Puppy dog food

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Howe Puppy Natural Food&nbsp nbsp;

I. Puppy dog food for small dogs

Howie Puppy Natural Food

[Brand] MAXPOWER/ 豪爵

[Suitable for] Puppy puppies weaning – 8 months


Segments For small puppies 1 Weaning-4 months 2 4 months-6 months 3 6 months-8 months

[Ingredients] Poultry meat, oats, corn gluten, yellow corn, poultry fat, flaxseed, vegetable oil, beets, fish oil L-carnitine, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.


1. A period. Puppies are at a stage similar to that of a 5 year old child for 3 months, at the peak of their intellectual growth. Puppy food segment 1 provides more nutrition, making the dog smarter and easier to housebreak.

2. The second segment. 6 month old dogs are the equivalent of a 10 year old, but the body has grown. The most important thing is to provide exceptional nutrition and energy to ensure shaping and bone development. Grain segment 2 provides calcium and promotes calcium absorption D for healthy bone development in dogs.

3. 3 segments. Dogs are in adolescence at 10 months of age, which is a critical time for character building. Three special nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin A DHA promote brain development nutrients that give dogs a more perfect character and overcome the possibility of mania.

[Ark ReviewIt is said that children are three years old, and so are dogs. The development of a puppy’s intelligence, personality and bone form pretty much determines how it will live in the future. Therefore, the puppy’s diet plays an extremely important role. A dog’s level of intelligence also determines the difficulty of future training, so adequate supplementation with zinc, iron, vitamin A and DHA is essential during the peak of intellectual growth. Calcium is vital for bone development, but supplementation should also consider vitamins that promote calcium absorption D. Otherwise, supplementation will only be lost in vain. At the same time, this healthy organic and natural food is now very popular, dogs eat more.

When dog food is opened and packaged, nutrients are easily lost, so if the dog can’t eat it in time, many nutrients will float in the air for nothing. This small package is more comprehensive in consideration, but also has a vacuum bag that is more user-friendly and convenient.


Dog food for medium-sized puppies

Weaning Essentials Top 5 Puppy Favorites

Royal Dog Food Medium Size Puppy

II. Dog food for medium-sized puppies

Royal Canin Medium Dog Food 2-12 months

[Brand] Royal Canin/Royal Pet Food

[For] Medium-sized dog puppies 2-12 months

[Ingredients] Meat and meat by-products poultry meat and poultry by-products, etc.

[Ingredients] Wheat, animal fat, wheat gluten meal, wheat flour, beet meal, rice, animal-derived flavor enhancers, fish oil, yeast, soybean oil, zeolite powder, fructooligosaccharides, minerals calcium carbonate, etc. DL-methionine, taurine, hydrolyzed yeast glyco-oligosaccharide and dextran sources.

Promotes intestinal flora balance, optimal digestive tolerance FOS, glyco-oligosaccharide MOS thanks to the addition of prebiotics beet pulp, fructo-oligosaccharides. The addition of antioxidant complex taurine, lutein, vitamins E and C glyco-oligosaccharide MOS helps puppies to build natural defenses and improve their own immunity. The high energy and protein content allows for proper calcium to phosphorus ratio and energy intake for puppies with growth spurts but limited digestive capacity, ensuring healthy bone growth and avoiding the risk of over- or under-growth.

[Ark reviews dog food for medium-sized puppies and in much larger packages. Unlike puppies, medium-sized dogs should gain 40-60 times their original weight in the puppy stage. Of course, this growth requires more protein and calcium supplements than puppy food to give a healthy body and bones. Therefore, this dog food also makes the right ratio in terms of high protein and energy. Also, for puppies with underdeveloped digestive systems, soft and easily digestible types of protein and starch are given to make the dog food nutrition easy to absorb and the puppy safe through the puppy years. At this stage, weak immune puppy resistance is also a common feature, which requires puppy food to contain substances that enhance body resistance. The only downside is that this is a commercial food, which is not in line with the organic life that is now being promoted. However, I think that no matter what natural or commercial, dogs like it is the way to go ah.


