1. Prices of Pine Siskin across China

[How much does a Husky cost] Husky prices across China and buying tips

Pine Lions

1. Price of Pine Lions across China

Around 1500 to 2000

2. [Beijing Pinscher Prices]

Around 1800 to 3000

3. [Chengdu Pinscher Price]

Yellow:about 600 to 10,000

White: about 1600-3000

Black: about 800-15000

4. [Shanghai Pine Siskin Price]

The price of Shanghai pine lion is the same as the whole country. The price of a pine lion is around 800 to 12,000

External pines, including American pines and Russian pines, can be bought for 1-2,000 for a good one

5. [Xi’an Pine Conure Prices]

Generally from 1000 to 4000.

Adults generally range from 5,000 to 15,000.

Race-level pine lions cost tens of thousands of yuan.

Flesh-billed pine lions are a little more expensive than regular pine lions.

If you differentiate prices by pine lion color, from highest to lowest: white pine lion blue pine lion red pine lion black pine lion.

As for the American and Russian pine martens, there is not much difference in price between the two, and prices are not generally differentiated by lineage, although there may be sellers who use this as a reason to raise prices.

2. The following is for reference only

[Husky How Much] Husky Nationwide Prices and Buying Tips

Pine Lions

The following is for reference only

Racing Pine Stiff: 50,000

Black racing pine marten: 50,000

White racing pine lion: 9,000

Purebred pine lion puppy: 30,000

Meat-mouthed pine lion: 2000

Pine Lion breeding male: 30,000

Female Pine Lion Breeder: 30,000

Baby pine lion: 3000

Pine lion breeding: 2000

Pine Stiff 2 months: 5000

Pine Siskin 4 months: 10000

6. [Price of purebred pine lion]

Purebred: price around 1000-3000

Race grade: around 8000

7. [Black Pine Stiff price]

Black is cheaper, around 1000 to 1500

The pine has a large head with a wide, flat skull, a wide, deep mouth, and a beautiful fringe-like mane around its head. The elegant body structure needs to be balanced and not so large as to be insensitive or alert to activity. The coat is divided into short and coarse coats, both double-coated. The pine lion combines beauty, nobility and nature with a unique blue tongue, sad expression and unique gait. The price of pine lions varies greatly from place to place, ranging from one thousand five hundred to four thousand. These are the prices of pine lions in several cities.

2. How to choose a good product for a pine lion

[Husky How Much] Husky Nationwide Prices and Buying Tips

Pine Lions

3. How to choose a good product for a pine lion

  • 1. Usually when you buy online, the seller will give photos of the side and front.
  • 2. If you buy a dog online, you must ask the seller for a photo of the dog standing on one side. This is very important to determine if the dog’s skeleton is healthy.
  • 3. The puppy can stand fully without human help. A side view photo should give a solid and strong feeling. The angle of the thighbone is greater than 90 degrees, the calf bone is slightly longer than the thighbone, and the fly joint is perpendicular to the ground. Although the angle between the thighbone and pelvis is slightly larger, it accentuates the strength of the hind limbs.
  • 4. The dorsal line is very flat. Due to the angle of the hind drive, the back looks a bit sloped. This symbolic sloping back gives the puppy an exaggerated and powerful hind drive throughout.
  • 5. Showing better grooming features with just the right brow bone, a straight nose, and a full side tone.
  • 6. Most importantly, this is a standing pose done independently by the puppy, showing good bone structure and a strong desire to show, with great potential for participation :

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