Name your dog is a very important thing. It is often said that a dog is man’s best friend. Since it is the best friend, it should have a good name. But picking a name is harder than you might think. Fortunately, wikiHow can help you with such a problem. Read on to Step 1 to learn tips for naming your dog.

How to give your dog a name
How to give your dog a name


How You Should Name Your Dog

1. Keep the name short. Dogs are more likely to recognize a name with one or two syllables than a complex name. Instead of a long name like “Zhang San’s Wang Cai”, shorten it and call it “Wang Cai”.

If you really want to give your dog a longer, more formal name, know that you’ll end up shortening it anyway, so it’s better to have a shortened name that also sounds good.

How to give your dog a name
How to give your dog a name

2. Try a name with a sharp consonant. Dogs are sensitive to high frequency sounds, so names that start with s, sh, ch, k, etc. can be very good at attracting the dog’s attention. Dogs respond more quickly to relatively sharp sounds. Also, consider names that end in vowels, especially short “a” and long “e” sounds.

Some of the names that follow these rules include Simba, Chico, Kassie, Sweetie, Delilah, etc.

How to give your dog a name
How to give your dog a name

3. Do not choose a name that sounds similar to a command. Dogs can’t pick up words, but they can recognize how often they occur, and they can be confused by words that sound similar, especially if they have a command they need to follow.

For example, the name “kit” can easily be confused with the command “sit” (sit). The name “bo” can be confused with the command “no”.

How to give your dog a name
How to give your dog a name

4. When renaming an older dog, use a similar pronunciation. Be careful when changing the name of an older dog. Use a similar pronunciation, such as changing “Barney” to “Farley”. It is more important to keep the vowels sounding the same than the consonants, because dogs are more sensitive to vowels. So you can replace “Pinky” with “Mikey”, but not “Porky”. [3] X research sources

How to give your dog a name
How to give your dog a name

Be aware that you will be calling your dog by its name in public. Some names have family significance, but may not be appropriate at a veterinary clinic or dog park. Also, choosing a name that is too common may cause your dog to run to someone else (or someone else’s dog will run to you).

Names like “Fido” or “Rover” should be avoided because they are very traditional and common names.

You should also take into account the possible effects of your dog’s name. For example, people are more afraid of a dog named “Killer” than a dog named “Sweetheart”.

How to give your dog a name
How to give your dog a name

Before naming your dog after a family member or friend, get their permission. You may think it would be nice to name your dog after your favorite Aunt Mary, but your aunt may not see it that way. She may feel that it is disrespectful to her.

Try out the name for a few days before settling on it. Once you have chosen a name, try it out for about a few days to see how it is received. Then you’ll know if you should keep it. If it doesn’t fit, then try something else. There are many dog names to try. When your dog responds to their new name, don’t forget to reward them. The more rewards they get at this point, the faster they will adapt to the new name.

How to give your dog a name
How to give your dog a name

Pay attention to your dog’s feelings when trying out a new name. Put yourself in your dog’s shoes and think about whether you want to be called that name over and over again. If you don’t want to, then maybe you should change it to something else.

8. Try many names. If you really can’t decide what name to give your dog, you can search the Internet, there are many great dog names. There are some very professional sites in this area that can help you generate inspiration.

How to give your dog a name
How to give your dog a name

Naming your dog based on appearance and personality

1. Look at your dog’s color and coat. You can get a lot of inspiration from color and coat. For example, if your dog is brown, you can call him “Rollo”, “Chocolate” or “Little Brown”. Or, if your dog has curly hair, you can call him “Curly”.

See if your dog has any distinctive features. Look at his paws, ears, face, tail – any part. Are there any features that other dogs don’t typically have.

How to give your dog a name
How to give your dog a name

For example, if your dog has two white front paws, you can call him “Glove” or something similar.

3. Try your dog’s size to inspire you. If your dog is particularly small or large, you can refer to this feature to give it a name. You can also give him a name that is the opposite of his size.

For example, you can call your dog “Big” or your big dog “Little”.

How to give your dog a name
How to give your dog a name

4. Name your dog according to his personality traits. After a few days of consideration, your new dog’s personality will gradually show itself. Try “Cuddles” for a small, cute dog who likes to be petted, or “Daze” for a dog who can’t find his kennel. Watch how he interacts with your family, or notice any funny habits you have.

