We feast on ourselves during New Year’s Eve and let our dogs have a fat year. But after the New Year, but found that the dog had indigestion resulting in poor gastrointestinal symptoms, which should be done. Here are some tips for dog parents to put down their minds:

Restructure the food

[Detailed explanation]

Gastrointestinal problems start with your dog’s food. The first thing you need to do is to ensure that you understand what you’re doing well. In addition, because dried meat exists in the stomach for a long time, it is not easy to digest, so dogs often overeat meat and refuse to eat it the next day.

[Editor’s tip]

A dog food-based diet is healthier for your dog. So, correcting the bad habit of giving your dog leftovers is essential. But there are many kinds of dog food, some with poor nutritional content, and eating only this kind of dog food for a long time may cause it to be deficient in one aspect. Here, parents are advised to purchase good quality dog food for their dogs and to change it from time to time. When you change your dog’s food, don’t change it all at once. Gradually increase the amount of new dog food at each meal so your dog’s gut can slowly adapt.

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