Dog food for large breed puppies

Weaning Essentials Puppy's Top 5 Favorite Milk Cakes

Kawi Dog Food Calcium Milk Flavor Big

III. Dog food for large breed puppies

Kavi dog food calcium milk flavor big


For Large Breed Puppies For use with puppies over KG

[Ingredients] Corn, rice, wheat, puffed soy flour, fish flour, whole egg powder, active yeast, fresh meat, animal meat meal, animal fat, deep-sea fish oil, flaxseed oil, grape seed oil, perilla oil, dietary fiber, silymarin extract, spirulina, colostrum, prebiotics, yeast culture, protease, methionine, lysine. Vitamins: Vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin K3, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, D-pantothenic acid, niacinamide, vitamin B6, folic acid, D-biotin, vitamin B iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, selenium is choline, inositol, organic trace elements.

【Features】 High in protein, energy, vitamins, minerals and intestinal regulators, and high in immunomodulatory factors. Specially designed colostrum, spirulina, prebiotics, and yeast cultures to improve the dog’s intestinal health, enhance intestinal digestive tolerance, and promote appetite. Deep-sea fish oil, flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil and perilla oil provide rich essential fatty acids combined with sulfur amino acids needed by the coat to promote coat growth. Vitamins, organic trace elements, balanced nutrition and easy absorption, regulate the metabolism of the dog. Silk Orchid extract can effectively reduce fecal odor.

[Ark reviews Unlike other small or medium sized dogs, hair and bone development is extremely important and is directly evident in the coat and body type. This product also captures this with the addition of sulfur amino acids, which are the most abundant amino acids in hair, and more calcium than small and medium-sized dogs. Of course, every product says it has the best ratio of calcium to phosphorus, but the fact is that these are CFA specified very well and do not need to be changed. It’s also worth mentioning that the addition of substances that remove fecal odor can save dog owners a lot of trouble and is really worth a try.


Specialty puppy dog food

Weaning Essentials Top 5 Puppy Favorites

Nevik Husky Puppy Food

Four, breed specific puppy dog food

Nevik Husky Puppy Food


[Applicable to] Husky puppies

IngredientsPoultry meat, corn, animal fat, meat, poultry liver, brown rice, wheat, soy, egg powder, beet pulp, apple fiber, minerals, yeast, soybean oil, vitamins, green tea and grape extract polyphenol source.

Features1. Protects healthy skin and bright hair.2. Ensures safe digestion probiotics and flaxseed regulate intestinal flora3. Ensures healthy growth and regular weight gain proper energy intake, protein, calcium and phosphorus ratios to ensure healthy bone development in husky puppies4. Strengthens your resistance.

[Ark Review] The unique kraft paper packaging is a sight to behold, but of course it’s not the packaging that dogs eat, the content must pass muster. Unlike other dog foods, this series of specialized dog foods from Nerwick looks professional and unique for only one body type or size classification. Looking closely at the ration table, each breed’s formula is slightly different in taste and energy, allowing it to meet the needs of this breed of dog to a large extent, and dog owners no longer need to worry about their dog not finding the right dog food.

In addition to the main categories and refinements, this brand makes a point of illustrating the quality of the raw materials introduced. At this point, we can always think of the dazzling raw materials advertised. Although well-targeted, the staged formulations are not quite on point.


Growth Support Formula Puppy Dog Food

Weaning Essentials Top 5 Puppy Favorites Top 5 Puppy Favorites

Avoderm Puppy Encourage formula dog food

V. Growth support formula puppy dog food

Avocado Avoderm Puppy Encouragement Formula Dog Food

[Brand] Avoderm Puppy Encouragement Formula Dog Food


[Ingredients] Chicken, rice, rice flour, rice bran, poultry fat, flaxseed, alfalfa, avocado oil, fish, lecithin, dried yeast, ayurvedic sage juice, vitamin E, vitamin B, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin D III, and many natural minerals.

【Features】 Avocado oil is effective in improving the quality and health of the coat. Easily absorbs minerals and maintains a rich vitamin profile. Improves digestive system. Reduces excretion odor by 80%. Easy to digest, contains DHA , enhances puppy brain development and eye development, fortified with calcium and phospholipids, wheat and grain free.

[Ark Review] Since this is a growth support formula, growth support is definitely its biggest draw. The overall ingredient list, avocado oil, lecithin, vitamin A, etc. are all essential for puppies with high growth needs, well done. The addition of the active ingredient DHA it enhances brain development and eye development, prevents puppies from developing cancer or heart disease in the future, and does a great job of starting healthy from a doll. Also added are immune boosters and hair color that rival other products categorized by age and weight.

Also, it’s a healthy, green, organic pet food. Reduces excretion odor by 80%. Dog owners also don’t have to worry about unpleasant odors from having pets in the house people have close contact with their dogs.

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