Little poodle big star poodle beauty strategy

1. Cleaning and drying of the Poodle

Clean the ears and nails before cleaning, then plug the ear holes with a long cotton ball to avoid water ingress.

Squeeze out a little of your pet’s bath and dilute it with water; gently squeeze the anal glands with your thumb and forefinger to clean them; use the diluted bath to apply to the head as well as the entire body, rubbing gently along the head toward the back, abdomen, and limbs, and do not let the bath get into your poodle’s eyes.

After rubbing, wash his entire body with water, give him a dose of conditioner, and then rinse thoroughly.

Wrap your poodle’s body in a towel and move it to the counter to dry it off; use a hair dryer to dry the rest of the water, starting with the head and using a brush on one side until the hair is completely dry at the roots; use a comb to comb through the entire body after blowing.

Little poodle big star poodle beauty strategy

II. Poodle Shearing Repair Steps

  • I. Catch the foot line first.
  • 2. Dorsal line:The dorsal line is horizontal and the front cut is slightly behind the extension of the vertical upward line to the elbow.
  • 3. The hips are cut level from hip bone to tail root 30.
  • 4. The back half of the body is cut 30 diagonally in the direction of the legs and the fly section is cut vertically straight to the ground.
  • 5. The chest is trimmed by first pulling up the hair with a comb at an angle, trimming horizontally with scissors, and then trimming the front feet to give the whole chest a soft, rounded look.
  • 6. Waist and belly: Pay special attention to the waistline. The waistline opens to a point just behind the dog’s last rib but does not determine the waistline depending on the dog’s overall skeletal characteristics. Cut the belly into a diagonal line that slopes from the elbow to the waistline.
  • 7. Trim the sides and back of the body into an arc. The dog’s body is peanut-shaped when viewed from above.
  • 8. Head trimming. The scissors are cut along the root of the ear and the hair on the top of the head is rounded. Ear hairs are generally not trimmed, but generally do not go beyond the sternum position.

Little poodle big star poodle beauty strategy

Little poodle big star poodle beauty strategy

III. Poodle grooming and shaving


Let the dog stand on the stage and use the cleaning brush to brush slowly down from the center of the back to the abdomen; after brushing the back, brush the abdomen and the inside and outside of the front feet in turn; comb the head; and finally brush the poodle’s tail.


When shaving the mouth, Pet King recommends that you cut with your right hand and hold the dog’s mouth with your left hand; from the tip of the eyebrows to the tip of the nose, corner of the eyes, neck, cheeks, ear roots and chin; all four feet are just repaired to the heels of the pads. When shaving the soles of the feet, the thumb and index finger should separate the soles of the feet and carefully shave off any stray hairs in between; all the hair on the main body of the back, around the perimeter and on the abdomen should be shaved short; the part from the tail root to the anus should be shaved short by 2 to 3 CM using a V-cut.

Little poodle big star poodle beauty strategy

IV. Dyeing the Poodle’s Hair

Prepare tools: Prepare things before dyeing, brushes, gloves, colors, straight rows, rubber bands, and combs.

Combing: When combing the hair, only wash the dog’s hair through and do not use electric clippers for any trimming.

Hair dyeing order: back, tail, ears to prevent the ears from moving around

Specifics: When coloring, you should always use a straight comb to confirm that the hair is colored. After coloring, blow dry with a hair dryer for 10-15 minutes. After coloring, wrap the ends with tin foil and tie them in the back with a rubber band. In the next step, line with a hair root comb. After wrapping the ears, the rubber band should also be tied on the fur. Rub the back hair with water first, and then rub and dye the ears last.

Note: Do not dye if there is a skin condition or problem with the ears. If the dye accidentally falls on other parts of the hair, do not wipe it off. When tying a rubber band, it must be tied to the hair and not to the skin, etc., to avoid poor blood circulation and necrosis.

In addition, the color of the dye depends on the season, gender, etc. If the body is defective, practice with the leash for one hour a day with correct posture, correct platform, posture for 20 minutes, exaggerated from three months, with curves.

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