Golden Retrievers

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1. Cold areas

Basically, the Golden’s physique is very hardy and does not require much worry, but when in a cold environment, you can feed a high-protein, high-calorie dog food. To avoid the cold wind blowing directly on your Golden, you can enclose the crate with a blanket or carpet.

2. Hot areas

Due to its special skin structure and coat characteristics, the Golden cannot tolerate hot and humid conditions and needs extra attention. You can take your Golden out for a walk in the early morning when the weather is cooler, and at the same time, the Golden loves to play in water. When keeping outdoors, move the dog house out of direct sunlight and keep it clean at all times.

3. Indoor breeding

Diet: Give good quality dog food at regular times and never let him share the human diet.

Defecation: Dogs spend most of their time outdoors, so they can be trained to defecate outdoors. It’s hard to train him to defecate as a puppy, but even if he’s kept in an apartment, take him outside to defecate.

Exercise: 1 More and more people are keeping their Goldens indoors, but only when the owner’s family is with them, so they can let them move freely indoors. When going outside or at night, it can be dangerous, so be sure to let the Golden back into his cage.

2, People in two-income households may have to go out at night to walk their dogs, which can make their skin vulnerable. Therefore, take extra care to take your Golden out for sunbathing.

4. Keeping outdoors

It is more dangerous to keep your Golden outdoors, so at night, you can start by placing the dog house in the entrance a transitional space between the inside and outside of the house to familiarize your Golden with the outdoor environment. Even in the courtyard of your own home, it is dangerous to let the Golden run around. Therefore, you can use a folding activity fence around a dog-specific safe play area, so that the Golden can play to his heart’s content. Make sure someone is on guard when playing in the yard or outdoors.

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