I. Training Must-Know

1. The purpose of bathing

The secretions from your dog’s sebaceous glands have an unpleasant odor and can become contaminated with dirt, making the hair tangled and giving off a gusty aroma. If you don’t bathe your dog, it can easily cause the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, making your dog sick. So be sure to wash your dog to keep your skin clean and conducive to your dog’s health.

How to make dogs love bathing in the summer

2. Time selection

As far as the season is concerned, bathing your pet is not recommended in winter. Even in other seasons, when the weather changes suddenly, avoid bathing your pet. Pets, unlike people, regulate their temperature in no other way than by growing their fur in the winter and shedding it in the spring. However, if there is a thunderstorm in summer, it is especially unsuitable for bathing animals. After a pet is bathed, the pores will open and the natural oils in the hair will be reduced, which cannot be recovered in a short time and is most likely to be neglected by the owner and cause disease. Generally speaking, long-haired dogs are bathed once every half month and daily grooming is of utmost importance. Especially the season of hair change. Short-haired dogs are washed once a month. On weekdays, just wipe with a wet towel. In addition, the spring weather is dry, dip some water before combing to avoid static electricity.

How to make dogs love bathing in the summer

3. Proper state

The following states are not suitable for bathing

  • 1 Dog just brought home
  • 2 Puppies that have not been vaccinated
  • 3 Dogs with traumatic injuries
  • 4 cold, etc. that are in an unhealthy state
  • 5 Newly vaccinated dogs
  • 6 Female dogs in heat
  • 7 Dogs before and after pregnancy

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In general, it is easier to bathe a dog. Even if they don’t cooperate, they won’t try everything to escape. You can do it easily by paying attention to learning and summarizing some tips. Water in the dog’s ears can easily cause ear infections. Before bathing, rub two cotton balls slightly larger than the eyes of the ears and stuff them into the dog’s ears so that the water that accidentally flows into them will be blocked by the cotton balls. But remember to take them out after the bath because if the wet cotton balls are not thrown out by the dog, it will backfire.

How to make dogs love bathing in the summer


2. The benefits of training dogs to love bathing

[1. Strengthening the body]

A pet grooming bath stimulates the metabolism of the skin epidermis, removes excess oil, dirt and bacteria, and washes away necrotic hair, dandruff, parasites and feces. At the same time, it keeps your dog beautiful and clean.

You may think bathing your dog is easy, but it is not. It comes with a lot of knowledge and skill. Some people believe frequent bathing will wash the natural oils off the skin and that too much shampoo will dry the skin and hair. Some people think you can give your dog a bath whenever you want.

How to make dogs love bathing in the summer

Of course, bathing shouldn’t be too frequent, but you just need to take the proper precautions and use the right tools and techniques when bathing. Regularly bathing your dog with shampoo won’t hurt his coat, but it can actually be beneficial.

2. Beauty dressing

How to make dogs love bathing in the summer

The timing of your pet’s grooming depends on the texture and color of your dog’s coat hair can get dirty and the temperature and humidity in your area.

For the average dog, an average weekly bath is fine, but you can also increase the frequency of baths appropriately if you use a balanced shampoo with the correct pH level. No one wants a smelly pet running around his room. So, based on the author’s years of experience in grooming, I would like to ask how long does it take to bathe a dog? The answer is: whenever he needs it.

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Many parents are willing to take their dogs to the pet store for a bath. In fact, it is necessary to bathe your dog at home. There are many benefits. However, this does not mean that taking your dog to the pet store for a bath is bad. The most scientific approach is to alternate between bathing at the pet store and at home. The main purpose of bathing at home is daily cleaning and maintenance. The purpose of bathing at the pet store is grooming.

Some people think that frequent bathing washes the natural oils off the skin, that too much shampoo dries out the skin and hair, and some people think that dogs can be bathed whenever they want. Of course, bathing shouldn’t be too frequent, but you only need just to take the proper precautions and use the right tools and techniques when bathing. Bathing your dog frequently with shampoo won’t hurt his hair, but it can actually be beneficial.

