I. Poodle cleaning and blowing dry

[1. Poodle bathing]

Clean the body surface of the poodle, prevent and control surface parasites, and increase the lung capacity of the dog. Depending on the situation, the bathing method of the poodle can be divided into dry and wet washing.

When a pooch is under half a year old and not particularly dirty, it should not be bathed with water. This is because puppies have weak resistance and are prone to respiratory infections, colds and pneumonia, so they should be dry cleaned. The other main reason for dry cleaning is that wet cleaning can affect the growth of the dog’s coat, as well as the color and quality of the coat. Poodles have long, curly coats with vibrant colors. Consideration should be given to not wet washing too often.

Dry cleaning does not require water, but rather a dry laundry detergent sprinkled on the dog’s coat and wiped off at 15-30 minute intervals, rubbing upward, taking care not to let the powder get into the eyes and nostrils so the dog does not inhale it. The shampoo contains absorbent substances such as talc, boric acid and mild alkaline substances that remove excess oil and dirt, and also dry the hair. All light-colored hair is like white and cream poodles should be dry shampooed. Dogs should not be dry cleaned when their hair is too dirty or too greasy.


When the coat is dirty, it can be wet cleaned. The wet wash water temperature should be 30 to 40 regal degrees. The first time the dog is bathed, it should be done step by step and not forcibly, otherwise, it will struggle hard in future baths. After the dog enters the water, first sprinkle the body gently with water, and then scrub the fur after it is calm. After getting wet by the fur, wash it with a special shampoo for dogs, then dry it with a dry towel as soon as possible, use a hair dryer to dry about half a meter of fur, and pay attention to the comb to dry the roots.

In addition, the following points should be noted when wet washing:>

1 Before bathing, plug your dog’s ears with a cotton ball to prevent sewage and detergent from getting into the ears. The cotton balls should be larger so that they can be easily removed after the wash. Two drops of mild olive oil and eye drops can be placed in the corners of the dog’s eyes in advance of the bath to prevent the shampoo from irritating the dog’s eyes.

2 Don’t bathe with cold water in winter, the water temperature should be around 40 degrees.

3 Poodles should not be washed too much to avoid tangling or shedding of the coat.

[2. Poodle blow dry]


After rubbing, wash the whole body with water, give it some conditioner, and then wash it thoroughly.

Wrap your poodle’s body in a bath towel and move to the stage to dry off the water; dry the rest with a hair dryer. Start at the head and brush one side until the roots are completely dry; after the blow dry, re-comb the hair all over with a comb.

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Before cleaning, clean the ears and nails, then plug the ear holes with a long cotton ball to avoid getting water in. Dilute the pet bath with water; clean the anal glands by gently squeezing them with your thumb and index finger; apply the diluted bath to the head and body, and gently rub the back, belly, and limbs along the head without letting the bath get into the pooch’s eyes.



II. Poodle Shearing and shaving

1. Poodle Shearing steps

The steps are as follows:

  • 1 Catch the footwork line first.
  • 2 Dorsal line:The dorsal line is horizontal, with the front cut to slightly behind the vertical upward extension of the elbow.
  • 3 The hips are cut flat at 30° from the hip bone to the caudal root.
  • 4 The back body cuts the fly section diagonally at 30° in the direction of the leg, and vertically cuts the fly section straight.
  • 5 Chest trimming begins with a comb to pull up the hair diagonally, trim horizontally with scissors, and then trim the front foot to give the entire chest a soft, rounded look.
  • 6 Waist and abdomen: pay special attention to the waistline. The waistline opens to a point just behind the dog’s last rib but, the waistline depends on the overall skeletal characteristics of the dog. Cut the abdomen in a diagonal line, sloping from the elbow to the waistline.
  • 7 Trim the sides and back of the body into an arc, so that the dog’s body is peanut-shaped when viewed from above.
  • 8 Head trimming. The scissors are cut down along the root of the ear and the hair on the top of the head is rounded. Ear hairs are generally not trimmed, but usually do not go beyond the sternum position.

[2. Poodle Shaving]

There is a saying that when a poodle changes his hair, which is when he is 4-8 months old, it is recommended to push all of his hair out, which helps the hair to grow. In fact, this statement is incorrect.

