How should we cut the Labrador’s hair, today we will talk to you specifically about the tools that need to be used and precautions.


Wooden comb, small scissors, and clippers. Small scissors are used to trim the hair neatly, and sharpening shears trim the clipped hair naturally and beautifully.

How to cutting labrador hair
How to cutting labrador hair


Bath your dog before trimming, and then cut while smoothing with the wooden comb. Use the scissors lengthwise and do not point them at the dog’s body to avoid scratching it.

How to cutting labrador hair
How to cutting labrador hair

How to cutting labrador hairWhen it comes to raising a pet dog, we are always concerned about the topic of dog grooming. Whether it is vanity or not, every owner does want their pet dog to become better behaved, more adorable, and more beautiful. The Labrador is a handsome dog with a natural appearance, but owners also want to repair Lala’s hair to look more spirited and fierce.

  • 1. The hair on the Labrador’s body is not very long and thick. If the dog looks handsome and neat, then the hair on the body does not need to be overly trimmed. Just trim the messy hair reasonably well.
  • 2. Of course, if you must give the Labrador a haircut, then it is recommended that you choose to use a pusher and then trim the hair against the dog’s skin.
  • 3. To the Labrador haircut, its toenail parts of the hair must be trimmed clean, long some thin foot hair must be cut clean. In addition, the Labrador’s abdominal hair should not be trimmed too short because these hairs also protect the Labrador’s reproductive organs from harm.

Note: It is not recommended to shave the dog’s hair unless it is infected with some skin disease. Because the dog’s coat is shaved off, its skin is more likely to be stimulated by the outside world, inducing skin diseases.

How to cutting labrador hair
How to cutting labrador hair

What are the considerations for trimming the Labrador’s hair

The Labrador’s hair is relatively short but very thick and thick. Therefore, special attention must be paid when trimming, not only to trim the beautiful and stylish but also not to hurt the Labrador’s fur. The Labrador’s coat only needs a simple trim, no drastic shaving or cutting, etc.

Before trimming the hair, you should comb the Labrador to remove the hair that has been shed on the skin’s surface and start decorating after searching the inner layer of fluffy hair smoothly. When trimming, you can choose to use a small comb to comb the hair up and then cut it properly with scissors. Just like a human haircut, this will prevent the scissors from piercing the Labrador’s skin.

How to cutting labrador hair

After the Labrador’s entire body is trimmed, the hair on the bottom of his feet and toenails should be cut. Generally, you can choose special nail clippers and files to decorate. Parents hold the Labrador’s feet with their hands, carefully confirm the parts that need to be cut, quickly cut the toenails, and then use the file to trim them into a rounded shape.

Special care should be taken when trimming the hair on the bottom of the Labrador’s feet and between the toes, using small scissors or home portable electric clippers. First, break the Labrador’s toes by hand to expose the hair on the bottom of the feet, then take small scissors or use portable electric clippers to remove the excess hair. The hair between the dog’s toes should be trimmed with scissors.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the hair on the bottom of the Labrador’s feet should not be trimmed too short. Just make sure to leave the pads of the feet exposed. In addition, if the Labrador resists fiercely when the hair and feet are trimmed, it is best to stop shrinking and wait until the Labrador is stable and relaxed before cutting again.

Cut Labrador hair order

  • 1. Jaw. The long hair in the jaw is useless and affects the appearance of the face, so the excess should be cut off.
  • 2. Eyebrows. When trimming the eyebrows, the scissors should not be directed at the eyes so that the dog does not touch the eyes when moving around.
  • 3. The edge of the lips. The hair that grows on the lower edge of the lips should also be cut off. Trimming should first hold its lips down so as not to cause injury when it suddenly moves around.
How to cutting labrador hair
How to cutting labrador hair

How to make Labrador’s hair shiny and smooth?

  • 1. Consistently comb the hair. Use a special comb for pets to search the Labrador once in the morning, once in the evening, and before bathing, which can alleviate the Labrador’s hair loss problem and make the coat smoother.
  • 2. Use supplements. For example, seaweed powder hairdressing oil, blueberry powder lecithin, etc., with the role of hairdressing skin care.
  • 3. pay attention to diet. Labrador’s diet should not be salty. You can choose the dog food with hair beauty function. You can give Labrador extra meals on weekends, eat two egg yolks, and hairdressing tools.
  • 4. more sunshine.

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