How to make dogs love bathing in the summer


3. Training techniques

1. Train your dog not to be afraid of water

1, Step-by-Step

When swimming for the first time, the dog’s parents should accompany the dog to shallow water and lower the dog into the water slowly, not roughly.

Take about 20 minutes to let the dog have 20 minutes to feel the water flow with your body.

2 Toy induction

When the dog is able to stay calmly in the water, the dog’s parents can take a toy and entice the dog to swim slowly forward so that he can acclimate without realizing it.

When they see a beloved toy, most dogs will happily swim around after it.

How to make dogs love bathing in the summer

2 Correcting mistakes

When the dog has rested and regained strength, he can continue to teach the dog to repeat the swimming stroke he just did. If the dog’s head is sticking up too high, his tail is submerged in the water, and his front feet are swinging so much that it looks difficult, then his swimming stroke is probably wrong and will only take effort and not help to move forward. At this point, the dog’s parents need to give the dog some help, which means lifting the dog’s front feet and teaching the dog to swing his body regularly.

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To get the dog more accustomed to contact with water, the dog’s parents can gently pour water on the dog, but not on its face, which can be uncomfortable. Sometimes, dogs can feel very panicky and struggle even in shallow water. In this case, the dog’s parents can put their hands on the dog’s belly and give it enough support so that the dog will soon calm down. When it gets used to the right movements, it can play freely with you in the water. Teaching a dog to swim is like teaching a very artistic child to paint. All it takes is a timely reminder and a click.

This summer, enjoy the cool world of water and let your beloved dog enjoy bathing!

How to make dogs love bathing in the summer

Shih Tzu

IV. Training attitude

[1. The tone of voice]

Commands and signals should be used gently at the beginning of training, especially when teaching new content, supplemented by appropriate movement instructions. The code should be clear and short for the dog to remember. When the dog gets bored, correct him promptly with the leash. If the leash is ineffective, scold him with a firm tone of voice, because using an encouraging tone of voice at this time is counterproductive.

[2. Compliments]

If the dog completes the action requirements correctly as instructed by the owner, he needs to be praised in a pleasant tone and shown that his performance has earned the owner’s pleasure. However, you cannot scold the dog with words of praise. This will make the dog feel cheated and not go to the owner more often.

How to make dogs love bathing in the summer

[3. command]

If the command is convinced that the dog has understood the owner’s control but will not act on it, but is guessing at the owner’s attitude, he must be forced to do so by commanding him in a forceful tone. But before doing so, you should carefully consider whether the owner is asking too much and the dog cannot do it for the moment.

[4. Reprimand]

This method of severe reprimand should be used with caution. Common mistake breeders make is that the owner instructs the dog to do some action, but then he starts scolding the dog loudly because it is not clearly expressed or the dog does not understand. The dog will be baffled by the reason for the scolding. Severe scolding is limited to certain special situations. For example, there will be a serious accident related to the life or death of the dog.

5. Calling the dog by its name

Give the dog a fixed name. For example, if the dog’s name is Babe, different families and neighbors also call it Baby and Babe on other occasions, which can confuse the dog. Avoid a coarse tone when calling the dog’s name and prohibit attaching the dog’s name when scolding the dog. Otherwise, the dog will ignore it the next time it is called by its name. Names are limited to issuing commands and praise to leave a good impression on the dog. You will immediately run to your side the next time you call its name.

How to make dogs love bathing in the summer

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Although most dogs are not afraid of water, there are some exceptional cases. Dogs with a mild fear of water can be moved through the water with some training as long as the owner is patient enough. If the dog’s personality is relatively quiet and the toy does not play the expected role of induction, then the dog’s parents should be patient and use a gentle tone of voice to constantly praise and encourage the dog to move through the water. When appropriate, give the dog a break and a snack to replenish energy, relieve the dog’s emotions, and reduce stress.

Parents of dogs must remember the saying that if they want to be fast, they can’t be fast. Sometimes, if they are too eager to succeed, they may have the opposite effect, making the dog averse and fearful of the water and never swim again. In serious cases, the dog may hate daily bathing and lose a lot of money for a minor reason. Generally speaking, it is easier to bathe a dog. Even if they do not cooperate, they will not try everything to escape. You can do it easily by paying attention to learning and summarizing some tips.

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