All pet dogs have periods of hair change as it grows. At this time, his hair is relatively soft and the amount of hair is thinning and not conducive to shape. If all the hair is pushed out, using improper tools or incorrect shaving techniques, it is easy to scratch the hair follicles. For example, just like a boy shaving, the thicker the beard because the hair follicle, because the thicker the hair follicle, the thicker the beard. So, it is the same thing with a dog shaving, because the hair follicle gets thicker because of injury, the hair that grows out also gets thicker, but the hair also becomes damaged. Therefore, we recommend that poodles keep their hair clean during the hair change period, can be appropriately shortened, keep the hair length 1 cm, and insist on combing the hair to promote blood circulation. As long as the dog’s natural genetic hair is not bad after the hair change period even without shaving, the hair will grow just as well.


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Summer always arrives suddenly. With the heat, many of the poodles in the community got new haircuts. They often see the shape of a lion costume: when they shave their hair, the hair on their head doesn’t move and the tail is trimmed to a fistful of hair from a lion’s tail; there are raccoons and squirrels; it looks cooler than thick, long hair, but many poodles insist on not cutting their hair. Upon questioning, they know they would rather be hot than trimmed or have a funny reaction to the trim.

If your pooch doesn’t particularly need to be shaved, it’s OK to give your pooch a short haircut in the summer or. The length of the hair is trimmed to 2-3 centimeters so that your pooch can cool off and not get sunburnt. Know beforehand which breeds of Poodle do not need to be clipped and which dogs need regular clipping and grooming. For example, Satsuma, Pomeranian, Sumeru, Golden Retriever, and other common Poodles, although the hair is very long, the summer did not cut the habit of short hair, usually small snow, Shih Tzu, bear, lady these need regular haircut grooming Poodles to need a short haircut.



III. Poodle Hair combing and dyeing

[1. Poodle Grooming]

The Poodle’s hair is curly and prone to tangles, as well as dirt and other messes, so it is important to brush it regularly. Brushing not only combs out dirt but also improves the dog’s blood circulation, making it healthier. Parents should master some methods of grooming their poodles.

  • 1. Prepare the tools. Start with a good tool for grooming your poodle. You can choose from brushes, flexible wire brushes, and long, sparse metal combs. Brushes only fluff the ends of long hairs, while fine hairs undercoat cannot be combed. Combing is done from the neck, front to back, top to bottom, i.e. neck to shoulder first, then back, chest, waist, abdomen, body, then head, and finally limbs and tail, combing one side and then the other.
  • 2. Comb the hair. The hair should be combed quickly in the direction of the hair. Some people comb their dog’s hair only on the surface and neglect to comb the undercoat fine hair underneath. A dog’s undercoat is soft and dense and can easily form tangles and even cause eczema, ringworm or other skin diseases if left uncombed for a long time. When grooming your poodle, you should comb the undercoat in more detail, layer by layer.
  • 3. specifics. Comb your poodle’s hair gently, pressing on the roots first, then combing. Its curly hair is not easy to comb. If the action is too violent, the dog will feel pain and refuse to be combed. If the dog does not cooperate, you can tempt it with a small treat.


[2. Poodle Hair dyeing]

  1. 1 Prepare the tools. Prepare things before dyeing, brushes, gloves, colors, straight rows, rubber bands, combs.
  2. 2 Combing the hair. Only wash the dog’s hair through when combing, and do not use electric clippers for any grooming.
  3. 3 Order of hair coloring. Back, tail, ears to prevent the ears from moving around.
  4. 4, specifics. When coloring, use an inline comb often to verify that the hair is colored. After coloring, the hair is blown dry with a hair dryer for 10 to 15 minutes. The ends are colored and wrapped in tin foil and tied in the back with a rubber band. In each next step, the roots of the hair are drawn with a hairbrush. After the ears are wrapped, the rubber band should also be tied to the hair and the back hair is rubbed with water first and the ears are dyed more at the end.
  5. 5 Caution. Do not dye if you have a skin condition or an ear problem. If the dye accidentally falls on other parts of the hair, do not rub it. When tying rubber bands, make sure to tie them in hairy areas, never on the skin, etc., to avoid poor blood circulation and necrosis.

