I. Food choices



Bichon Frise

I. Food choices

Because dogs are omnivores, they are primarily meat-based. After eating, food is left between the teeth and the mouth can smell bad.

1. Dry dog food

Daily eating habits also have an effect on teeth. Generally speaking, dry dog food is better than wet dog food canned. Wet dog food tends to build up tartar on the teeth, while dry food is hard and crunchy. When dogs chew on dry food, they can scrape off the surface of their teeth in the process. Some owners are used to leaving dog food out there all day. The dog can eat whenever it wants, which is actually not good because every time you eat, the bacteria in your mouth become more active. If you feed it regularly twice a day, the bacteria are only active twice.

A dog’s teeth need to be honed regularly. When many dog parents see their Golden Retriever chewing hard on dry dog food, they only give him soft meat or soaked dog food. In fact, this can hurt it. Always give your dog some bones preferably pork or beef, dry hard snacks or dog chews for him to chew on. Not only will it exercise the teeth, but it will also find something free for the Golden Retriever to dry, which is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

2. Vegetables and fruits

Remember to feed fresh vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and high in fiber often, and rub the surface of the teeth as you chew to help clean the mouth. Many owners see that their dog is a slow eater and only give him soft meat. The truth is that a dog’s teeth need to be honed regularly and this can hurt him.

Pet food experts recommend a special dog food rather than human food. In addition to moderate dental cleaning, there are healthy formulas from experts that are effective in ensuring all aspects of a dog’s nutritional needs.

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Owners should feed their dogs more fresh vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and high in fiber, and also, add some rough and crunchy dog cake treats and chews that rub the surface of the teeth, which are not only good for the dog’s body, but also very helpful for oral cleaning.


II. Brush your teeth to deodorize




II. Brush your teeth to deodorize

How it works:>

1. Scrubbing the mouth

Wrap a strip of gauze dipped in some saline around your index finger and wipe the gums and gaps in sequence, moving gently so as not to damage the gums.

2. Brush your teeth

Once your dog is acclimated, brush his teeth with a special pet toothbrush dipped in some pet toothpaste. The exact brushing method is similar to human brushing. Clean and massage the gums along the teeth one after the other. If you can’t get a toothbrush for dogs, children can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush. But don’t brush your teeth with human toothpaste. Human toothpaste tastes harsh to dogs and can cause digestive discomfort.

The special toothpaste for dogs is made with transaminase without foam, so it’s okay for dogs to eat. In addition, this pet toothpaste is designed for dogs in their favorite flavors, including chicken, beef and other flavors. This way, although dogs are not comfortable with brushing their teeth, they are not too repulsed. Brushing your dog’s teeth is a gradual process. Don’t worry and don’t try to do it all in one step. As you know, a dog is a stubborn animal. If it makes it feel awful, it will always feel awful, so it is very important to start. It should be done gently. After a long time, it will also feel that brushing is a habitual routine and will accept it completely.

In general, many dogs don’t like to brush their teeth, so it is best for us to gently rub their teeth with a small gauze when they are a few months old to get them used to it, and then turn them into a small toothbrush for dogs. The toothpaste we usually use can’t be used for dogs because regular toothpaste foams up and dogs can’t spit out the foam like we can and swallowing it can cause stomach upset. We should buy dog toothpaste, which comes in different flavors like chicken, beef, etc. that dogs usually like.

If you are not cooperative in helping your dog brush his teeth, you can get him some dog chew bones, which will help somewhat. Sometimes you can also have some raw carrots for him. During chewing, the carrots can scrape off some of the tartar. Also, if you make oxtail soup at home in the future, don’t forget to leave a section of cooked oxtail for your dog. While enjoying the delicious oxtail, the meat and tendon fibers on the tail will do some massaging and cleaning of the teeth, even cleaning areas that are not normally brushed easily!

Do the necessary daily care during the week and owners should also take your dog to the vet regularly once or twice a year for a professional dental cleaning.

