How to feed Labradors of all ages

title=”How to feed Labradors of all ages”

Labradors in puppyhood, because of their poor digestion, of course, can not be fed in the same way as adult Labradors, since the dog is still small, of course, we should treat them like children, puppies are weak in their ability to move anything, can not eat some too hard food, so as not to digest it leads to illness.

As they get older, maybe seven or eight months, they start to grow up, and this is the time when they should need the most nutrition and food, and they like to play around with their owners every day, and of course the amount will increase, and in contrast, their owners should add a lot of food to them to make them better.

After the adult is different, the adult Labrador feeding method is different again, the adult dog usually eat dog food, not to feed some salt, acid content too much, otherwise after a long time the dog’s coat will fade, to the appearance of the beauty of a certain impact.

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