Dogs can be named from the movies they watch or the things they are exposed to

1. Look at famous dogs in movies and TV. Good movies always have good dog names. “Blue” from “Blood at the Window” is a suitable name for many dogs. If you want to get a taste of famous TV dogs, try “Dino” and “Astro”. If you like the classics, you can consider “Lassie”.

How to give your dog a name
How to give your dog a name

2. Get inspired by books. If you have a favorite author or book, you can name your dog after the author or character in the book. Jack London has a dog named “Possum”, Odysseus’ dog in “The Odyssey” is named “Argos”, and Tintin’s dog is named “Snowflake”.

You can also look to history for inspiration. Try the names of presidents or famous events. For example, if you are a fan of Theodore Roosevelt, you can name your dog “Teddy”.

How to give your dog a name
How to give your dog a name

3. Find inspiration from your bloodline. If you are particularly identified with your ancestors or like the dialects of different countries and regions, you can name your dog after the language of your ancestors’ country or region.

German dog names. Try “Fritz” or “Kaiser” for starters.

Irish dog names. Like water? Then try “Murphy”, which means “of the sea”.

How to give your dog a name
How to give your dog a name

French dog names. “Pierre” and “Coco” are two of the best names, especially for fashionable dogs.

Cute dog names

1. Puffy

2. Natalie

3. April

4. Dodger

5. Dio


7、Little snowflake


How to give your dog a name
How to give your dog a name

More unique dog names

1. Little, Ice-cream, Milkshake

2. Sese, Jia Jia, Dina

3.arno, Niu Niu, Pearl

4. Annie, Lin Ya Ya, Lala

5. soymilk, Xiao Mei, Nuo Nuo

6. gege, coffee, wenwen

7. Bai, Cheese, Huanhuan

8. Flower, Haunting, Shi Nuo

9. Xia Xia, Bei Bei, Min Min

10. Strawberry, Nicole, Sakura

11. Zhuli, Angie, Millie

12. cola, Hera, calvin

13. Mei Mei, green tea, Xian Xian

14. bainie, qiqi, shy

15. orange, Wan Wan, Si Si

16. small buns, Yang Yang, Jiao Jiao

17. Tigress, doll, rice ball

18. Kailin, little pretty, TianTian

19. harry, sisi, mian

20. Kathleen, Fifi, Lilac

21. A Bao, Pudding, Dot

22. Tong Tong, Jenny, Ball

23. Rose, Linlin, rubbing

24. Gogo, cute, sweet dumplings

25. Tuan Tuan, Susu, Nana

26. Rong Rong, Su Su, Ting Ting

27. Ying Ying, Nini, juice

28. Xinxin, small watermelon, Fangfang

29. Lulu, bending, if if

30. Yoyo, Xixi, Sarah

31. Little good, little pill, Ping Ping

32. Xixi, Jingjing, Minnie

33. Meng Meng, Lulu, Shirley

34. Medicine, Cindy, Tinker Bell

35. Apple, cookie, millet

36. Leaf, Jelly, Xiao Xiao

37. Lick, Cady, Blue Eyes

38. Miffy, fox, Doodle

39. Milk tea, small q, snowball

40. Dolly, elf, good boy

How to give your dog a name
How to give your dog a name


Choose a name you’ve always liked.

You can find names anywhere: in your favorite books, your hobbies, etc.

Other ideas to consider: you can name your dog after your favorite city, country, religion or famous book.

Unique male dog names

Zeus, Moss, Abbot, Gyro, Tails

Gongzi, Xiaoqi, Rustom, Big Money, Teuton

Harry, Ann, Bobo, Ding Ding

Kuankuan, Hara, Skywolf, Cabbage, Wang

Nini, Sese, Chino, Timo, Bear

Milk Tea, Spice, Spider, Lily, Fat Tiger

William, Chushen, Poppy, Dangdang, Raccoon

Fei, Xian, Meat, Millie, Nana

Mei Mei, Pepper, Spar, Shark, Sprite

Curry, Berta, Wangcai, Woo-woo

Baby, Toot, Noisy, Ass

Lamb, Gnocchi, Bouncy, Ying, Orange

Bunny, snack, into the catty, Eli, Xianbei

Famous, Xiao Tu, Deli, Emmy, Harry

Very cool dog names

Seventeen, Asa, Douhua, Wind God

Andy, Shelby, Charlie, Reo

Barker, Gotcha, Puffy, Happy

David, Paw Paw, Rose, Bo Boy

Tiger, Ran Ran, Ma Duan, Ben Ben

Hephe, Bean, Wen, Mao Dou

Doug, Baker, Xinxin, Fei Fei

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