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Brushing your pet dog’s teeth the right way not only cleans his mouth, massages his gums, improves his blood circulation, and increases his resistance to disease. Brushing your dog’s teeth at night before going to bed is even more important because it removes food debris and dirt that has accumulated on the teeth from three meals that day. Otherwise, bacteria can colonize your dog’s mouth at night while he sleeps, and deposits of dirt and calcium salts from saliva form plaque and tartar, which can lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease over time.


III. Medical deodorization



Bichon Frise

III. Medical deodorization

If there is unbearable bad breath, the dog may have stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis, or gastrointestinal disease. This must be treated in a hospital.

Studies have found that bad breath in dogs can cause problems with other body organs and stimulate tumor growth. Bad breath can lead to the death of pulp tissue and the loosening and loss of tooth roots.

In addition to problems with the teeth themselves, older dogs often suffer from oral tumors. Dogs die from chewing on wires and from oral tissues. Diseases of the throat, nose, mouth, esophagus, liver and pancreatic spoils disorders can all cause bad breath. By medically understanding the true cause of bad breath in dogs, the right remedy can be prescribed.

1. Digestive yeast

If it is because of indigestion, you can give your dog a digestive yeast milk raw tablets, which can help your dog’s stomach digestion by accelerating intestinal peristalsis and lactic acid bacteria to break down incompletely digested food, thus improving gastrointestinal indigestion, and you can use green tea one green tea bag 500ml steeped for 5-8 minutes of water will discard the tea bag, up to twice a week as your dog’s daily drinking water, also helps to improve bad breath.

2. Cleanse the mouth

If prolonged cleaning still does not work, have your veterinarian check for tartar or excessive tartar that needs to be cleaned to improve the mouth, or check for other unexplained causes. In addition, puppies should pay more attention to calcium intake.

With the usual necessary daily care in place, you owners should also take your dog to the vet for a professional dental cleaning on a regular basis once or twice a year.

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Sometimes bad breath in dogs can be caused by indigestion or physical problems. If you notice abnormalities in your dog such as weight loss, drinking and urination, vomiting, bloating, anorexia, etc., it could be a liver or kidney problem or diabetes and should be brought to the veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.


IV. Snacks to deodorize

Three Essentials of Basic Healthy Husky Feeding

title=”Three Essentials of Basic Healthy Husky Feeding”


IV. Snacks to deodorize

1. Knotted tooth stick

Knotting sticks or deodorant cookies biting the dog will help the speed of tooth replacement, as for the front dog teeth, do not rush to pull the teeth, try to play more tug of war with the dog, which will also speed up his time, the latter permanent teeth fixed, parents must clean at least once a week, of course, you can use the above methods, in addition, how to choose a special dental cleaner for dogs there are toothpaste and also dental cleaner, by the parents’ own reference Decide.

Another thing to add to the care of giving your dog a dental bar is to not throw the bone to your dog to chew on by itself. This is a wrong idea. If it’s a deodorant cookie or a calfskin dog chew, you can give it to your dog to chew on by itself. But when the dental stick is fed to the dog, parents are invited to feed the dog with it so that the dog’s incisors, left and right rear molars can interchangeably bite the dental stick so that the stick can be put to good use. Otherwise, this tooth cleaning stick may be chewed off by the dog within 5 minutes less chewed, more swallowed, so this tooth cleaning stick is called tooth cleaning bone. In fact, it’s just a snack.

If a dog follows the steps above to remove bad breath but to no avail, parents need to consider looking closely at the dog for bad breath caused by leptospirosis infection.

2. Special chewing gum

Pet chewing gum is a candy based on natural gum or glycerin resin syrup, mint, sweetener, etc. It is the world’s favorite candy for dogs. It is both edible and playable and is loved by dogs and owners alike. It has also become the standard for most pets to dress up cool and stylish. Along with improving oral health specifications, the facial muscle movements from chewing gum have a variety of roles in the cognitive realm.

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Pet snacks not only remove food debris from the surface of your dog’s teeth, chewing motion, mechanical stimulation, but also increase saliva secretion, clean the surface of the mouth, have some cleaning effect on the mouth, and are representative of current fashion!

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