Thinking of getting a Caucasian, how can I get to know it better?

title=”Want to get a Caucasian, how can I get to know it better?”

Many people are curious about how a large dog like the Caucasian is bred to grow so large, so what are the key points of Caucasian breeding techniques that families who want to feed a Caucasian must want to know, so they can take better care of their dog and avoid improper feeding that can cause all kinds of physical discomfort and even death.

Systematic breeding is a method of breeding in which both males and females have more than one identical ancestor in a four or five generation bloodline, and in both parents and within three generations, there is no repetition of the same one. The effect of inbreeding. When using systematic breeding, the pedigree of the male and female dogs in the last five to seven generations should be known beforehand, which is an absolute reference value. Note: So the good system of pedigree records abroad plays a good role in breeding Caucasians, and domestic Caucasian enthusiasts and breeders should make good pedigree records of the breeding dogs. If the same ancestors keep appearing in the ancestors of breeding dogs ready to be paired, although they are not identical in terms of generations, they can be taken as a tendency for breeding.

For young Caucasians, it is important to make sure that the young Caucasians have a clean bowl of water in front of them, and there are requirements for the quality of the water, which must be fresh and changed freshly every day. There is also the puppy’s sleep, the little Caucasian’s sleep time should reach more than 10 hours a day, more sleepy, must be careful not to its small belly to the ground, or the little Caucasian belly cold is very easy to cause disease, or even death. Also pay attention to the small Caucasian dog excretion problems, to clean it up in a timely manner, and must be wiped clean until, but also with a soft tissue to wipe. The actual fact is that the dog’s resting environment, the place of residence should always be dry, pay attention to the dog’s warmth work.

It is also crucial that the Caucasian’s diet is relatively high in nutritional value and must have enough nutrients, such as protein, fat, sugar, minerals, etc. Three meals a day should be arranged according to the amount of food the dog eats, and the diet is reasonably well matched to make the dog better absorbed and digested, and nutritionally comprehensive. Do not give your dog any snacks and so on, this point should be especially noted.

Generally speaking, the percentage of good Caucasians bred using the systematic breeding method is quite high, because we can approximately determine the genetic predisposition of the male and female dogs based on the pedigree records, and by using them, there is a good chance that the good characteristics of the ancestors will be reproduced in the bred Caucasians.

Females give birth about once a year or every eight to eleven months. The majority of females give birth in the fall at nests in the wild. Shepherds usually keep only the male and one or two females. The remaining females in a litter are killed. Generally only 20% of the puppies survive to adulthood because there is no one to feed them and care for them. Only the healthiest puppies survive. In the Caucasus, it is not customary to sell dogs. Therefore, dogs are often given as gifts by Caucasians to their friends. Caucasians often keep their own puppies because most Caucasian dogs do not live to a very old age. So alternative breeding is necessary. Some shepherds try to breed the best males and some understand the male lineage in their hearts.

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