The secretions of the dog’s sebaceous glands have an unpleasant odor. These secretions have the characteristics of oil, if the skin and coat accumulate more, plus the outside world to the body of dirt, as well as some feces and urine left after excretion, it can make the skin tangled, emitting a burst of odor. Especially in the hot and humid spring and summer, if you do not bathe your dog, it is easy to attract pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. Therefore, it is necessary to give your dog a bath to keep the skin clean and hygienic to benefit your dog’s health.

What are the preparations before bathing

  • 1. reduce the dog’s inner fear. You can interact and play with the dog, and let the dog know that bathing is as easy and comfortable as playing, so the dog will not be so afraid.
  • 2. Combing the dog’s hair, cleaning it will be much easier, and combing can also promote blood circulation so that the hair better absorbs nutrients.
  • 3. You can take the dog into the shower room; the water temperature must be controlled at 36 ° ~ 40 °!    (The Best Dog Bath Tub In 2022)

How Should Dogs Bathe?

Dog bathing steps

Dogs’ sebum secretion is not as for humans. Frequent bathing will not only wash off the sebum to protect the skin but also increase the chances of dogs suffering from skin diseases. The following is the correct way to organize the dog bath; take a look!

1. Use warm water to roughly wet the dog’s entire body. Be careful. The bath water temperature should not be too high or too low. Generally speaking, 36 degrees Celsius in spring and summer and 37 degrees Celsius in autumn and winter are appropriate. As for the choice of weather, it is best to avoid weather with high air humidity and stormy days.

2. Apply the bath on the back, and then start rubbing from the back to the buttocks until the whole body rubs out the foam. For the choice of bath, as already mentioned, because of differences in skin pH, skin structure, and bath ingredients, human shampoos or baths are not suitable for dog skin, so a mild, non-irritating unique pet bath is the best choice.

3. Regarding the dog’s head, ears, chin, around the anus, limbs, soles of the feet, and other parts of the comprehensive cleaning, be careful not to speak of foam into the dog’s eyes.

How Should Dogs Bathe?

4. Flush the direction of the dog’s head, gradually rinse backward, extending to the limbs, rather than a headlong rush, rushing to where it is. Be sure to rinse off any residual bathing solution left on the dog’s body so that nothing is left behind. If the bath foam is left on the dog, it can easily irritate and cause skin irritation. We know that the skin structure of dogs is quite fragile, so it is recommended to use conditioner every time. The pH balance is conducive to thoroughly washing the residual bathing solution on the dog.

5. Take a towel, preferably to wrap the dog completely. Dry him. Also, don’t forget to remove the tampons inside his ears and wipe his ears. This is a mistake that many people will make a mistake. After the bath, directly put the dog in the sun and let it dry automatically, which is not scientific because the bath will remove a lot of oil on the dog’s coat, which to a certain extent, will reduce the dog’s ability to resist cold and resistance. A cold and a hot can easily lead to dog colds. Serious can also lead to pneumonia. Therefore, the correct way is to immediately dry the water droplets on the dog with a towel.

6. After drying with a towel, use a hair dryer to blow dry. This link should be noted that some dogs, such as long-haired dogs, only use the hair dryer to blow once is not enough. To ensure that the hair dries thoroughly, may wish to blow a few more times, and in the process of blowing, the hair should also be fingers or combed to turn the hair. This step also needs to pay attention to one thing: when blowing the air should be hand to try the temperature to avoid burning the dog. Of course, there are exceptions; dogs with skin diseases should not use the hair dryer because the heat of the hair dryer will further stimulate the itching of the affected areas of the skin. In this case, only let the dog in a warm place with natural air dry.  After blow drying, don’t forget to smooth out the dog’s coat.

8. Use toilet paper to clean the dog’s eyes and ears. (The Best Dog Bath Tub In 2022)

How Should Dogs Bathe?

What is the right temperature for dog bathing

When giving a dog a bath in winter, the owner must pay attention to the water temperature, do not give the dog a bath with too hot and too cold water because the dog’s skin is not the same as the human’s temperature is different.

The water temperature for dog bathing in winter is best controlled at about 35 to 38 degrees so the dog will be comfortable! (The Best Dog Bath Tub In 2022)

How often do dogs take a bath?

The number of times you bathe your dog in winter does not have to be too many. You can not bathe your dog every day. This is wrong, if your dog’s body odor is not very big, there is no two weeks or a month to take a bath.

If your dog’s body odor belongs to the great kind, then you can wash it once a week!

How Should Dogs Bathe?

How long does it take to control each dog bath

Winter to the dog bath time is not too long, or the dog is easy to catch a cold, to the dog each bath time is best controlled in about 20 to 30 minutes, so that the dog is not afraid to catch a cold.

And dog bathing can not soak too long, about 15 minutes on it! (The Best Dog Bath Tub In 2022)

How should dogs use body wash?

The dog’s skin’s suitable pH is different from humans, can not use human bathing products. The application of special pet bathing gel, which often uses human body wash for dog bathing, will destroy its skin immunity, resulting in skin disease or hair loss and other adverse conditions.

How Should Dogs Bathe?

How to blow dry your dog after a bath

After bathing your dog, take a towel to wipe your dog clean, and then immediately help your dog blow dry. You can not let your dog dry naturally; this practice is wrong and easy to causes your dog to catch a cold.

Many dogs will feel uneasy when blowing their hair, the owner can reward the dog with some delicious dog snacks and chicken jerky, which will distract the dog, and the dog will be happier!

How Should Dogs Bathe?

When dogs are not suitable for bathing

Sick: If your dog is ill or just sick, is not suitable for bathing first because at this time the dog resistance is low, and bathing will aggravate the dog’s condition, it is recommended to wait for the dog to be well for about a week before bathing.

Pregnancy and lactation: At this time the dog is more sensitive and easily gets sick.

During the vaccination period: the dog’s resistance during the vaccination period is not suitable for bathing.

How Should Dogs Bathe?

Before and after deworming: three days before and three days after deworming, should not be bathed; otherwise, it will affect the deworming effect.

Just bought a puppy: puppies are unfamiliar with the new environment, wait at least one month before bathing.

Can dogs be vaccinated after bathing?

Vaccination is not recommended for dogs just after bathing. Because bathing may cause stress reactions in dogs, and if the bathing process does not blow dry the hair or bathing temperature control is not good, the dog may catch a cold, etc. Before vaccinating your dog, you need to ensure that your dog’s health is normal, no fever, no sneezing, normal eating, normal pooping, etc., and then take it to get vaccinated. (The Best Dog Bath Tub In 2022)

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What is the advice for feeding your dog?

If the dog eats very stimulating and fishy food or dog food with low-quality ingredients, the dog’s burps and farts will give off a foul smell.

Especially the poo will become mainly black and smelly, this time the owner needs to pay special attention to the choice of dog food, to feed the dog must remember to feed a lighter dog food.

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