restrictions and lose the opportunity to play with their companions. So this holiday season, you may want to take your pet out for a walk. Here are two suggestions: >

1. Parks: If you’re in the south, parks are full of green and still look vibrant despite the cold winter months. I think it would be comfortable to play with my pets in the grass of the park. In the park, your pet will surely meet a lot of their own companions, which will make your pet very happy.

2. The river and possibly the beach:At noon in winter, the sun won’t be fierce at this time of year and it will make you feel warm on such a cold winter day. Take your love to the river or the beach for a few laps, not only to warm your body, but also to feel empowered.

Candidate gift #4: Beautiful photos to commemorate beauty

The holiday season is a happy time, and this beautiful and happy day must be left as a memento. Take your pet and pose for a few pretty pictures, I’m sure you’ll be happy. The key to taking nice pictures of your pet is to capture their personality. When you find these cute little animals doing something unusual or very interesting, you can always capture them. Here are some things to keep in mind when lining up photos of your pet: >

1. Don’t use the flash, it irritates it and can be frightening.

2. Taking pictures of your pet on days like Christmas can’t be sloppy! You should be careful to help your pet with makeup, such as cleaning eyes and grooming hair.

5. The right props. It can also be divided into background props and interesting props. Of course, it’s best to reflect Christmas props, such as Christmas hats and trees. When shooting, it’s best to pay attention to what you don’t want to get into the mirror, which means you should clean up first, because a good photo is not only the subject, but the background also affects the overall feeling.

Oh, I hope the above gifts will please your pets and I wish you a Merry Christmas in advance. :

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