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Poodles tend to get tangled in their hair. In general, they should be groomed normally once a day. After going outside for exercise, they should be groomed as appropriate. Combing not only cleans the dog’s body, but also promotes blood circulation, eliminates fatigue, prevents parasite reproduction, prevents skin diseases, and increases the luster of the coat. Do not use too much force when combing to avoid hurting the skin, turn up the bottom hair, layer by layer combing, while using some diluted conditioner and sprinkle some baby powder. Hair dyeing must be safe, but it also depends on the season, gender, etc. If there is a physical defect, practice with the leash for one hour a day, with correct posture, correct station and 20 minutes of posture. Starting from three months, you should exaggerate your tail with curves.



IV. Poodle Hair Restoration

Poodle Repair Tips

  • 1. The hair on the top of the poodle’s head should be trimmed to a round, medium length, with a beard, ankles, face and tail heel should be cut short, forelimbs, hips and shoulders, about 4 cm long, waist cm, waist and neck hair should be cut short to look like wearing jeans. The tail tip should be cut into a large ball of hair so that it not only looks nice, but also makes it feel fresh and awake without eczema.
  • If the dog has a small head, to compensate for this, the hair on the head can be left a little longer and cut in a round shape. But the hair on the neck needs to hang down naturally and the hair in the ears needs to be left longer, which will make the head look slightly larger and very pretty. Dogs with big heads need to have their hair cut short, and the hair on their necks does not need to be cut short.
  • 2. If you have a dog with a long face, you should trim the beard on either side of the nose to round it off to emphasize the focus. Dogs with smaller eyes should trim about two rows of hair from the upper eyelids to widen the eye circle.
  • 3. Dogs with shorter necks can improve their shape by trimming the hair at the nape of the neck, but the hair in the middle of the neck should be cut deeper, which can make the neck feel a little longer. Long dogs, the hair behind the chest or hips cut short and loosened body hair with curlers will make the body look shorter. Fat dogs, it is best to cut the hair all over the body short and the extremities in a stick, which can make the body look thinner.


[2. Poodle Reaction after dog restoration]

1 Reaction 1: Anger after dog restoration.

Some poodles cherish their hair. If you cut your poodle’s hair, you will lose your temper or even attack the person or owner trimming the dog. It is best not to cut such a poodle, and not to trim it partially. Also, if you cut your poodle’s hair, it is recommended that you bring an Elizabethan ring with you when you trim it! If this is the case and you specifically want to cut your dog’s hair, then I suggest you find someone who specializes in dog grooming to fix it so that people will have plenty of experience in handling these situations and another poodle won’t be angry with you.

2 Post-repair reaction in dogs 2: Depression.

Some poodles get trimmed, especially shaved worse, or even shaved, and feel that the hair is so different from the original that they may be mentally unacceptable, depressed, hide alone in a corner, who calls it does not come out, and seriously do not even go out for walks. If the owner does not know that his poodle will react this way after being trimmed and shaved, then you must wait for the poodle to turn on its own and remember not to shave it later!

3 Post-repair reaction of the dog 3: Low self-esteem.

Some poodles feel as if they have been neutered after hair restoration and their bodies lack some function, so they become inferior, very lively and inactive, and don’t like to go out for walks to touch familiar poodles and slip away from their own.

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As a family pet, to keep your VIP cool and properly beautiful, you can grow a beard, ankles, face and tail heel should be cut short, forelimbs, rump and shoulder hair, cut about 4 cm long, and waist and neck hair that looks like you are wearing jeans. The tail tip should be cut into a large ball of hair so that it not only looks beautiful but also feels fresh and awake without eczema.

If your pooch’s hair is repaired after these situations, the owner should not be anxious to comfort your pooch, play with him or give him some good food or fun to make him happy. If you don’t want to go out and walk around, don’t force pull it out, in fact, the hair of the poodle grows quite fast, and in a few days you can grow a cut, then the poodle’s mood will naturally improve! Huagai

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