Is the Akita suitable for cold weather

title=”Is the Akita suitable for cold weather”

The Akita is not a small, medium-sized dog, and needs to have adequate nutrition in its food because it can hunt and is usually active. In the daily diet, you should provide about 500 grams of meat per day, plus an equal amount of vegetarian feed such as cereal and cookies. Meat should be cooked first, then cut into small pieces and mixed with cooked vegetarian feed. The company is also very friendly to its owners, but hostile to other pets, so the Akita is not suitable for mixed breeding and should be kept separately.

Care for breeding

The Akita uses a lot of energy from exercise every day, so when it comes to food, breeders should prepare some high-energy food for him. For example, prepare 500 grams of cooked meat for the Akita every day, and feed it with fresh vegetables, dog food, and other foods to ensure that the Akita’s body needs the nutrients it needs.

The food you prepare for your Akita should be fresh and tasty, and you should not carry over food from one meal to the next. The food should be fresh and tasty. The dog’s food bowl after each meal should also be cleaned and disinfected so that it does not harbor bacteria that could harm the Akita’s health.

Eye care

Start with eye drops for dogs, 2% boric acid, clean cotton balls, cotton swabs, clean towels, warm water, scissors, etc. The scissors are not always available, mainly when the hair around the eyes of the Akita grows too long to trim the following, to avoid frequent hair irritation to the eyes and lead to Akita tears accumulated dirt.

These are the best ways to get the most out of your dog’s life.

Before officially cleaning the Akita’s eyes, we should prepare a basin of warm water or use 2% boric acid water, then wet a towel and wring it out slightly to wipe around the Akita’s eyes, in the corners of the eyes, to clean the dirt and dust from the fur, soak the solidified eye droppings and dirt in the corners of the eyes, and then gently wipe them off.

After simply treating the Akita’s eye area for hygiene, it is time to put eye drops in the dog’s eyes to eliminate inflammation and protect the Akita’s eyes from being clean and healthy.

If your dog’s eyes are already infected with inflammation, then you should still send him to the vet for diagnosis and treatment, so as not to delay the best treatment for your pet dog.

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