I. How big can a Pine Siskin grow


Pine Stiff


I. How big can a Pine Siskin grow

The English name for the Chow Chow, Chow or Chowdren, is an ancient breed of dog native to China, with an accurate history dating back to the earliest Shang Dynasty.

The Pine Stiff entered the American White House in the 1920s, was praised by emperors and Western royalty, used by farmers for food and clothing, and used by Hollywood as its most popular movie star. The Pine Siskin has a very dramatic history.

Pinschers have two different types of coats: rough or smooth.

The most common type of fur is long or coarse. This fur has a long, straight, coarse outer layer that doesn’t tend to drive out felts and messes, while the undercoat is soft and thick.

A smooth-coated pine has a short, stiff, thick smooth outer coat and some undercoat.

Rough and Smooth are two completely different breeds of pine dogs.

The Pinscher is a medium-sized dog, muscular, strong, and big-boned.

[Male Pinscher]

Average weight is typically 25-32kg 55-70lbs>

Shoulder height 48-56cm 19-22 inches>

[Female Pinscher]

Average weight of 20-27kg 45-60kg>

Shoulder height 46-51cm 18-20 inches.

Regardless of size and weight, the Pine Stiff It should be very even, forming a square from the height of the shoulders and the length of the body. For example, if the height from the ground to the shoulders of a pinscher is 48 cm, its body length should also be 48 cm.


II. Shopping Tips


Pine Stiff


II. Shopping Tips

1. Buy from body parts

1 Head

The head should be broad and flat, and the head should be narrow and long as a wedge, axe, or triangle, generally a hybrid species, and not selected.

2 Tongue

The tongue should be blue and the tongue is red or pink or red with spots, all mixed and not buyable.

3 Ears

The ears should be small with a triangular shape, slightly forward leaning erect ears with a wide spacing between the ears, not ears that are large and droopy.

4 Nose

The nose is large and wide, with open nostrils. The eyes are slightly slanted and almond-shaped, and the area around the eyes, eyes and nose should be dark brown or black.

5 Kissing

The kiss is wider, and the upper lip covers the lower lip when the mouth is closed. Gums and lips should be black. Teeth should be flat and sheared.

6 Neck

The neck should be strong and plump, and the torso, back, hips, and limbs should be short. The chest is wide and deep, and the lumbar muscles are well developed.

7 Extremities

Limbs should be short and strong with good standing posture. The front limbs are straight and strong-boned, the hind limbs are strong-boned and muscular, with catlike toes and thick pads.

8 Tail root

The tail is high at the root and curls upward to the back, with long, fluffy hair on the tail for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

9 Coat

The whole body coat is full, straight and long, brightly colored, loose as cotton, fluffy and soft. The head and neck coats are especially fluffy like a lion.

10 Coat color

The coat is monochromatic and can be black, white, beige, red, blue-violet, fawn, silver-gray, but without magic stripes or miscellaneous colors.


III. Distinguishing the purity of the species


Pine Stiff


2. Buy from price and appearance

1. The purchase depends on the parents and must know the roots.

2. Buying a Pine Stiff depends on the price. The average price of a 2-month-old Pine Stiff is $2,500 – $3,000 or more.

3. It usually takes a little over three months to buy a pine dog, preferably five to eight months. It is more expensive, but the quality is reliable.

4. When buying a dog online, be sure to ask the seller for a photo of the dog standing on its side.

This is very important to determine if a puppy’s skeleton is healthy.

5. Puppies can stand fully without human assistance, and the side view should give a solid and strong impression.

The angle of the thighbone is greater than 90 degrees, the calf bone is slightly longer than the thighbone, and the fly joint is perpendicular to the ground. Although the angle between the thighbone and pelvis is slightly greater, it accentuates the strength of the hind limbs.

6. The backline is flat. The back looks a bit sloped due to the angle of the rear drive.

This symbolic slant of the back gives the puppy an exaggerated and powerful entire hind drive.

7. Show better cosmetic features with just the right amount of brow bone, a straight nose, and a full side tone.

8. Most importantly, this is a standing pose done independently by the puppy, showing very good bone structure and a strong desire to show, with great potential for engagement.


[Dollfish breeding technology] Full guide to dollfish breeding technology

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Pine Stiff


III. Distinguishing the purity of the species

1. After three months, the outward appearance of an impure quality pinscher will gradually reveal its bad roots, with a small head and pointed mouth, short hair, a slender body, and a marked lack of character traits.

2. Pure quality pinschers will gradually show their strengths after three months, growing more and more beautiful. 6-8 months later, they can show the basic appearance of a pinscher.

The identification of the merits of the Pine Siskin varies markedly in size, but generally becomes apparent only gradually over the course of 5-8 months.

3. To distinguish whether the breed of pine dogs is pure or not, we have to talk about the breed standard of pine dogs, which are medium-sized dogs, generally weighing 45 to 70 pounds. The height of the shoulder ranges from 17 to 20 inches.

Although there is no recommended weight in the breed standard, the average weight should be 45-55 pounds for a female Pine Stiff and 55-70 pounds for a male Pine Stiff. Regardless of size and weight, a Pine Stiff should be very uniform, forming a great shape from the height of the shoulders and the length of the body.

4. The purebred Pinehound has straight limbs, thick bones, and well-developed muscles.

5. The forelimbs are separated by the width of the chest. When viewed from the front, they should be straight, strong and stout.

6. The front paws look like cat paws, the four toes are round and the fleshy toes are thick.

7. The hind limbs are well muscled, straight from the pelvis to the knee joint to the ankle, and the hind toes are tight and rounded.

8. Pinschers come in five colors: red light gold to dark reddish brown, black, blue, cinnamon light fawn to dark cinnamon, and cream.

The primary color of a Pine Siskin is red or black. The red can be light or dark, consistent throughout the body, or gradually changing on the tail and rump. It is rare, but does come in light cinnamon and light fawn light red or light blue light black. Occasionally creamy, but usually with a pink or flesh colored nose at the same time. :Phototribe

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